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关于”适合生的诗歌“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Poetry suitable for students。以下是关于适合生的诗歌的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poetry suitable for students

1、However, traditional style of reading is completely unfit for his deceptively traditional poems, since beneath the traditional forms, there are so many unpredictable references and language fragments. 然而传统的诗歌阅读方式却完全不适合梅利尔那看似传统的诗歌,因为在他传统的形式下掩藏着太多让人意想不到的指涉和语言碎片。

2、The beauty of poesy rests with suitable combination of different lays and creative layout. 诗歌之美,在于不同层面的适当组合,在于富有创造性的布局。

3、A short poem, often about love, suitable for being set to music. 抒情短诗一种短诗,通常是爱情诗,适合于谱曲。

4、These finally caused the poetry writing to present one kind of one-sided "truth-seeking" esthetics, which led to the lack of "good" latitude in poetry writing. 这些合力最终使得诗歌写作出现了一种求真的美学倾向,这种“求真”的美学导致了诗歌写作当中“善”的纬度的缺失。

5、Maybe you think poetry isn't for you – it seems boring, unfathomable, too erudite, or pointless. 也许你认为诗歌不适合你-诗歌似乎无聊,深不可测,过于 博学,或不得要领。

6、Poetic prophecy is a way to interpret poetry by combining the creation of poems with the poet's destiny to reach the goal of mutual proof. 诗谶是以谶验为媒介,将诗歌作品与诗人命运相结合以达到互相印证之目的的一种诗歌阐释方法。

7、The poem marked with landscape paintings is the special form of poetic art which came from the combination of ancient Chinese landscape paintings and ancient Chinese poems. 山水题画诗是我国古代诗歌与山水画相结合而产生的一种特殊的诗歌艺术。

8、But for long time, high school verse teaching than neglect the verse this kind of most the chemical element of the essence? 但长期以来,中学诗歌教学较忽略诗歌这种最精华的元素——诗歌语言的赏析,尤其对最具诗味的特殊性诗歌句式的关注更少。

9、Poetry Society of Arts awarded by China, "Poetry Artistic Contribution Award." 获中国诗歌艺术学会颁赠「诗歌艺术贡献奖」。

10、Besides, the conformity of the fine arts teaching and poetry teaching should be well thought of with creativeness. 还富有创意的提出发挥绘画和诗歌教学的跨学科整合来发展学生的形象思维。

11、The study traces changes in his selection of themes, subject matter, poetic forms, and types of language in his poetry translation. 他的诗歌翻译主题、诗体和语言的转变,反映了胡适文学理念、翻译功能观的发展和翻译手法的成熟。

12、About poetry, he likes heart-to-heart short Poems, loves pure and beautiful tone of poetry, advocates that philosophy , integrating thinking and feeling, should be melt into poetry habitat . 诗歌创作上,他倾心于小诗、短诗,热爱清丽淡远的诗风,主张诗歌哲理化入诗境,思致和情感相融合。

13、He was the bard of the farmers and workers of new england and his quiet verse mirrored the staid new hampshire countryside. 他是新英格兰农民和工人的歌唱者,他的闲适的诗歌反映著新罕布希尔宁静的农村生活。

14、The possibility is doubtful to push forward the richness and prosperity of Chinese poetry by importing blank verse. 把“无韵诗”认可为诗歌的合理性,及通过引进“无韵诗”推动中国诗歌丰富与繁荣的可能性,是值得怀疑的。

15、Life is the overall theme of Chang Yao's poetry. Presenting life is the fundamental objective and underlying logic of all of Chang Yao's poetry. 生命,是昌耀诗歌的总主题,呈示生命,是昌耀全部诗歌的根本目的和内在逻辑。

16、The silent Cambridge annotates a vivid images deep in the poet's mind, and is also a carrier of poem gist. 沉默的康桥既是诠释诗人寂然内心的生动的诗歌意象,又是诗歌主旨之载体。

17、Contemporary eco-poetry manifests the strongest consciousness of science, be it in depth or width, and it creates a new model and space for the communion of science and poetry. 无论是从深度还是广度来看,当代生态诗歌都是迄今为止最具科学意识的诗歌,是科学与诗融合的典范,创造了科学与诗对话的新空间。

18、Confucius emphasizes poetry instruction and poetic viewpoints of satire, and Mei and Ci, which has great influence upon the Han Dynasty. 孔子强调诗歌讽谏功能的诗教、诗学观,对汉代产生了重要影响。

19、He poetry (lyrics) literariness and the work musicality carries on the perfect union, excavates the poetry the intrinsic emotion; And has promoted the steel. 他将诗歌(歌词)的文学性和作品的音乐性进行完美的结合,挖掘出诗歌的内在情感;

20、Poets of the Southern Society were a lively force in the modern Chinese poetry, whose writings were run through by new styles, songs, and colloquialism, especially in the form of songs. 南社诗人是中国诗歌近代化历程中的一支生力军,其创作贯穿于“新学诗” 、“新派诗”、“歌体诗”、“白话诗”等诗歌近代化阶段,尤以“歌体诗”的探索成绩突出。

