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关于”表达倍数的四种句型“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Four sentence patterns expressing multiple。以下是关于表达倍数的四种句型的雅思英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Four sentence patterns expressing multiple

1、By constructing the BOM structure model, mathematic expression and arithmetic of the four types of Items in the multi-view mapping course is deducted. 通过建立BOM结构数学模型,推导了四种类型物料项映射规则的数学表达式和相应的算法。

2、It defines an XML language for defining regular expressions for the lexical representation of new types. 它定义了一种 XML 语言,可用于定义新类型的词汇表示的正则表达式。

3、As you see, the primitive language of signs is not always very clear. The language of words is much more exact. 正如你所看到的这个场面一样,原始的手势语并不总是能表达清楚的,词句语言就能表达得清楚得多。

4、Function types are indeed the natural way to represent the type of a lambda expression, but unfortunately they interact badly with an existing language "feature": erasure. 函数类型确实是表现 lambda 表达式类型的一种自然方法,但遗憾的是它们无法与现有语言功能 “擦除 (erasure)” 很好地进行交换。

5、In FORTRAN, a reference in an arithmetic or logical expression to a previously defined statement function. FORTRAN语言中,在一个算术或逻辑表达式中对以前定义的语句函数的引用。

6、Her countenance and a few artless words fully conveyed all her gratitude and delight. 她的表情和寥寥几句质朴无华的语言已充分表达了她的感激与高兴。

7、That is the teaching of Four-Sentence Teaching. 这便是四句教所表达的内容。

8、And you'll like to use this in expressing yourself and your decisions about certain situations. 这个句型能够表达某些情况下的自我与自己的决定,你会喜欢这个句型的。

9、We use this pattern to emphasize a point that has possibly been expressed in the past. 我们用这个句型来强调过去曾经表达过的一种观点。

10、Because if statements are expressions in Scala, there is no need for the special-case ternary conditional expressions that exist in C-derived languages. 因为在Scala 里if 语句是一个表达式,所以就不需要C 类型子语言的三重条件表达式了。

11、and it's really a really wonderful pattern. Because it's something that you can express so many different things. 它们都是非常棒的句型,你可以用它们来表达多种多样的事情。

12、Navajo has three or four ways of expressing the passive. 那瓦霍语则有三或四种方式来表达过去时态。

13、In the movie, you learn oral English vocabulary and phrase, sentence structure, and the expression of the content. 你在电影中,学到了英语口语的语汇、短语、句子结构,以及表达各种内容的说法。

14、It can be used to mean one or two things. 这个句型可以用来表达一两件事。

15、The existential construction, representing a typical feature of Chinese as a topic-prominent language, is a special kind of sentence pattern in modern Chinese. 存现句体现汉语作为话题突出型语言的典型特征,是现代汉语中比较有特点的一种句式。

16、Dreams speak in a deeply symbolic language. 梦是用一种深度象征的语言来的表达。

17、Two combinable nucleus sentences can be joined to make a expansible sentence. Such expansion in natural language has its own Characteristics:twofold, threefold or even multifold. 具有可连接性的两个核心句能组合生成一个扩展句;扩展在自然语言中表现为双重、三重甚至更多重的扩展,具有自己的组合类型。

18、Translation is an activity of reproducing in one language the ideas which have been expressed in another language. 翻译是把一种语言所表达的思想用另一种语 言重新表达出来的活动。

19、Lua allows multiple assignments, and expressions are evaluated first and are then assigned. For example, the statements Lua 允许使用多种赋值语句,可以先对表达式进行求值,然后再进行赋值。

20、Language is a means for the expression of thought. 语言是一种表达思想的方式。

21、The situation that resulted in my grandfather’s not being able to study engineering was that his father needed help on the farm. 从意思上来分析,上面这句话需要表达的重要的概念是“grandfather’s not being able to study”,而在表达这个概念时,原句用的主语是situation,谓语动词是was,不能强调需要表达的重点概念,可以改为下面这句话

22、The deviations also include the conflations of different types of speech functions and out-of-chain in adjacency pairs; 小句言语功能变异还应包括言语功能类型的重合和毗邻语对中言语功能脱链两种形式;

