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关于”婚礼的短句“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Wedding phrases。以下是关于婚礼的短句的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Wedding phrases

1、Carry out the pack in nuptial that very day to each detail, and together deliver to the guest of take part in wedding with the nuptial formal invitation the flowchart. 把婚礼当天的安排落实到每个细节,并将流程表随婚礼请柬一同寄给参加婚礼的宾客。

2、Sheng Danni Hall wedding dress is Tianjin's largest, most professional wedding dress shop. 圣丹妮婚纱礼服馆,是天津市规模最大、最具专业的婚纱礼服店。

3、At the wedding reception, fearless Alice cut her wedding cake with a sword. 婚宴上大胆的Alice用剑切开了婚礼蛋糕。

4、Guests at the wedding. 婚礼上的来宾。

5、THE HOST: And I've heard that they are looking for a more Western-style ostentatious wedding, the big white dress wedding. 主持人:我听说,人们都向往夸张华丽的西式婚礼,穿着大大白色礼服的婚礼。

6、Says parker , eliciting laughs from longoria . longoria also giggled during the wedding ceremony as she attempted to say her vows in french. 朗格莉娅在婚礼上尝试用法语说她的婚誓时也忍不住笑了起来。

7、The ater-style wedding is now a new style of wedding ceremony. 剧院式婚礼是当下一种新兴的时尚婚礼仪式。

8、What kind of weddings? 什么类型的婚礼?

9、Behave flawlessly at the wedding and reception. 在婚礼和婚宴上表现的无可挑剔。

10、The wedding was very much like other weddings, where the parties have no taste for finery or parade; 这次婚礼跟其他不重衣着、不讲排场的婚礼非常相似。

11、Especially if you say them at your own wedding. Making wedding vows is like signing a contract. 特别是当你在自己的婚礼上说出这句话时,在婚礼中所发的誓言就如同签订契约一样。

12、Live Music For Wedding Receptions and all Events Saxophone Player - Saxophone… 丽星乐团 婚礼乐团 婚礼现场演奏 音乐艺术、演出…

13、Both parents after the wedding favoured up again, because the cost of the wedding problem. 婚礼过后双方家长又争持了起来,原因是婚礼的费用问题。

14、A song in celebration of a wedding; an epithalamium. 祝婚歌为庆祝婚礼而唱的歌;

15、For Reynalda Carpenter, the county official who performed the wedding, this was a first and "a little unusual," but she may be working future Halloween nights. 婚礼上,一些参加婚礼的嘉宾扮成了自由女神、吸血鬼等模样。当地官员、婚礼主持人卡彭特表示,这是第一场万圣节婚礼,有些特殊,但她今后可能还会在万圣节主持婚礼。

16、The traditional marriage ceremony is divided into pre-marriage ritual ritual ceremony, is the wedding ceremony and marriage rites instrument three categories. 传统的婚姻礼仪仪式主要分为婚前礼仪仪式,正婚礼仪仪式和婚后礼仪仪式三大类。

17、Getting designer wedding dresses can give the distinctiveness of the wedding gown that meets the bride’s desired style. 旅游婚纱礼服设计师可以给婚礼的新娘礼服,能够满足的预期风格的独特性。

18、Traditional British-American weddings are sometimes known as 'white weddings'. 英美的传统婚礼有时被称为“白色婚礼”。

19、With venues, caterers and photographers are usually booked months, if not years, in advance, and couples must put down hefty deposits on everything, cancelling plans is proving difficult. 就算不用提前几年,婚礼场所、婚宴承办商、以及摄影师通常也常需提前数月预订。 准新郎新娘们必须为准备婚礼预付大量订金,因此取消婚礼计划非常困难。

20、It was in 1996 that the Japanese words "jimi-kon" (low-key wedding) and "hade-kon" (showy wedding) arrived on Japan's linguistic forefront. xx年日本词语“低调(jimi)婚礼”和“高调婚礼”率先进入语言学界。