21、Hulme was a student of mathematics and philosophy who had established the Poets' Club to discuss his theories of poetry. 休姆是一个学生的数学和哲学谁设立了诗人俱乐部讨论他的理论的诗歌。

22、Through the formation and use of his poetic tactics, especially through the combination and creation of images, the author focuses on the reasons of the exuberant vitality of his poetic imagery. 通过对其诗歌策略的形成运用,尤其是意象的化合与创作蕴积两方面论述其诗歌意境富于生命力的原因。

23、The poetry should express a poets real feelings, and his contribution to new poetry theory in his early phase is his poetic "aristocratic" theory and Sino-western integration theory. 诗歌要表达诗人的真实的情思,诗歌的“贵族化”理论和中西融合的诗歌发展之路,都是早期他对新诗理论的重要贡献。

24、Zhuxiang who emphasized "returning to the ancients " in poetry writing strategies, has integrated resources of traditional and west poetries. 在诗歌的写作策略上,朱湘着重的是“复古”趋向选择,对传统诗歌和西方诗歌进行了资源的整合与创新。

25、Feng poetry is the combination of poem and music in the early China. 作为中国早期诗乐结合的乐歌,《风》诗在《诗经》中形式特征最为明显。


26、Of the Hubei Poetry, from a new era, the realistic verse and the rustic verse have made rapid progress, the pioneer verse has risen suddenly and the network verse creation has been in the ascendant. 新时期以来,湖北诗歌中的现实主义诗歌与乡土诗歌得到了长足的发展,先锋诗歌异军突起,网络诗歌方兴未艾。

27、The poem prophecy is a poetry criticism form which intends to integrate poets with the related characters, and to verify the poetry, historical evidence and the original story. 诗谶是鉴诗者将诗歌作品与诗人或相关人物命运相结合,以求诗歌与史实或本事互相印证的一种诗歌批评形式。

28、Writes the picture poem, is Zhou Lianggong draws the skill and the poetry art union development. 题画诗,是周亮工画艺与诗歌艺术结合的展现。

29、The fuzziness of poetry language, which contains the fuzzy beauty, composed the aesthetic poetics of the poetic art. 诗歌语言的模糊性蕴含了诗歌艺术的模糊美,构成了诗歌艺术的审美诗性。

30、Qiyan Poems in the development, has been given the body of literature, and poetry such as the three poems, Five Characters poetry, folk songs such as the impact of cultural style. 刘宋时期文学的发展与文体融合之间的关系紧密。 以七言诗的发展来看,其受到了赋体文学,以及诗歌内部如三言诗、五言诗、民歌等诸多文体样式的影响。

31、歌舞伎町区站满了已经适应了夜生活的招募者,物色着合适的女性。 The Kabuki-cho district is lined with dark-suited scouts recruiting women.

32、The Kabuki-cho district is lined with dark-suited scouts recruiting women. 歌舞伎町区站满了已经适应了夜生活的招募者,物色着合适的女性。

33、Illustrated poetry is the artistic integration of Chinese poetry and painting . 题画诗,是中国诗歌与中国绘画相互融合的艺术结晶。

34、The philosophical consciousness of existing destiny is the spiritual guidance! 生存宿命的哲学意识是陈梦家《梦家诗集》诗歌的精神指向。

35、Although free verse is the main poetic style of Chinese poetry in 20th century. Metre poetic style which is reformed is the most important poetic style used by ironic poetry. 尽管自由诗是20世纪汉语诗歌的主流诗体,但是讽刺诗采用的主要诗体是在传统的基础上适度改良了的格律诗体。

36、The aim of teaching classical poems at college is to inherit and bequeath the cultural heritage, to foster students' taste and interest in literature, to develop students' poetic connoisseurship. 古典诗歌的教学目的是传承文化遗产、培养学生的文学趣味、提高学生的诗歌鉴赏能力。

37、His literature The(Shipin) and Discussing with Li Sheng about the Poem Theory and etc. are very important literatures about poem theory research in Tang Dynasty. 他的文艺理论著述《诗品》及《与李生论诗书》等文论是研究中国唐代诗歌及诗歌理论的经典之作。

38、On the other hand, ecopoetry's vigour including ecological ideal realm, ecological sense and ecological spiritualism, it integrates ecology and poetry ideally. 另一方面,生态诗歌有着把生态与诗歌完美地结合在一起的生态诗境、生态诗味、生态诗气等“生态诗风”。

39、Firstly, poetry is the product of combining poetry and music from the origin. 第一,诗歌从本源上讲是诗乐结合的产物。

40、Imagism, greatly influenced by ancient Chinese poetry, dramatically came back to China several times and exerted great influence upon both modern and contemporary Chinese poetry. 深受中国古典诗歌影响的意象派诗歌,曾先后几次反弹回中国,对中国诗歌产生了巨大的冲击和影响。

41、Artistic song is the outcome of European romanticism period, a type of music integrating poem with music. 艺术歌曲是欧洲浪漫主义时期的产物,是由诗歌与音乐相结合而产生的一种音乐体裁。

