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关于”儿童电影的观后感“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:After watching children's films。以下是关于儿童电影的观后感的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:After watching children's films

Looking back at the title of the pursuit of happiness is deliberately misspelled, you will find that when the boy does not know how to spell the word "happiness", his father tells him, "happiness is an I, there is no y in happiness (why)", if you work hard enough today, the film is adapted from the black investment expert Chris Gardner Gardner). The hero didn't have a father in his childhood. He didn't see his father until he became a father.

He vowed to be a qualified father, but his fate missed him. He fought against many obstacles and setbacks and lived a wandering life with his son. But for his son, he gritted his teeth and was full of energy.

After years of hard work, he entered a joint-stock company and worked at the bottom, He finally became a famous and successful financial investor, and then he generously donated to public welfare activities. The biggest motivation was his son and his belief that if you work hard enough today, you will have happiness tomorrow. When you encounter difficulties, happiness will come here.

Do you still keep your dream and do your best? " Chris Gardner's pursuit of happiness.


回顾《追求幸福》电影的片名是故意拼错的你会发现,当这个男孩不知道如何拼写“幸福”这个词时,他的父亲告诉他,“幸福是一个i,幸福中没有y(为什么)”,如果你今天足够努力,《幸福将在明天降临》这部电影改编自黑人投资专家克里斯·加德纳(Chris Gardner)的参考书目。主人公童年时没有父亲,直到他成为父亲时才见到父亲,他发誓要成为一个合格的父亲,但命运却错过了他,他曾与许多障碍和挫折作斗争,与儿子过着漂泊的生活,但为了儿子,他咬紧牙关,精神焕发,经过多年的努力,他进入了一家股份公司,在最底层工作,他终于成为了一个著名的成功的金融投资家,然后他慷慨地捐赠给公益活动最大的动力是他的儿子和他的信念:如果你今天足够努力,明天就会有幸福。当你遇到困难的时候,幸福会来这里,你还保持你的梦想并全力以赴吗?”:克里斯·加德纳追求幸福。


"Jurassic Park" is one of the biggest movies ever made. It tells the story of dinosaur regeneration. John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) is the owner of a newly developed Dinosaur Park, but after an employee was killed in an accident, he needed to introduce a team of dinosaur digger Sam Neill (his girlfriend, paleontologist Ellie) to satisfy the lawyer's question to prove that the park is safe Satler (Laura Donne mathematician Jeff Goldblum and lawyer Martin Ferrero, another Hammond's man) met the lawyer's questions.

Employees, a computer technician named Wayne knight, were hired by an outside organization to steal dinosaur embryos. According to Michael Clayton, the stars of Jurassic Park are definitely dinosaurs. There are a lot of people who deserve credit for bringing these extinct animals to the screen, but the four are Stan Winston, Michael lantiri, Dennis Mullen and Phil Tippett, who mix some incredibly great sound effects.

These dinosaurs are one of the most amazing visual effects I've ever seen, and they certainly got AUS Terex, the king of dinosaurs, is an amazing creature, but surprisingly, it was overtaken by raptors. These Raptors provided some very suspense moments. People will never forget dinosaurs.

The main complaint I read is that human characters are not developed, and scenes without dinosaurs are boring, which surprised me because I think this film is made by Stephen· Directed by Spielberg, they don't need to go any further, because Jurassic Park is a movie that doesn't need too much boredom, and I never knew it would get exciting, thanks in part to the characters, special effects and John Williams scores. This dialogue is tacky in several ways, which may explain why people don't like dinofor.


《侏罗纪公园》是有史以来最大的电影之一,讲述了恐龙再生的故事。约翰·哈蒙德(理查德·阿滕伯勒饰)是一个新开发的恐龙公园的主人,但在一名员工在事故中丧生后,他需要通过引入一个团队来满足律师的问题,以证明公园是安全的,团队包括恐龙挖掘者艾伦·格兰特(Sam Neill,他的女朋友,古生物学家Ellie Satler)(劳拉·德恩数学家马尔科姆(Jeff Goldblum)和律师唐纳德·根纳罗(Martin Ferrero,另一个哈蒙德的人)来满足律师的提问雇员们,一个叫丹尼斯·内德利(韦恩·奈特)的电脑技术员被一个外部组织雇佣去偷恐龙胚胎。根据迈克尔·克莱顿的书,《侏罗纪公园》的明星们绝对是恐龙。



Reaction to the film, my classmates and I enjoyed a very good film at a British classical poets Association. The film is about a unique teacher and his students. Each student has his own problems.

They must solve their problems and fight for their future. In the end, the teacher and other teachers disagreed with him because of his unique teaching method. The teacher took the students out of the school.

What impressed me most was the way the teacher taught the students, not the textbooks. He told them a lot of inspiring life theories. I think learning is very important for students.

Sometimes we feel tired, confused and disappointed. Then we need a teacher to guide us. I have the ambition to be a teacher since I was a child.

After watching this film, I want to look for it To a new goal to achieve.




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