21、Hepburn later called off the wedding. 赫本原打算在与詹姆斯汉森(后封爵)的婚礼上穿这件婚纱,但后来她取消了婚礼。

22、The basic structure of the commoners' marriage is "Three Ceremonies". 庶人婚礼的基本框架是“三礼”。

23、For Reynalda Carpenter, the county official who performed the wedding, this was a first and "a little unusual, " but she may be working future Halloween nights. 婚礼上,一些参加婚礼的嘉宾扮成了自由女神、吸血鬼等模样。 当地官员、婚礼主持人卡彭特表示,这是第一场万圣节婚礼,有些特殊,但她今后可能还会在万圣节主持婚礼。

24、Couples in China preparing to tie the knot have an additional wedding preparation to make: taking romantic wedding photos several months before the wedding itself. 在中国,准备结婚的情侣们有一个额外的婚礼准备:在婚礼举行前的几个月拍浪漫的婚纱照。

25、The key to a healthy marriage is to keep your eyes wide open before you wed and half-closed thereafter. 美满婚姻的诀窍就是:婚礼之前睁大两只眼睛,婚礼之后睁一只眼闭一只眼。


26、The perfect wedding will often have a moderator to his audience, a good wedding is inseparable from good wedding hosts word. 完美的婚礼往往都会有一个主持人来统领全场,好的婚礼主持人离不开好的婚礼主持词。

27、The day after Melanie and Ashley's wedding, Scarlett (媚兰与希礼结婚后的第二天,思嘉与查尔斯成婚。) 媚兰:思嘉,昨天在我们的婚礼中我希望你的婚礼也会一样 美。

28、Provide photography service for wedding, pre-weddings, events, children portrait, family portraits, art & design and architectural photography in Malaysia. Based in Penang Island. 槟城婚纱摄影,婚礼摄影师。 提供婚礼摄影服务,预婚礼,活动,全家福,艺术及设计与建筑摄影。

29、Customs of praying for children, running from the beginning to the end at a wedding ceremony, can be shown in many aspects at Meishan district. 在梅山地区,求子的良好愿望贯穿于整个婚礼的始终,体现在婚礼的方方面面,在婚礼的系列活动中,人们更是用婚俗歌谣直接表达对子嗣的热切祈求。

30、An unusual accessory at the party was the oxygen tube that Katie used throughout the ceremony and reception as well. 在婚礼上的一个不寻常的附件是凯蒂的氧气管,她借助氧气完成整个婚礼和婚宴。

31、The wedding will take place in the Spring or Summer of 2011, in London. 婚礼将在xx年春或夏在伦敦举行。 婚礼的具体日期将及时宣布。

32、"Weddings are generally boring, especially for kids, so we decided to do something fun for the kids," Beyer said. "Then they could go out trick-or-treating." 新郎拜伊说:“婚礼通常是很乏味的,特别是对那些参加婚礼的孩子们而言,我们的婚礼一定要让孩子们觉得有趣,这样他们就可以在婚礼上疯狂地玩耍。”

33、A new people. In a month before the wedding to do is to print the wedding process, then is the rain home people decide the details of the wedding. 在婚礼前一个月新人们要做的就是要打印婚礼流程,然后就是雨家人们决定一下婚礼的细节问题了。

34、Later, Hart Hanson, the creator and writer of Bones twitted: "I have been at one of the best weddings ever in the history of weddings. I laughed. 婚礼过后,《识骨寻踪》剧组的大家长、编剧及创作人Hart Hanson发布微博道:“我参加了婚礼史上最棒的婚礼之一。

35、And blights with plagues the marriage-hearse. 又用瘟疫摧残了婚礼丧车。

36、Karen Mok's wedding is "mysterious", not only for weddings in secrecy, wedding did not invite any media to the scene. 莫文蔚此次婚礼相当“神秘”,不仅婚礼地保密,婚礼也未邀请任何一家媒体到场。

