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关于”有趣的topic“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Interesting topic。以下是关于有趣的topic的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Interesting topic

My favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry. This cartoon is about the endless competition between a cat (ToM) and a mouse (Jerry). Tom is hard to catch Jerry, mainly because of Jerry's luck, but they can still get along well.

In some cases, Tom is a blue cat. It has a warm home, enough food to eat, but soup Tom still wants to catch Jerry. Jerry is a mouse who lives with Tom.

Although they have lived together for many years, they still can't stop fighting. We can feel happiness from Tom and Jerry. I like Tom and Jerry best.




Interesting picture let me talk about this picture. There are two big trees under the tree. There is a bench under the tree.

There is an old man reading swimming story. There is a boy painting beside the old man. I think he likes painting very much.

There are two boys playing football. They are very happy. But the football is in the river by the river.

Three children are fishing. They go fishing twice a week To the people's Park, they like to fish in the river, where there is clear water and some fish swimming in it. The sky is clear and sunny.

The weather is sunny and warm. There are two birds flying in the sky. They are happy.

That's an interesting picture. Friends, can you draw.




That afternoon, the weather was sunny and sunny, and I didn't feel particularly hot. Two of my friends and I happily came to the beach and walked barefoot on the thin beach. It was soft and good.

We were running on the beach and suddenly picked up shells. There were a lot of small crabs on the beach. We were too excited to chase.

Ah, we called, but after a while the little crabs had already When they were gone, they were hiding in the deep sand. I quickly searched for tools. I finally dug it and shoveled it into small crabs.

Finally, I was driven out. When did I run, uncle pan gave me a big hand. I thought: 1.

When I caught a crab, when my uncle opened your hand, we were shocked that the little crab had died. We had no choice but to continue to recover, Ah look, although we didn't catch a crab in the end, our happy sun came out, a golden beach, and we left the beach reluctantly. My wonderful experience in Guilin today was clear and cloudy, and the sky was blue.

I went to Guilin to play with my grandfather. We took a car to Guilin for several hours. We went to the Seven Star Park first.

It was very beautiful and beautiful There are many colorful flowers. They are very lovely and beautiful. After a while, we took a lot of pictures there.

We went to the zoo in the park. There are many animals. I like birds best because they have beautiful feathers and can sing many good songs.

We are very happy to watch them and feed them something to eat. We went to Lijiang River, where there are many famous places and bridges. We met many foreigners on the river.

The river was clean and the mountains were green. It looked like a wonderful picture of us staying by the river. For a long time, when we were tired, we felt very happy.

We took the bus home. What a wonderful time we had.




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