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关于”极度伤心的短句子“的英语句子2个,句子主体:A short sentence of extreme sadness。以下是关于极度伤心的短句子的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:A short sentence of extreme sadness

1、Do not take your servant to be a good-for-nothing woman: for my words have come from my stored - up sorrow and pain. 望你不要以为你的婢女是个坏人,因为我由于极度的痛苦悲伤,一直倾诉到现在。

2、At the hospital, several young men stood within earshot, looking shocked and grief-stricken. 在医院,几个年轻人簇在一起,惊魂未定,极度悲伤。

3、Don't give way to grief . 不要过度悲伤。

4、("Calls back from the dead") 目极千里兮,伤心悲。

5、His heart broke when she told him that she no longer loved him. 当她告诉他,她不再爱他时他极度伤心。

6、'Please, sir, do you know what time the Casterbridge workhouse closes?'she asked in a voice of extreme sadness. “请问一下,先生,您知不知道卡斯特桥济贫院多会儿关门?”她问道,声音中透出极度的悲伤。

7、Result: All the wounds healed. The shortest wound healing time was 14 days and the longest 56 days. 结果:75只耳廓深度烧伤创面全部愈合,最短愈合时间为伤后14天,最晚伤后56天愈合。

8、I feel so sad, " the twitterer wrote, his message just one in a torrent about the entertainer. 我悲伤不已”主播如是写到,这条短信仅仅是洪流般的关于这位艺人的短信中的一条。

9、The death of his wife almost broke his heart. 他妻子的死使他伤心已极。

10、In these neutral times, when we are neither ecstatic nor extremely sad, the slightest change in attitude can swing our happiness balance drastically in either a positive or negative direction. 在这些不甜不苦的日子里,当我们既没有狂喜也没有极度悲伤,态度的细微变化就可以使你的快乐在积极与消极之间剧烈的摆动。

11、Conclusion The infection and the necrosis rate of wound had direct association with the degree of injury and contamination, injury time and treatment. 结论伤口感染和坏死与损伤、污染严重程度,受伤时间长短,能否正确处理伤口有直接关系。

12、The geometric factor of sensitivity related to device geometry resulting from short-circuit-effect of power supply electrodes and out-put electrodes can be obtained. 得到了电源电极短路效应和输出电极短路效应引起的灵敏度几何因子与器件尺寸的关系。

13、In a short span of three years, I always "descend" self-stimulation, proactive, based on a solid foundation for the professional breadth for depth. 短短的xx年里,我始终以“天道酬勤”自励,积极进取,立足扎实的基础,对专业求广度求深度。

14、Passive faith says, "I believe it! every word of God is true. 消极的信心说:“我相信,神的话句句都真。

15、Turner 's friends said he was inconsolable. 特纳的朋友说,他伤心至极。

16、Her ambiguous remarks made me seized by a profound melancholy. 她模棱两可的评价使得一阵极度的凄伤袭上我的心头。

17、It is sad…. very sad. It depresses the Indian in me and absolutely horrifies the woman in me… 这是悲伤的…非常悲伤。 它抑制了我心中的印度人,完全的使女人们恐惧。

18、And so, occasionally, my grief-stricken team would run numerous miserable laps around the fields. 于是,在偶尔输了比赛的时候,我们这支极度悲伤的队伍围着运动场地一圈一圈痛苦地跑。

19、Often happy have bigger inanity to the pole , the general association sorrowful. 每每快乐到极点,总会有更大的空虚悲伤。

20、Safety, little scathe on the fabric strength. 使用安全,对织物强度的损伤极小。

21、The language characteristics are the extreme simplification of syntax, the obscurity in meaning, and irrational wording controlled by no order and logic. 描述内心独白的语言在句法上极度简化,语义上极度模糊,是一种不受逻辑和秩序控制的非理性语言。

22、Optimistic people can always discover what's good side, and negative and pessimistic people always losing things sad for him to complain. 积极乐观的人总是能够发掘事情好的一面,而消极悲观的人总是为他失去的东西伤心抱怨。

23、The new king was so sad with repent and regret 新国王悲伤已极,带着懊悔,带着遗憾

24、Don't give way to grief . 不要过度悲伤。

25、Time tames the strongest grief. 时间能安抚极度的悲痛。


26、I suppose Catherine fulfilled her project, for the next sentence took up another subject: she waxed lachrymose . 我想凯瑟琳结束了话题,接下来的句子开始了另一话题:她极伤心的哭泣。