37、Use of hands at the wedding flowers. 在婚礼上使用的手捧花。

38、The bride rode in a limo to the wedding. 新娘搭礼车至婚礼现场。

39、Other robots were used to guide guests or give performances at the wedding ceremony. 此外,婚礼还使用其他几个机器人担任婚礼咨客和表演节目。

40、Visitors may also have the chance to witness a romantic French wedding, which has been held in the city of Tours for several consecutive years. 游客还无机缘去见证一场浪漫的国婚礼。 国的图尔市是浪漫婚礼之都,已相连多年为新举行浪漫的婚礼。

41、Kate’s been very hands-on with the wedding – for example, with the cake. 凯特已经着手开始筹备婚礼——例如,定婚礼蛋糕。

42、婚礼答谢宴 The wedding feast to thank 婚礼答谢宴 The wedding feast to thank

43、主持婚礼 The bishop married them. 主教为他们主持婚礼。

44、"More and more couples are looking for an extraordinary wedding: under water, during parachute jumping, on the football ground -- creativity knows no bounds," said the airline. 该公司称:“现在越来越多的新人希望办一个与众不同的婚礼,如水下婚礼、跳伞婚礼和足球场婚礼等等,可谓创意无限。”

45、China is different from the wedding on the West, the whole wedding's main colors are red, which is representative of traditional Chinese festive colors. 中式婚礼则与西式婚礼分歧,整个婚礼地主色彩都是红色,这是传统中国节日地颜色代表。

46、A group wedding is the ceremony in which a number of new couples are united in marriage in the same day at the same place. 集体婚礼是指若干对新婚夫妇在同一天、同一地点举行的婚礼。

47、But he did have to cover the majority of the wedding expenses — and Indian weddings do not come cheap. 但他还是要负担婚礼的大部分费用---而且印度人的婚礼也越来越贵了。

48、The ceremony was hailed as the "wedding of the decade." 这场婚礼被尊称为“世纪婚礼”。

49、婚礼答谢宴 the wedding feast to thank 婚礼答谢宴 the wedding feast to thank

50、The bride with makeup is the four big king of one, so how to choose the bride with makeup? 婚礼摄像是临淄婚庆公司中四大金刚之二,那么怎么挑选婚礼摄像呢?


51、In China, a complete wedding includes photography, the marriage ceremony, the banquet, dresses, wedding rings and honeymoon. 在国内,一场完整的婚礼包括拍婚纱照,婚礼,婚宴,婚纱,钻戒和蜜月。

52、我参加你的婚礼 I Went To Your Wedding

53、Photo 106: A local bank celebrating the wedding. 图106:庆祝婚礼的乐队,跟随在婚车后。

54、Marriage ceremony is a great ceremony in all ages, meanwhile the wedding dress plays a significant role in marriage ceremony. 从古至今,婚礼都是人生中的大礼,婚礼服在婚礼中一直扮演着极为重要的角色。

55、She has posed for a set of photos in a flowing white dress, enlisted a wedding planner and rented a banquet hall for a marriage celebration with 30 friends. 陈薇伊已经拍过了婚纱照,聘请了婚礼策划人员,还租了一个宴会厅来举行婚礼,将有30个朋友来参加婚礼。


57、After vows, the bride's floral wreath, which symbolizes her maidenhood , is removed and set afire by the mistress of ceremonies. 婚礼宣誓后,象征新婚少女身份的花环要由婚礼的女主持人取下烧掉。

58、Technopak says costs can climb as high as $30 million. Relatively modest weddings start at about $300,000. Technopak公司说,海外婚礼的费用最高可达3000万美元,相对简单的婚礼则需要30万美元左右。

59、Once they were sure, they bought me the bridal clothes and threw me a party. “她说,”一旦他们确定,便买给我婚礼服,为我举办婚礼。

60、We invited wedding banquet, wedding photographers bridal boutiques, wedding videographers, wedding planner and spa to join our wedding fair. 我们邀请承办婚宴,婚纱摄影婚纱精品店,婚礼摄像师,婚礼策划师和美容护理水疗中心加入我们的婚礼展览。

