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关于”秋季的怎么说“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:What about autumn。以下是关于秋季的怎么说的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What about autumn

Friendship is an indispensable part of human life. A person without a friend is an angel without wings. His life will suffer from loneliness and depression for a long time.

Friendship is the mother of our soul. When a child is hurt, she will warm her child. We have a lot of things to share with our friends, confusion, excitement, pain and so on How wonderful is Duan's sincere friendship! It takes a lot of special qualities to make a friend understand.

Only when we get to know each other better can we have a true and meaningful friendship. We can find our common interests and hobbies. This kind of closeness makes us closer and closer.

It also needs a special kind of love. It seems that there is no end. When a friend encounters difficulties, he / she does not hesitate to show his / her sincere care and kindness.

Love is not selfish love, but God gives us We should cherish our lives. God, tolerance is the third important part of friendship. We are totally different people.

This kind of individual difference may cause conflicts between us in all aspects of life. Don't let us immerse ourselves in this kind of pain for too long. Try to tolerate his / her self-examination emotion.

Saints are not perfect, let alone ordinary people like us We should get a good communication and never be ashamed to admit that understanding, love and tolerance are the first three elements of true friendship. Other qualities should also be considered, such as consideration, trust and patience. Remember, friendship is the guardian of your soul.

Cherish it.




The causes of the financial crisis I think we can sum up the causes of the current economic crisis in one word. Over the years, mortgage lenders have been happy to lend money to people who can't afford their mortgages, but they have done so anyway, because there is no loss. These lenders can charge higher interest rates and earn more money on subprime loans if the borrower defaults They just have to confiscate their homes and put them back on the market, they can pass on the risk to mortgage insurance companies, or package these mortgages into mortgage-backed securities to make money easily, and what's wrong with our financial system, the whole thing is a big plan, and everything is fine when the houses sell like hot cakes, and their value is every month On the rise, lenders make it easier to borrow, and higher demand pushes up home values, which means lenders can make bigger mortgages, which also gives lenders some protection against foreclosures, all of which translates into more money for lenders, insurance companies and investors.

Unfortunately, when their adjustable mortgages were finally adjusted, many borrowers were hit hard by too many people unable to pay their payments, which led to liquidity problems, more foreclosures than selling mortgage securities, greater risk, lower value, leading to the likes of Lehman Brothers Investment companies like brothers suffered. In addition, insurers like AIG, which insure these bad mortgages, are also in trouble. The plan worked well, but it reversed course and now comes back to retaliate against everyone.


金融危机的起因我认为我们可以用一个词来总结当前经济危机的原因,多年来,抵押贷款贷款人很乐意把钱借给那些付不起抵押贷款的人,但他们无论如何都这么做了,因为没有什么损失,这些放贷人能够收取更高的利率,赚取更多次级贷款的资金如果借款人违约,他们只需没收房屋并将其重新投放市场,他们可以将风险转嫁给抵押贷款保险公司,或将这些抵押贷款打包成抵押担保证券轻松赚钱,而我们的金融系统出了什么问题整个事情都是一个大计划,一切都很好当房子像热卖的蛋糕一样热销,而且它们的价值每个月都在上升,放贷者使借钱变得更容易,而更高的需求推高了房屋价值,意味着放贷者可以发放更大的抵押贷款,这也给了贷款人一些保护,防止止赎,所有这些都转化为更多的钱给贷款人,保险公司和投资者。不幸的是,当他们的可调整抵押贷款最终调整时,许多借款人因为太多的人无力支付他们的还款而遭受重创,这导致这些放贷人遭受流动性问题的困扰,承受着比出售抵押贷款证券更多的止赎权,风险更大,价值更低,导致像雷曼兄弟(Lehman Brothers)这样的投资公司蒙受损失。此外,美国国际集团(AIG)这样为这些不良抵押贷款提供保险的保险公司也遇到了麻烦。



During the winter vacation, the happiest thing is to set off firecrackers several times. Although this small firecracker is very common, it gives me infinite happiness. When I was eating, I suddenly heard a "bang" sound.

I quickly ran out to light the firecrackers with a lighter, threw them on the ground, and then covered them with a small iron pen. Then, Wu Dai Er went back a few steps, and when the firecrackers exploded and adjusted, I heard it A "bang" sound, is the iron pot explosion, firecrackers ring, jump to full three feet high, looking at the funny look of big dad, mother and big mother in Wu Pei with belly smile, Peijia Jingyuan little sister "Luo Luo" laugh, I also smile, grandma also smile, also smile, and keep saying: "big scrape", I also set off firecrackers according to my father's appearance, but a little nervous, although there is no big father Dad is so calm, can set off firecrackers or explosions, iron pen also jump up, my timid and funny, and let our yard full of laughter jump iron pen "firecrackers let people very exciting, said" landmine exploration "grandmother's house next to a pile of sand, while I did not pay attention, brother, buried in the sand lit firecrackers, also ran to call:" this rain, come here. "I watched just walked in Come on, "bang", firecrackers exploded, pieces of paper and sand flew into the sky, scared me half to death of this small firecrackers, said endless play, let me enjoy happiness.




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