42、if they had made the escape themselves, then where could they stay at the moment? 在默默里算着,八千多日子已经从我手中溜去;

43、add a little Zen Xin Jing Park Pool 5 生活里不能没有诗歌

44、The Sui Dynasty poetry is a significant link from the Southern and Northern Dynasties to the Tang Dynasty manifested in the overall integration of southern and northern styles of Chinese poetry. 南北诗风的融合是南北朝诗歌向唐代诗歌发展的总趋势,而隋诗则是该阶段的重要一环。

45、A short liturgical text chanted or sung responsively preceding or following a psalm, psalm verse, or canticle. 短诗,歌曲在颂歌、赞美诗或圣歌前后轮流吟诵或吟唱的礼拜仪式短诗或歌曲。

46、So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. 你的长夏永远不会凋谢

47、Teaching materials or the selection of poems should be graded with regard to learners' motivation, background knowledge and language level. 教学材料,也即所选诗歌应根据学生的动机,背景知识及语言知识水平,难易适中。

48、Is hall but love thee better after death. 方平老师的译文:

49、Four of poetry, when the satirical Choir. Poetry is dead, for the Spring and Autumn. 四诗,当讽刺合唱团。诗歌死了,为春季和秋季。

50、The Pre-Tang period witnessed the birth and growth of Chinese classic poetry. The cloud image occurred frequently in poems at that time. 先唐诗歌是中国古典诗歌的发生、发展期,浮云意象是这一时期诗歌中频繁出现的一个自然意象。


51、Chapter three indicates that in the future, the promising research will combine poetic theory tradition with poetry text interpretation. It can bring new vital force to old Chinese Ancient poetics. 第三章指出诗艺诗学的前景在于将诗论传统与诗歌文本阐释结合起来,使得古老的中国诗学传统重新获得生命力,也是实现诗论研究的最终归宿。

52、It's an ancient association from classical poetry. 这是跟古典诗歌的组合。

53、Utilitarianism is prevailing in the modern Parnassus. His cognition about the internal constitution of poem is the embodiment of aesthetic pursuit of modern poets. 在诗歌功利主义思想盛行的近代诗坛,他对古典诗歌本体思想的认识,体现了近代诗人对古典诗歌的美学追求。

54、《I'm just a little bit shy》嗯 这个最适合初中女生啦 不论歌词还是曲调

55、For the centre of poetic, poetry composition practice is also poetry art. 诗歌创作实践作为诗学的中心,这就是诗艺。

56、When poets lament literature's death, poetry's marginalization, privatization and mediocrity, Internet poetry shows a centurial regeneration. 当诗人们哀叹文学死亡,诗歌的边缘化、私人化与平庸化时,网络诗歌却呈现出诗歌的世纪复兴。

57、Collections of Roaring Songs is a collection of poems edited by Mr. 《啸歌集》是作者生前编选的诗歌结集。

58、Verse anthems alternated choral sections with accompanied solos. 诗歌国歌合唱节交替的陪同下与独奏。

59、In Tang Dynasty's poetry, the South of the Five Ridges is presented as a poetic image as well as a geographical, historical and cultural concept. 唐人在岭南诗歌的生产过程中,岭南不仅仅是以地理的概念,而是以历史文化概念,更是以一种诗学意象进入诗歌生产活动。

60、Throughout high school poetry teaching poetry appreciation of the ability of students is generally low, is very grim. 纵观高中的诗歌教学,学生的诗歌鉴赏能力普遍偏低,形势严峻。

61、shakespear shall i compare thee to a summer's day? thou art more lovely and more temperate. rough winds do shake the darling buds of may, and summer's lease hath all too short a date. sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, and often is his gold complexion dimm'd; and every fair from fair sometime declines, by chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd; but thy eternal summer shall not fade nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st; nor shall death brag thou wander'st in his shade, when in eternal lines to time thou grow'st: so long as men can breathe or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee. 你的长夏永远不会凋谢 我怎能够把你来比拟作夏天?

62、Approaching the theory of text typology from the functionalist perspective, the author develops the theoretical framework specific to poetry translation. 基于从功能翻译理论视角出发的文本类型学理论,作者归纳出了适合探讨诗歌翻译的理论框架。

63、Doggerel comes from popularized scholar poetry and folk poetry. 打油诗文体源于文人诗歌的俗化和大众诗歌。

64、To some extent, his poems realized the fusion of southern and northern poetic style and promoted its development. 他的诗歌一定程度上实现了南北诗风的融合,促进了南北诗风的融合发展。

65、The end of story not began! 诗歌的意思是 生命,什么是生命?

66、The right selection of the material helps train students' singing skill and improve their artistic culture. 通过曲目教材的合理选用,可适时训练学生的歌唱技能,全面提高学生的艺术修养。

67、Had these been leaves of trees they would have duly dropped off. 假如这些诗歌是树叶的话,它们就会适时地掉落。

68、The style of dialogue in Shijing' stems from folk songs and has quite affected the poems in later history. 《诗经》中的对话体源于民间歌谣,并对后代诗歌产生了很大影响。


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