61、In Finland, a traditional bride-to-be walks door-to-door with a pillowcase to receive her wedding presents. 在传统的芬兰婚礼前夕,即将结婚的新娘带着一个枕头套,挨家挨户收取新婚礼物。

62、Traditional Tang, and western style church weddings are becoming more popular, as are theme weddings. 传统的唐朝婚礼和西式教堂婚礼变得流行,就像主题婚礼一样。

63、She also provided a photo of the wedding dress she had bought to wear to their wedding. 她也提供了一张婚纱礼服的图片,该礼服是她买来在婚礼上穿的。

64、That is, an old-fashioned (legal) wedding with all the traditions and trimmings. 我希望我的婚礼是一个传统的,像平常人一样的婚礼。

65、"More and more couples are looking for an extraordinary wedding: under water, during parachute jumping, on the football ground -- creativity knows no bounds ," said the airline. 该公司称:“现在越来越多的新人希望办一个与众不同的婚礼,如水下婚礼、跳伞婚礼和足球场婚礼等等,可谓创意无限。”

66、我非常想参加她的婚礼 I really wanted to attend her wedding. 我非常想参加她的婚礼 I really wanted to attend her wedding.

67、1958: The Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn becomes a popular wedding recessional after it is played at the marriage of Queen Victoria's daughter, Victoria, and Friedrich of Prussia on January 25. xx年xx月xx日,维多利亚女王的女儿维多利亚和腓特烈·普鲁士在婚礼上播放了费利克斯·门德尔松创作的《婚礼进行曲》。 自此《婚礼进行曲》就成为婚礼上最常用的曲子了。

68、This notice is given through (name of civil celebrant), Civil Celebrant of Marriages. 本通知书透过婚姻监礼人(婚姻监礼人的姓名)发出。

69、Longoria too giggled within the wedding ceremony as IT attempted to say IT vows in French. 朗格莉娅在婚礼上尝试使用语说她的婚誓时也忍不住笑了起来。

70、Denys: Divorce?How would a wedding change things? 离婚?一个婚礼能改变什么呢?。

71、The wedding ceremony is over. Please take a seat. 婚礼礼毕,请大家入席。

72、Red is the Chinese traditional symbol of joy and is a theme repeated in the wedding clothing and other ritual wedding objects. 在中国的传统中,红色象征着喜庆,是婚礼的主色调,在选择结婚礼服和其他婚礼用品时,人们都会选择红色。

73、Wedding presided over the word can make the wedding more lively, more happiness! 婚礼主持词能让整个婚礼更加热闹、更加甜蜜幸福!

74、Unique one-stop wedding service, professional wedding planning team, allowing you to easily enjoy the sweet and romantic wedding! 特有一站式婚礼服务、专业的婚礼策划团队,让您轻松享受婚礼的甜蜜与浪漫!

75、According to Chinese tradition, sending wedding cakes show its value and importance of the wedding. 而根据中国传统,结婚派礼饼是显出对婚礼的重视和隆重程度。

英文句子模板76:Wedding phrases

76、They had a western wedding. 他们采用西式的婚礼。

77、I think rain could really ruin a wedding that featured this getup. 我想如果穿这种服饰参加婚礼的话,雨会毁了婚礼。

78、Chen Wei-yih has posed for a set of photos in a flowing white dress, enlisted a wedding planner and rented a banquet hall for a marriage celebration with 30 friends。 陈薇伊已经拍过了婚纱照,聘请了婚礼策划人员,还租了一个宴会厅来举行婚礼,将有30个朋友来参加婚礼。

79、此外,婚礼还使用其他几个机器人担任婚礼咨客和表演节目。 Other robots were used to guide guests or give performances at the wedding ceremony.

80、HRTC is the industry's leading wedding design company. 婚然天成是行业内领先的婚礼公司。


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