23、I hope we can have a indepth interview about „ 以上三种句型,都可以表达采访者的来意,在介词about或on后面直接加上自己所要了解的问题(表示话题的名词或名词性短语)。

24、Both recitation and singing belong to the voice art, with one falling into the language art and the other the vocal art. 朗诵是一种富于表现力的语言艺术,要求字正腔圆,语句熟练,表情达意;歌唱则是表现人们思想感情,综合了语言、声音和音乐于一体的声乐艺术。

25、There is a verse which expresses the meaning of this section of mantra. 你念这一段咒文,有四句话可以来表达这段咒文的意思。


26、In it, we have a boolean expression. 语句中使用了一个布尔表达式。

27、According to experiments on introduction and cultivation of Black Locust. The result showed:(1)The average survival rate may reach to 85%; 对四倍体刺槐进行引种栽培试验的结果表明:(1)四倍体刺槐苗在林芝地区引种栽培,平均成活率达85 % ;

28、Based upon Buhler's classification of language functions, Peter Newmark puts texts into three types, i. e. the expressive type, the informative type and the vocative type. 英国翻译家纽马克根据布勒对语言功能的分类将文本分成了三种类型,即表达型、信息型和号召型。

29、it In other words there is a kind of grammatical and syntactical permissibility obviously in the expression It is raining. 换言之,从语法和句法角度看,在这句表达的存在,显然是合理的。

30、Despite its commitment to deriving a syntactic representation (a-structure) from properties of a semantic representation, this is not a reductionist program. 尽管这种理论承诺论元结构的句法表达式从语义表达式特征中分化出来,但并不意味着它是一种简化的程序。

31、Let's look at how these two different ways can be used and expressed by the same pattern. 下面我们来看看这同一个句型怎样可以用和表达这两种不同的用法。

32、I wish is great, because it's a perfect way to very casually express your desires. I wish”是个很棒的句型,因为它是一种很随意地表达你的愿望的绝好方法。

33、"Clausal Pivot" is the basic background of theory and contrast Korean with Chinesein the aspect of "causal" expression. 以“小句中枢”说为基本理论背景,将韩汉两种语言“原因”表达进行对比。

34、Apply the patterns about giving one's opinions and exemplifying. 运用表达个人观点和举例的句型。

35、In such a language, "A circle can't be square", "can't be" would be expressed by an alethic mood, whereas for "He can't be that wealthy", "can't be" would be expressed by a non- alethic mood. 在这类语言中,“圆不可能是方的”一句中的“不可能”是通过真势语气来表达的;而“他不可能那么有钱”一句中的“不可能”则是通过非真势语气来表达的。

36、In Chinese, causative construction is one of the most important types of syntactic constructions. 不论是在汉语还是在日语中,使役表达都是句子表达的一个重要组成部分。

37、Cognitive Functional Model, which is a semiotic relational model, aims at formulating and interpreting the semiotic relationship between content and expression. 认知功能模式是一种语符关系模式,旨在抽象构拟并阐释小句概念内容同语言表达之间的语符关系。

38、二十四、If the language can not express, I am willing to prove that life.如果语言无法表达,我愿意用生命证明。

39、The DPTK query expression language provides for several kinds of steps with which to specify model traversals DPTK 查询表达式语言提供用于指定模型遍历的多种步骤

40、This form has more characters than four- and five-character poetry, and can express more complicated and complete ideas with a longer and slower intonation. 七言诗字数比五言、四言多,一句可以表达比较复杂、完整的意思,声调更加舒缓、悠长。

41、The mode of expression, the tone and modulation of the voice, the choice of words, and certain other indefinable things distinguish him. 表达的方式、说话的语气、音调的转换、遣词造句以及某种难以言表的东西会让他们与众不同。

42、The syntax of array creation expressions (§ is extended to support implicitly typed array creation expressions. 扩展数组创建表达式(§的语法用以支持隐型数组创建表达式。

