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关于”制作南瓜灯“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Making pumpkin lanterns。以下是关于制作南瓜灯的初一英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Making pumpkin lanterns

It's very simple to carve a pumpkin into a pumpkin lantern by hand. All you need is a big spoon or ice cream spoon, a thin blade knife and some newspaper. You can start cutting the top of a pumpkin a few inches off the stem with a long, thin knife.

The hole should be big enough to dig out the viscera (seeds and filiform film) by hand. With a big spoon, generally speaking, the size of the hole should be two-thirds of the diameter of the pumpkin. If you can cut a circle, you will find that cutting a pentagon or hexagon opening is the best way to cut the top hole.

Adjust the angle of the knife to make the cover And the hole is a little conical, which helps to prevent the lid from falling into the hole. Now scrape the inner wall with a spoon, examine the surface of the pumpkin, and now decide to carve the best side of your face, imagine the face you want to carve, carefully cut off the various parts of the face with your knife, or you can draw the face on the surface of the pumpkin with a crayon and draw the lines you drew after the cut, Carefully push out these sections to see the final result, and make sure you've scraped off the bottom of the pumpkin and lay it flat so that the candle can rest flat on the pumpkin. We prefer to use traditional candles to light our pumpkin lanterns.

A prayer candle is safer and more durable when placed on a transparent glass candlestick. Ordinary white candles give out the most light and can illuminate the interior of the lantern. If you need a unique jack-o-lantern pattern to make you stand out from the pumpkin lantern, a simple pumpkin lantern may not meet your needs.

Try downloading some free but interesting patterns here, where you can print them and paste them on the pumpkin to start carving.





Lantern Festival the Lantern Festival is held at the end of Chinese New Year celebrations. On the 15th day of the first month, lanterns have been a part of Chinese life for centuries. Therefore, when people see the Lantern Festival, people usually hang lanterns in their gardens and houses.

On boats, these lanterns are the guideposts to guide the souls of guests and ancestors to celebrate the lunar calendar. After a grand feast of 50 years, these lanterns light the way for the soul to return to the world. Not only silk, paper and plastic lanterns have different shapes and sizes.

They are usually colorful. Some are in the shape of butterflies and birds. Flowers and boats are shaped like dragons, fruits and animals.

The most popular lantern is the "horse racing" lantern, which is surrounded by people or animals The vertical axis of the Lantern Festival rotates. The special food of the Lantern Festival is Yuanxiao or tangyuan. These dumplings are round dumplings made of glutinous rice flour.

They can be used for sweets, vegetables, meat and shrimp soup. The shape of dumplings is round. The Lantern Festival symbolizes integrity, integrity and unity.

The Lantern Festival is a festival for family reunion. It is also a festival for all young people, the elderly, the rich and the poor,.





Choose a ripe pumpkin without bruises, cuts or cuts. Don't use the stem of a pumpkin to support it. It may break, and don't bruise it, because it won't last long.

It's easy to clean. Before carving a pumpkin for children, put your pumpkin on several layers of newspaper: let parents or other adults cut a circle on the stem of the pumpkin. They should use a sharp knife with a long and strong blade to do the best, The safest, or you can use a safer plastic "pumpkin carving" knife to sell pumpkins in many supermarkets.

Parents: the knife is sharp, so children must have proper supervision when cutting pumpkins to make sure the hole is big enough to get in, pull out the seeds and the silk like film, and cut the bottom of the pumpkin, which will make the pumpkin sit upright , to make it easier to remove seeds, clean the pumpkin, take out the seeds with an old spoon and try to carve a huge pumpkin, it's easier to carve your pumpkin than an ordinary pumpkin. Determine the best location to carve his or her face. Draw a face outline white paper (using simple bold function) on a piece of plain paper (you can save any image given below and print it out To help you stick your paper to the pumpkin at any time, where you want your face to carve a pattern on the pumpkin by punching holes in the pumpkin with a big nail, or carefully cutting out the pattern after cutting with a plastic knife after "punching" the pumpkin with a plastic knife, just push out the part to see the final result, fix some lights, and now you're ready to light up your home and play on Halloween night Have fun.




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