27、The Dwarfs are on their knees beside Snow White, crying sadly. 小矮人们悲哀地跪在白雪身前,哭得伤心极了。

28、The grief-stricken parents flew to San Francisco and were taken to the city morgue to identify the body of their son. 极度悲伤的父母飞往旧金山来到市太平间辨认他们的儿子。

29、The First World War(1914-1918) had brought him great sadness. 第一次世界大战给他带来极大的悲伤。

30、He will be extremely disorientated and distressed. 他会极度迷惑和忧伤。

31、Time tames the strongest grief. 时间能缓和极度的悲痛。

32、When speaking to a child who has the tendency to stutter, use short sentences and speak in a slow and clear manner. 和有口吃问题的孩子对话时,速度应放慢、句子改短、咬字清晰。

33、When the disastrous news reached her, she was grief-stricken. 她听到这个惨痛的消息时,悲伤至极。

34、Like many child stars, Knut's life was short and sad. 同很多童星一样,克努特的童年短暂而悲伤。

35、It is a long stone Lu Indus, in that short bench, sad when you lost me. 那是一条冗长的梧桐石子路,就在那条短短的板凳上,伤心的你遇到了失落的我。

36、The little girl was inconsolable at the loss of her kitten. 这个小女孩因为丢失了她的小猫而极度伤心。

37、I know words offer small comfort in your hours of sorrow. I do wish to extend my hearty sympathy to you on the loss of your beloved wife. 我知道在你悲伤的时刻里,字句只能给你极少的安慰,但我盼望为你失去心爱的夫人致上至诚的吊慰。

38、A shot to the head deals bonus damage and stuns for a short duration. 一枪爆头造成额外的伤害,并造成极短时间的晕眩。

39、To hurt China’s essential interests means hurt our feelings most seriously.” Zhang Qingmin says. 伤害了中国的根本利益,意味着极度伤害了我们的感情”,张庆民说道。

40、Broken-hearted girl No…no… 伤心至极的女孩不…不…

41、Material injury, injured King, hurt, grief, injury, sad. 伤物,伤景,伤人,伤心,伤情,伤悲。

42、If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”  (句子形容积极、乐观的处世态度)

43、 Time tames the strongest grief. 时间能缓和极度的悲痛。

44、I can’t go to the cinema with you tonight because I have to comfort my friend in grief. 我今晚不能和你一起去看电影了,因为我必须去安慰我那极度悲伤的朋友。

45、I suppose Catherine fulfilled her project, for the next sentence took up another subject: she waxed lachrymose. 我想凯瑟琳结束了这个话题,由于接下来的句子开始了另一话题:她极伤心的哭泣。

46、 10. Time tames the strongest grief. 时间能安抚极度的悲痛。

47、Hearing this, Wilbur threw himself down in an agony of pain and sorrow. 听到这话,威尔伯瘫坐下来,极度痛苦和悲伤。

48、Time tames the strongest grief. 时间能安抚极度的悲痛。

49、At high speed, the whole series of events happens in less than one three-hundredth of a second. 全部一系列动作以极高的速度发生在短短三百分之一秒内。

50、don't give way to grief . 不要过度悲伤。


51、And an HMM is used to model the phrase-length constraints, which include the distributions of the prosodic phrase lengths and the prosodic word number in the prosodic phrase. 韵律短语的长度约束模型是利用隐马尔科夫模型对语句中韵律短语的长度规划进行建模,这个模型对短语的长度分布及韵律词与韵律短语的关系进行了描述。

52、don't carry your grief to excess.不要过度悲伤。

53、The crowd was tense but subdued, and its mood appeared to be one of stunned sorrow. 人群的气氛紧张而沉抑,透着一股极度悲伤的情绪。

54、A sorrowing heart is a growing heart. One's capacity for sorrow is the measure of one's capacity for growth. 一颗处于悲伤之中的心是一颗正在成长的心。一个人的悲伤的能力是衡量他成长的能力的尺度。

55、Antarctic the temperature rarely rises above freezing point. 在南极,温度很少升到零度以上。 更多例句。

56、Is Elysium there are joy and sadness? 极乐世界是有快乐和悲伤的吗?


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