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关于”有关海洋的保护“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Protection of the sea。以下是关于有关海洋的保护的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Protection of the sea

The oceans are becoming more and more acidic, and the world's oceans are slowly becoming acidic, scientists say, and researchers from California say the change is due to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Researchers from Lawrence Livermore National laboratory report their concerns in the journal Nature: the increasing use of fossil fuels means more carbon dioxide goes into the air, and once in water, most of it Carbon dioxide will eventually be absorbed by seawater, and scientists believe that the ocean has become slightly acidic over the past century, but these researchers are trying to predict what will happen in the future by combining our understanding of ocean history with computer models of climate change. "This level of acidity will become more extreme" in the future, if we continue to increase Gas releases carbon dioxide, "Dr.

caldella said." we predict that acidity in the future will exceed anything we've seen in the last few hundred million years, except after rare catastrophic events such as asteroid impacts. "If carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase, the authors warn that the pH of the ocean may drop to units, but it's not entirely clear that this is true What does marine life mean, because most organisms live near the surface of the sea, and the maximum pH change is expected, but deep-sea organisms may be more sensitive to changes in pH. the biological calcium carbonate contained in coral reefs and other bones or shells may be particularly affected, and the team speculates that they may find it difficult to construct these structures in water with low PHN Much more.

In recent years, it has been suggested that carbon dioxide from power stations be stored in the deep sea as a way to curb global warming, but Dr. caldera said such a strategy should now be reconsidered. "In the past, most experts regarded the absorption of carbon dioxide by the ocean as a good thing, because when we release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, we warm the earth When absorbed by the ocean, it reduces the greenhouse effect.




In the construction of ports and oil depots, measures must be taken to protect aquatic resources. Estuarine dikes, water conservancy facilities and tidal power stations built along the migration routes of fish and crabs shall be equipped with corresponding fish crossing facilities. In the development and utilization of tidal flats, comprehensive planning and strict management shall be carried out.

Land reclamation shall be strictly controlled, and sea areas or other sea reclamation projects and sand and gravel excavation shall be strictly controlled. No more sewage outlets shall be set up in marine nature reserves, aquaculture farms and coastal scenic tourist areas that existed before the promulgation of this law. If the discharge of pollutants does not meet the national standards, it shall be improved within a time limit.

The use of chemical pesticides in coastal farmland shall conform to the state regulations and standards for safe use of pesticides.




The ocean is a whole with us. First of all, the ocean itself has a great purification capacity of dealing with pollutants, dilution, diffusion, oxidation, reduction and degradation, but its purification capacity is not unlimited. When toxic and harmful substances are accepted by local waters and exceed its self purification ability, pollution will be caused.

In addition, although there are many resources in the ocean, but the ocean is not The regeneration of resources takes time. If we can't control the development of marine resources and do not pay attention to the protection of these resources, one day, therefore, the protection of the ocean is extremely important.




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