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关于”问候早安的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Good morning greetings。以下是关于问候早安的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Good morning greetings

1、Good morning. May I speak to Mr. Zhang Lihua, please? 早上好!请问张力华先生在吗?

2、How: Greeting must include a salutation (Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening), the hotel name & the operator's name and offer of assistance. All elements must be present in the greeting. 方法:问候须包括打招呼(早上好/下午好/晚上好),酒店名称,接线员的名字和提供的帮助。基本要点为问候须用现在时。

3、The content word alone can convey the meaning of the sentence, namely “Andrew brushes teeth every morning.” 单独的实义词就能表达这个句子的意思,那就是安德鲁在每个早上都会刷牙。

4、Good Morning. RUYJ advertising. -Good morning. This is Don Bradley. Can I talk to Phil Watson, please? 早安。 RUYJ广告。 ,早上好。这是堂。我能跟沃森,好吗?

5、Waitress:Good morning, sir. I've brought the breakfast you ordered. 早上好,先生。您要的早餐送上来了。

6、A: Good morning, sir. I've brought the breakfast you ordered. 早上好,先生。您要的早餐送上来了。

7、She saw a wolf. Good morning, Little Red-Cap. Good morning, Wolf. 她看见一只狼。早上好,小红帽。早上好,狼。

8、GREETINGS: Hi! Good Morning. 问候语:你好! 早上好!

9、So Jill turned this greeting into a morning ritual. 从此吉尔把这种问候当成早上的一种仪式。

10、A rooster that flaunts the most basic rules of neighborhood etiquette by crowing every morning before sunrise. 每天的黎明前,公鸡都会打鸣,仿佛问候邻居早安。

11、Good morning... 早上好……

12、From what time can Ihave breakfast? 啥子时候可以吃早餐?。

13、Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Good night. 早上好肀胣下午好肀胣晚上好 晚安。

14、The next morning at breakfast Angelina found a large box with her name on it. 第二天早上吃早饭的时候,安吉丽娜发现了一个写着她的名字的大礼物盒。

15、Okay, good morning. 早上好。

16、The clock has nearly 50 different wake-up messages including: "Good morning sir. 在该闹钟内储存有将近50条用于唤醒沉睡者的短句子,其中包括“早上好,先生。

17、Sandra; Good morning, Mum. Hello to you , And here I come. 早上好,妈妈。我向你问好来了。

18、Good morning(afternoon), sir(lady). Welcome to Huaian Coach Station. 早上好(下午好),先生(女士),欢迎光临淮安汽车站。

19、Good morning, May I get your vouches, please? 早上好,麻烦将您的早餐券给我,好吗?

20、Just repeat that five times at breakfast in your mirror, everything will be alright. 以后吃早餐的时候对著镜子把上面的话反复念五遍吧,一切都会变好的。

21、And it's probably a question that you've used many times before. 你可能早就用过这个问句了。

22、AGood Morning, sir. What can I do for you? 早上好,先生。请问有什么可以帮助您?

23、He got up early so that he might catch the first bus. 他早早起床,以便赶上头班公共汽车。(目的状语从句)

24、We have T-storms early, but it will be cleared up later afternoon. 例句:今天早些时候会后雷雨,但到了下午晚些时候会转晴。

25、Agent: Good morning, sir. Can I help you? 早上好,先生。请问有什么可以帮您?


26、Hypothesis, someone see you in the morning to your mom, mom to ask good morning! 假设,有人早上见到您的妈妈,对您的妈妈问一声早安!

27、Lee:Good morning, is that Mr. Smith? 李:早安,请问是史密斯先生吗?

28、Good morning, Andy. Come and take a seat by yourself. 早上好,安迪!

29、They can't even say "good morning" or pass the time of day.  他们甚至不会说“早上好”或打声招呼。

30、The content word alone can convey the meaning of the sentence, namely “Andrew brushes teeth every morning. 单独的实义词就能表达这个句子的意思,那就是安德鲁在每个早上都会刷牙。

31、All he heard from Agassiz each day was a friendly "Good morning." 每天他从阿加西那里听到的,只是一句礼貌的“早上好”。

32、Good morning. Do you have anything for a sore throat? 早上好,请问有治喉咙疼的药?。

33、"Now, my dears, " said old Mrs. Rabbit one morning. “好了,亲爱的孩子们,”一天早上,兔子妈妈说道。

34、Okay. Good morning. 早上好

35、Truman: Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night! 楚门:早上好,以防我见不着你,所以下午好,晚上好,晚安!

36、Don't say "Top of the morning to you": "I don't know how this phrase became associated with Irish people, perhaps it was used in the distant past. 不要说“给您问早安”。“ 我不知道这句话跟爱尔兰人有什么渊源,可能是老早以前的用法吧。

37、to request an early morning call. A:没问题,那么您想让我们明天早上什么时候叫醒您?

38、Now let's do morning exercises. 铃响了,早上了,让我们唱唱“早上好”。

39、Geet me every morning. 每天早晨要问候我。

40、Rereading this in the morning. 早上的时候重读这个。

41、We exchanged customary greetings of good morning with other early joggers. 我们与其他早起跑步的人用常用的“早上好”互道了问候。

42、This morning I was having breakfast with my good friend Diane at one of my favorite breakfast nooks. 今天早上,我与我的好朋友黛安在我最喜爱的一家便餐点吃早餐。

43、Tina: Good morning, Ann. 早上好啊,安。

44、PROFESSOR: Good morning. Try it again. Good morning. 教授:早上好,重复,早上好。

45、Andy: Good morning, everyone! My name is Andy Leadbetter. 大家早上好,我是安迪利百特。

46、Mrs Webb: Good morning, Janet. It's time to get up. 韦布夫人:早上好,珍妮特,现在是时候起床了。

47、Good morning. 早上好。

48、After hailing the morn with this second salutation, he threw aboot at the woman as a third. 他用这种致敬的方式问了早安之后,便把靴子向那女人掷去作为第三次问候。

49、In the morning first thing after getting up is to family members. 早上起床后的第一件事是向爷爷、奶奶、父母及家人问一声“早上好!”

50、God I'm hungry. I only had a dingo's breakfast this morning. 天啊,我肚子好饿,我晃了一个早上,都还没吃早餐。


51、After hailing the morn with this second salutation, he threw a boot at the woman as a third. 他用这种致敬的方式问了早安之后,便把靴子向那女人掷去作为第三次问候。

52、W: Good moring. 早上好。

53、Hi, morning. 早上好。

54、Growing up, Chilling Tong was greeted by these words very morning, and in fact, if she didn't hear them, she knew she had overslept! 在她的成长期间,董志玲每天的早晨就听到这句问候语。事实上,如果她没听到这句早晨问候语,她就知道自己已经睡过了头!

55、Good morning, Kate. -Good morning, Jenny. How are you? -I'm fine, thank you! 早上好,凯特。 ,早上好,詹妮。你好吗? ,我很好,谢谢你!


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