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关于”健康的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Healthy sentences。以下是关于健康的句子的雅思英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Healthy sentences

1、I will, in other words, now turn to the 'semi-circle of mental health'. 换句话说,我现在将转向「精神健康的半圆」。

2、Conclusion Self rated health is an important method of health measurement. SRHMS is an effective instrument for normal person to measure self rated health and monitor health. 结论自测健康是健康测量的重要方法,自测健康评定量表(SRHMS)为一般人群的健康测量和健康监测提供了一个有效工具。

3、The groups you associate with often determine the type of person you become -- healthy or unhealthy. 你所属的圈子通常决定你会成为哪一种人:健康还是不健康。

4、please remember some happy things. 我想精神上的健康也应该算是健康

5、Focus on your health. Strengthen your health. 要注重健康,加强你的健康。

6、They decoyed him into a dark street. 他晒得黑黝黝的,一副很健康的样子。

7、希望孩子健康快乐的名字 Wish children healthy and happy name 希望孩子健康快乐的名字 Wish children healthy and happy name

8、A good wife and health is a mans best wealth. 男子的最大财富, 葢在于妻子贤惠, 自己健康。

9、Health Quotient (HQ): reflects one's health consciousness, health knowledge and health ability. 健商(HQ):是指个人所具有的健康意识、健康知识和健康能力的反映。

10、In other words,the health model: let's work on competencies. 换句话说,健康模型倡导:,培养能力。

11、The eggs are delicious and healthy. ‘尿煮童子蛋’味美健康。

12、Dispositional optimism had significantly positive correlation with physical health, mental health, social health and general health status. 乐观人格与生理健康、心理健康、社会健康及总体健康状况呈显著正相关;

13、First of all, we have to familiar well with the problem of unhealthy children. 第一次跟大家谈孩子健康的话题。首先我们要讨论孩子不健康的问题。

14、Parental health is key to a healthy pregnancy. 准父母健康是孕期健康的关键。

15、Establishing health education network to rural residents and developing diversity of health education and health promotion mechanism. 健全农村健康教育网络,开展多种形式的健康教育及健康促进活动;

16、A sound mind in a sound body. 健康的思想寓于健康的身体。

17、May good health follow you throughout the year. 愿您今年健健康康。

18、A good wife and health is a man's best wealth. 贤妻和健康是男子的至宝。

19、A good wife and health is a man's best wealth. 男子的最大财富,在于妻子贤惠,自己健康.

20、Collarless. Long sleeves. Classic fit. 长长的袖子。经典的健康。

21、The child is lively as well as healthy. 这孩子既健康又活泼。

22、What do you give a man who allows you to come home healthy, ready to play with your kids and spend time with your wife? 因为他,你能够健健康康地回到家,能够和你的孩子玩耍,和你的妻子共度时光,你会送他什么?

23、proper diet and exercise are both important for health. 肌肉发达是身体健康的一个必备条件. good muscles are one of the prerequisites of physical fitness. 身体健康 rejoice in health 身体健康 be possessed of good health 忽略身体健康 the neglect of health 他身体健康。

24、A lot of supporters were decked out in the team's colours. 【记】 “康色的”→健康颜色的一音乐会是很健康的。

25、I wish you a healthy and happy growth, every day is sensible 祝你健健康康,快乐成长,一天比一天懂事


26、However, his son grows healthily and quickly with his considerate care. 不过,孩子在他的精心照料下,白白胖胖,健健康康,茁壮成长。

27、Gifts the best health product: the real taste smoke health electronic smoke! 送礼最好的健康品:真味如烟健康电子烟!

28、What is the person does not move on one insalubrious? 人不动不健康的上一句是什么?

29、Sports can make people healthy and health is wealth, health is the happiness and health is beauty…… 体育运动可以使人健康,而健康是财富、健康是幸福、健康是美……

30、Telemedicine is another term for eHealth. 远程医疗是电子健康的另一种说法。

31、Tell my dear wife I have my health. 告诉我亲爱的妻子我身体健康。

32、Home, health and Hope for children … 珍爱生命,给孩子家,健康和希望。

33、Our manager has turned into a gung-ho health nut. Everyday he 's like this! 例句我们经理变成狂热的健康迷,每天都是这样!

34、the goddess of health.   健康女神司健康之女神

35、How healthy - or otherwise - is China's economy? 国的经济有多健康或有多不健康?

36、I wish you were born a perfectly healthy baby. 祝你生个健健康康的宝宝。

37、But no significant difference in physical, mental health subscale and the total scores of SRHMS(P>0.05). 而生理健康子量表分、心理健康子量表分、健康自测量表总分均无显著性差异(P>0.05)。

38、Are you fit?How did you get it? 你的身体健不健康啊?你是如何令自己健康的?。

39、What can you do to get fit?Tell the class. 你的身体健不健康啊?你是如何令自己健康的?。

40、In other words these "non-pathogenic" and "health factors" than many pathogenic "health factors" even more terrifying . 换句话说这些“不致病”的“健康因素”比很多致病的“健康因素”更加可怕。

41、Round neck. Short flutter sleeves. Classic fit. 圆的脖子。袖子短颤振。经典的健康。

42、He's a very sturdy child and very healthy. 他是个壮实的孩子,长的很健康。

43、The goddess of health.   健康女神司健康之女神

44、Only word I can think of is vitamins - I want my son to be healthy all the time. 我唯一能想到的只有‘维他命’——我想要我的儿子永远健健康康。

45、Eating healthy is a girl thing to do. 追求饮食健康是女孩子的事

46、The child is lovely as well as healthy. 这孩子既健康又活泼。

47、A good wife and health is a man’s best wealth. 男子的最大财富, 在于妻子贤惠, 自己健康。

48、In Port Said, Egypt, the plan includes walking for health, drawing for health, music for health, playing for health. 埃及塞得港计划开展健康步行、健康绘画、健康音乐和健康游戏等活动。

49、Fruit consumption was positively related to self-efficacy when busy and when not reporting a dislike of healthy foods by others at home. 进食的水果量与忙碌时健康饮食的自我管理因子及没有家庭成员不喜欢健康食品因子正相关。

50、Now he only hope that children born to healthy, realize oneself do grandpas wishes. 现在他只希望孩子能够健健康康生下来,实现自己做爷爷的愿望。


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