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关于”朋友间的趣事“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Interesting stories among friends。以下是关于朋友间的趣事的初一英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Interesting stories among friends

When we talk about discrimination, we always think of the race between the black and the white. Black people are always looked down upon by the white people. In our country, although we are of the same color, discrimination still exists.

When we talk about big cities, it is about people's views on different cities. For example, Shanghai and Beijing, we always think that Beijingers are against the people of other cities They are very proud of their identity. They think that they are first-class, while others are lower than them.

When we talk about people in poor countries, we always think about dirty faces and rags. This is discrimination. These are true, of course not.

I have friends in Beijing and Guangxi who treat me very well. It is wrong that they don't look down on people or look dirty. People are now No longer discriminating against each other.

Although the discrimination between cities still exists, we must have such an idea: not all people, just a few people, we believe that one day it will disappear.




B: Thank you, how are you, thank you and you: I am ok, you look very happy because I live in a new house B: Oh, what table is my phone that looks like Doug: so "interestingly, the house has four rooms, this is my bedroom, there is a bed on the bed, a TV, a computer and a table. My bedroom is not very big, but it is beautiful and clean: What about the kitchen and living room.


B: 谢谢你,你好吗,谢谢你和你:我是好吧,你看起来很高兴因为我住在一个新的豪斯乙:哦什么桌子上是我的电话看起来像道格:那“有趣的是,这房子有四个房间这是我的卧室床上有一张床,一台电视,一台电脑和一张桌子,我的卧室不是很大,但很漂亮清洁:那呢厨房和起居室。


The friendship between two dogs Brownie and spotty are neighbors' dogs. They play together every day, just like a pair of dogs that can be found in any neighbor's house. The two dogs love each other and often play together, so that one night, they cross the grass between their respective houses.

Brownie's family notices that they haven't come home yet, so they go to him, but No success. The next day, Brownie didn't show up. Despite their efforts to find him, he still disappeared curiously the next week.

Spotty appeared alone in Brownie's house, barking and wailing, usually pestering Brownie's human family. They were busy with their own lives, and they just ignored the nervous little neighbor. Finally, one morning, spotty refused to accept the "no" answer.

Brownie's owner was constantly harassed by the angry and stubborn dog. Spotty followed Ted all the time, barking, and then galloping to the nearby open space and back again, as if to say, "come with me, something urgent." finally, Ted followed, and the mad woman across the open space stopped and went crazy Barking, cheering. The dog led the man under a tree, through a clump of trees, to a desolate place half a mile from the house.

Ted found that his beloved Brownie was still alive, and one of his hind legs was clamped by an iron leg fixed with a chain. Ted now hoped that he would take spotty's earlier appeal seriously. Then Ted noticed that Spotty had done a great thing Not only did he take Brownie's owner to his trapped friend and walk around the injured dog, Ted found a pile of dog food and leftovers on the table that were later identified as the remains of every meal Spotty had eaten that week.

Spotty often visited brownie, intending to save his friend's life by sacrificing his own comfort. Obviously, spotty stayed with Brownie to protect him from predators. He nestled with him at night to keep warm and touch him with his nose to refresh him.

A veterinarian treated Brownie's leg, and he recovered for many years as the two families watched their faithful friends play and chase on the worn-out path between their houses.





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