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关于”写一篇用讲中国故事“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Write a story about China。以下是关于写一篇用讲中国故事的专升本英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write a story about China

"After Wu Song left Song Jiang and came back, he passed the Jingyang gang and drank a bowl of wine in a hotel. After that, he learned through the sentry post that a tiger jumped out of Wusong and killed a tiger. He drove Wu Song back home to visit his brother.

On the way past Jingyang Gang, the gang drank a lot of wine under the hotel and walked unsteadily up to the ridge of the roof "Recently, Jingyang Gang beasts hurt people, but once a gang businessman joined the team and had to be a gangster." Wu Song thought that this was written by Wu Song to frighten people in restaurants. In order to live, he let his shop pass by. He ignored it and went on.

When the sun was about to set, Wu Song went to a PO temple and saw a notice posted in the temple People know that there is really a tiger on the mountain. If they want to go back and stay, they are afraid of joking. They have to go on and attack like Jiuli.

They find a large piece of bluestone. Yang Shen lies down and just wants to go to bed. Hu Ting howls.

A gorgeous tiger rushes past Wusong of Korea. Wu Song quickly dodges. The tiger hiding behind the tiger jumps, and Wu Song hides the old tiger anxiously An, with his tail calling Wu Song, jumped over in a hurry, and took advantage of the tiger to turn around and lift shaobang.

The North Korean wasp worked too hard to "bang Cha". Hearing this, shaobang beat the tiger's branch animal hair element, fluttered Wu Song's wings, threw away half of its push stick, and rode on the tiger's back, holding the tiger's head skin in his left hand Wu Song, who was lying on the ground, was afraid that the tiger would be killed, and he raised it half way, urging shaobang to play for a while. Seeing that the tiger was out of breath, he stopped and Wal Mart earthquake Wu Song.




The art of telling Chinese stories in English is full of values and perspectives of different cultures. However, English is often praised for its directness. There may be the biggest gap between it and the symbolic features of our mother tongue.

Therefore, with this saying, translation is treason, and being given the task of telling Chinese stories in English, I can not help but ask the process of translation, even if it is Whether it is futile to accomplish through empathy and tolerance of the author's personality, so the translated works are futile. This is the friction between our traditional culture and modern popular culture. Therefore, I believe that only by re creating the voice of translators and creating new works can the literature and literature of Chinese history be understood by other countries in the world, because Our language and intonation are far from each other.

However, with regard to modern media or news, accurate translation is much easier. Due to globalization, the gap between us and the rest of the world, if not completely eliminated. Although western media and our own reports are denied by Western media, the stories they report still have many different stereotypes, so the answer is very good Obviously, to tell our own stories in English, first of all, we have to overcome our prejudice against them through our own understanding, so that we can overcome their prejudice against our culture.

Listening to our stories, they were once reluctant to care.




Yuan Shu sent thousands of generals to attack Liu Bei. Yuan Shu wrote a letter and a lot of food as gifts to Liu Bei, asking him not to help him. On the other hand, if I continued to watch, Yuan Shu wrote a letter asking for help and holding his arm.

Lu Yi would be in danger after Yuan defeated Liu, but If I helped Liu Yuan, I would be very dissatisfied with me, so LV invited Liu Bei and Ji Ling to the banquet. After several rounds of toast between Liu Bei and Ji Ling, Lu began to ask you to do me a favor. When Ji Ling refused, Lu stopped fighting.

Lu Da called out his spear. Liu and Ji were both scared. I stood outside the door.

If my arrow hit the edge of it, you two would Stop fighting. If I don't hit the target, you have your own way. Ji secretly hopes that he can hit the target.

Liu Xiang wishes Lu success with his fingers. After drinking a cup of reed, he gives him wine, bows and arrows, and shouts. The arrow flies to the target like lightning and hits the edge of the spear.

People around him applaud warmly. Lu puts down his bow and arrow and says with a smile, "look, company." Heaven wants you to stop fighting his excellent archery, and LV avoids a fight between the two sides.




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