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关于”用介绍最喜欢的书籍“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Introduce your favorite books with。以下是关于用介绍最喜欢的书籍的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce your favorite books with

People always think that pig is stupid. It is really big and innocent. Some people think that pig is a kind, docile and intelligent animal after long-term observation and Research on its living habits.

It is not as tame as cattle and horses, neither arrogant and ferocious as goats, nor ungrateful like cats, unlike dogs. Because Qilian flatters Qilian in many ways, such as pig dog training After training, pigs and dogs can not only act as if they master various skills, but also can be trained into short specially trained pigs. Some can dance, play drums, swim, some will be pushed upright cars, some can become "pigs and dogs", some can even smell things buried in the soil with their noses, and mine tubes are also like dogs, like some in the United States In order to protect the safety of the land, another cattle farmer who was bitten by a stranger raised a good pig instead of guarding the pond in order to prevent drinking water from being bitten by a snake in the pond, and achieved good results.

It can not only prevent virus, but also have scientists who like to eat snakes to verify that this kind of snake conforms to the scientific principle of anti pig, because the pig has a thick layer of fat pig, In addition, it can prevent the venom from entering. Pigs have a very developed sense of smell. In some areas of France, the smell of skin is very expensive.

Mushroom black truffle is used by local pig farmers as a powerful auxiliary pig. Within the length of 6 meters, they will be able to smell the smell of cm deep under the black truffle, although dogs can also play this role, However, training dogs is much more difficult than training pigs, but they have to let dogs search every day. If the interval is a few days, they will forget that pigs are far better than dogs in this respect.

Even if it is a week to search, it will not forget the ability to learn. In addition, the venue of pig race was still a few years ago. A national exhibition was held on a farm in the United States.

A unique pig race was held. The referee ordered that those who wear pigs should go up to the level of nizewagen. When they are near the end, they will make the final sprint.

Pigs are not stupid. People should take it as the words of Taiping fish If you want a happy pig, even people are eager for the life of a pig. You say you don't have a smart pig.

As long as you like it, a smart pig is a lovely symbol.




Books are the ladder to success. Reading a lot of books is very useful for us. Every signalman has his own book.

My favorite book is written by Jiang Wu. It tells us that a wolf and a man named Chen zhenchen picked up a wolf from the wolf's nest and began to raise it as time went on. The little wolf grew bigger and bigger.

He finally knew that he was a wolf. He wanted to go home very much, but he still couldn't Home, it died, the story is very moving, worth reading.




Germany is located in Western Europe, bordering Poland, the Czech Republic, the south of Austria, Switzerland, the west of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, the North Sea and the adjacent North Sea and the Baltic Sea across the sea from the Nordic countries. As the head of state of the federal government, the federal president of the parliamentary republic is composed of several members, such as the federal prime minister and federal ministers The premier is the head of government. Germany is the fourth most developed industrial country in the world.

Its economic strength ranks first in Europe. The cold war in October split the years after Germany's reunification. Therefore, this day is designated as Germany's national day.




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