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关于”平衡膳食“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Balanced diet。以下是关于平衡膳食的初三英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Balanced diet

(balanced diet) with the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, more and more nutritious foods with high protein, high fat and high calorie are introduced into people's diet. Many people's lives are getting better and better. Children regarded as luxury goods by grandparents always pester their parents to take them to McDonald's and KFC adult fast food restaurants.

On the other hand, they like to eat a lot of meat Therefore, obese people can be seen everywhere. Some people think that obesity means health, but this is not true. In fact, overweight may lead to heart disease, high blood pressure and other fat related diseases.

Some people are too strict or too thin to lose weight. They also suffer from anemia, malnutrition and other diseases. What we eat is the food we eat Food has a profound impact on our health.

It is not good to always eat too much greasy food, nor is it good to eat too simple food. If we want to keep healthy, we can't go to extremes. We should have a balanced diet.

Remember that a balanced diet and proper exercise can keep us healthy and energetic all the time.




On Sunday, I went home with my father, mother and grandmother. My grandmother had a lovely dog. Its name was black (because its body is black, so we call it black).

It has a pair of smart ears and a very sensitive nose to smell things. Milk has a pair of dark bright eyes. We live in the garden outside the village.

We just rode a motorcycle away Driving the road, Hei came from the vegetable field fastest, because when we went, they were almost noon, so let us eat my meal. When we went out to play with Hei, I felt hungry when I saw black. I went to get a steamed bread, and then broke off a small piece, saying, "black, if we want to eat", I threw the bread into the air Look, all of a sudden the whole body up, should first put the small black paw up air, and then big mouth, jump up, suddenly bite bread I jumped up, patted its head, said: "OK, black, you are Hummer." that is a big black tail, gently bit my corner, then agreed to "this time you can't unilateral" I was out of it Compensation is a small piece of bread.

It turns black and jumps up and down. Then I turn around and jump. I catch the well.

When I finish, I give two "woof" calls. The two front paws are flat on the chest and swing up and down. In my opinion, it's also very obedient black.

Sometimes I think it's boring. When I think of black, I just want to shout: "black, Come on. "It's going to come up to me right away.

I'll let it sit down. It'll sit down. I'll let it lie on the ground.

It'll lie on the ground. There'll be strangers coming. Black will bark until their families.

It'll stop. Sometimes it'll spit out its tongue and gasp. Sometimes it'll lie on the haystack with one eye open.

Sometimes it'll smell the East. Sometimes it'll stand up when it looks West Sometimes he would catch crickets and chase rabbits in the wheat field in the vegetable field. This is black.

My black classmate who thinks it is cute.




When I was a child, I liked to eat all kinds of meat, but I didn't like vegetables. My mother always let me eat some vegetables. She taught me that a balanced diet can help me keep healthy.

I began to realize the importance of a balanced diet. So I tried to eat vegetables later, and I found that I fell in love with it. Now vegetables are indispensable food for me.




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