43、The verb predicate sentence pattern of Huian dialect is quite complicated with its own characteristics. 惠安方言动词谓语句是一种极具特点又相当复杂的句型。

44、In a highlevel language, a process of carrying out of statements expressed. Each statement is translated and executed immediately by the interpreter. 高级编程语言中的一种执行所表达语句的处理方法,由解释程序翻译并立即执行每个语句。

45、An OLAP function can be included in expressions in a select-list or the ORDER BY clause of a select-statement. OLAP 函数可以包括在一个 select 列表的表达式中或 select 语句的 ORDER BY 子句中。

46、Arabian is a language flexible in forms, and in sentences with verbs the sense of tense and aspect can be expressed by the conjugation. 阿语是形态变化丰富的语言,动词句中可以通过动词的各种变位来表达不同的时体意义。

47、While syntax and phonology study the structure of expressive possibilities in language, semantics studies the meaning that can be expressed. 句法学和音系学研究语言的所有可能的表达结构,而词义学则注重于对可能表达的“意义”研究。

48、Two new error models in terms of quaternion algebra are developed: the additive dual quaternion error model and multiplicative dual quaternion error model. 导出了两个完全用四元数代数表达的误差模型:加性对偶四元数误差模型和乘性对偶四元数误差模型。

49、The basic function of the Cantonese final particles is assisting the intonation to convey moods. 广州话句末语气助词的基本功能是辅助句调表达语气。

50、You need a grammar to describe how to build "sentences" (or models) from those terms, and you need a concrete syntax to express them 3. 你还需要一种语法来描述如何通过这些术语组成“语句”(或者模型),同时需要一种具体的句法去表示它们 3。


51、Verbalizing design is another act of design. 用语言表达设计是另一种设计行为。

52、We learned four types of sentences , the last one of which is compound - complex sentences that are not mentioned in our textbooks. 我们学习了句子的四种类型,其中最后一种并列复合句是我们教材里未重点提到的。

53、Implied negation is the key and the most difficult point of negative drills. And it can be usually conveyed by means of some verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, etc. 暗含否定是英语否定句型的关键和难点,暗含否定是通过动词、名词、形容词、介词等多种形式表达的。

54、In a word, cognitive linguists take a holistic view of language learning or teaching. 一句话,认知语言学家持有一种完型语言教学或学习观。

55、The incidence of language delay in children with diplegia, tetraplegia and athetoid were 45.95%, 90% and 64.7%, respectively. 痉挛型四肢瘫和徐动型脑瘫患儿听理解与口语表达发育分离,理解明显好于表达,语言发育迟缓发生率分别为90 %和64.7%。

56、Expression statement or statements to increment or decrement the loop counters. 用于递增或递减循环计数器的一条或多条表达式语句。

57、In another situation, you can use the "I need" pattern to express what somebody else needs to do. 在另一种语境中,你也可以用“I need”句型来表达其他人做某事的必要。

58、As many as seven different intonations have been observed in English. 英语中的句调多达七种,而且调值也与汉语的调值不同。

59、In the syntax, the argument to the expression of more than a single long sentence, saying sure, for-statement refers to, quote-based features. 在句法方面,论证了其表达多以长单句、肯定句、换述句、引语为主的特征。

60、The experiment design involved four parameters: positions , sentence structures, different language groups, focus and neutral focus words. 本实验设计包括四项参数:位置、句型、不同的语言群组、焦点字和中立字。

61、English is a language abounding with idiomatic turns of expression. 英语是一种习惯表达方法丰富的语言。

62、It was crazy-four different languages in that silly sentence! 这个可笑的句子里居然有四种语言。

63、The results achieve an accuracy of 61.1~87.6%, depending on different sources of extended sentence type and different accuracy definitions. 实验结果表明,语句主题的分析正确率可达到61.1~87.6%,取决于不同的扩展句子类型和不同的正确率定义。

64、The sentence of differential comparison is an important sentence pattern in linguistic typology. Liangshan Yi language is a topic-prominent language, which word order is SOV . 凉山彝语差比句的句法特征多数符合SOV 型、话题型语言的类型学特征,但也有些不同特点。


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