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关于”忧伤的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Sad sentences。以下是关于忧伤的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sad sentences

1、With that concerned pronouncement, she leaves to return to her own seat. 她担忧的嘱咐了一句,便坐回她的位子去了。

2、She looked sadly at her red plaits. 'Ihate my hair. 她悲伤得看着她的红辫子。“我不喜欢我的红头发。”

3、Zi Juns tragedy has profound significance on social critique. 《伤逝》中子君的悲剧具有深刻的社会批判意义。

4、Cute time, Shallow sorrow, are only girls' murmurings. 浅忧伤。只是女子的碎碎念。

5、Again the cow Chopin also play out Lao the of sadness. 再牛的肖邦也弹不出老子的悲伤。

6、In the day of grief, be mild . 悲伤的日子里需要兴平气和。

7、To make despondent; sadden. 使忧伤,沮丧;使悲伤。

8、What is more sad than sadness is empty glad.比悲伤更令人悲伤的是空欢喜。

9、Dark purple evokes gloom and sad feelings. It can cause frustration. 深紫色唤起忧郁和悲伤的情感。它能让人沮丧。

10、Some time ago these houses knew family parties and kids laughing; their walls still remember moments of joy and happiness, grief and sorrow. 不久以前是这些房子见证了家庭聚会与孩子们的欢声笑语;墙壁仍然记得那些幸福喜悦、悲痛忧伤的时光。

11、I visit it with a delicious melancholy which relieves my sadness. 我带著愉悦的忧郁去了那里,它减轻了我的悲伤。

12、Happiness is accompanied by sorrow, and it would turn sunny after rain as well. 快乐要有悲伤作陪,雨过应该就有天晴。 如果雨后还是雨,如果忧伤之后还是忧伤。

13、I weave the shoes of sorrow : Soundless shall be the footless light In all men 's ears of sorrow , Sudden and light . 我织那忧伤的鞋子:让脚步轻盈无声,在所有人忧伤的耳中乍现而轻盈。

14、The mother grieved for her dead son for many years. 母亲为死去的儿子悲伤了多年。

15、Bringing happiness to me and taking the sadness away. 带来欢声笑语,驱走悲愁忧伤。

16、But if one reads the first with a kind of sadness. 但骨子里头有着一种悲伤。

17、The tower bell clashed its mournful note. 塔楼的钟敲出忧伤的调子。

18、It soothes my sorrows, heals my wounds, and drives away my fear. 医治痛伤,安慰悲苦,消除心中忧惊。

19、So Eden sank to grief. 由是伊甸园陷入忧伤悲切。

20、About twenty days after the wedding, his wife died of illness. Sun was extremely sad. 婚后二十天妻子得一场大病去世,公子十分悲伤。

21、 Dream is worth every child yould sad thoughts. 梦想是值得每个孩子每时每刻忧伤的念头。

22、She went nearly mad with grief after the child died. 孩子死后,她悲伤的几至疯狂。

23、On blue days you feel like you are folating in an ocean of sadness. 在忧郁的日子里,你会觉得自己在悲伤海里沉沉浮浮。

24、You give me the most happy day in my life, also gave me a lifetime. 缪你给过我一生中最快乐的日子,也给了我一辈子的伤悲。

25、In other words, it appears that you can catch happiness. Or sadness. 换句话讲,你似乎能捕捉到高兴或是悲伤。


26、As the saying goes, furious liver injury, violence-hi sad, sad sad lungs, panic injured kidney, spleen injury thought. 俗话说,大怒伤肝,暴喜伤心,悲忧伤肺,惊恐伤肾,思虑伤脾。

27、Everybody has blue days. On blue days, you feel line you are floating in an ocean of sadness. 每个人都有犹豫的日子,在忧郁的日子里,你总觉得自己在悲伤的海里沉沉浮浮。

28、And they were grieved because of the children of Israel. . . . 他们因以色列的孩子们而感到悲伤。。。

29、I was very sad when people, after a 7-days enlightenment retreat, became sadder than they were before the course. 当人们在7天的开悟课程后变得比来之前更悲伤时,我十分忧伤。

30、It is not work that kills, but worry. 工作不会伤身,伤身乃是忧虑。 忧虑。

31、I have no idea where these sadness came from and how they could be strong like this, but I still think these sentences are beautiful. 我已经不记得那些悲伤从何而来又为什么这么强烈,但是我觉得,有些句子,真的很美。

32、A kindly word in grief's dark hour. 伤恸、困难的时候,一句亲切的话。

33、In other words, all our emotions - love, grief, happiness - are all biochem- ical. 换句话说,我们所有的情感——爱恋、忧伤、快乐——全都是生物化学反应。

34、Be like long-term melancholy, scared, sadness, sadness, plane of easy air is maladjusted and cause disease. 若长期忧郁、恐惧、悲伤、忧愁,则易气机失调而致病。

35、'Not a son, ' said the tailor, sadly.'or a daughter. “没有儿子也没有女儿,”裁缝用悲伤的语气说。

36、He hanged himself in sorrow after his wife died. 妻子死后,他因悲伤而自缢。

37、inexplicable sadness 令人费解愁 ; 莫名的忧伤 ; 莫名的悲伤 ; 莫名伤感

38、A slur thrusts into people's heart, while wise words can awaken people. 一句伤害人的话,能将人心刺破,一句智慧良言,却能唤醒人心。

39、◆◇、I do not know each other better, and so can not love 我还没有足够的了解彼此,所以不能相爱 英文伤感句子

40、She is always sad like a house on fire. 她总是悲伤得像一所着了火的房子。

41、In other words, he might feel sad for saying the wrong thing. 换句话说,他可能为说错话觉得悲伤。

42、Little white flowers will never waken you. Not where the dark covery single of sorrow has taken you. 在悲伤的灵车带你去的处所,黑色星期五歌词。红色的小花将不再能唤醒你(倒装句)

43、"Sing your blues away, son, "his father told him. “把悲伤唱走,儿子。”爸爸告诉他。

44、I heeded His words, and in the two boxes, Both my joys and sorrows I. 祂说,〝把悲伤放在黑盒子里,把快乐放在金盒子里。〞。

45、It certainly is a gloomy day. Just look at his heartsick father. 真是个忧伤的日子,看看那悲痛欲绝的父亲就知道了。

46、On blue days you feellike you're fioating in an ocean of sadness. 在忧郁的日子里,你会觉得自己在悲伤的海里沉沉浮浮。 。

47、His last words were “the sadness will last forever”. 弥留之际,他留下的最后一句话是:“悲伤永远挥之不去。”

48、Does it will be true that he will instead of me in your heart one day? 朋友,很伤感的句子啊.

49、我带著愉悦的忧郁去了那里,它减轻了我的悲伤。 I visit it with a delicious melancholy which relieves my sadness.

50、He quoted the great lines of Aeschylus about pain bringing wisdom, against our will, through the awful grace of God. 他援引埃斯库罗斯的著名句子说,与我们所预想的不同,通过上帝令人敬畏的恩典,悲伤的痛苦会给人带来智慧。


51、Passionate and sad sentences, is the waist of the fleeting time, like water spread over four seasons. 多情而悲伤的句子,是时光腰身的流年,像水一样蔓过四季。

52、Who made the observation that all donkeys look sad? 谁观察的所有驴子看起来都很悲伤?

53、The Happy Prince looked very sad. 快乐王子一副很悲伤的表情。

54、K's angle. I had grieved for Vietnam, for my lost homeland, for many other things. 我曾为越南感到悲伤,为我失去的故乡感到悲伤,为许多其他的事情感到悲伤。

55、How could you possibly be sad when listening to that kind of music? 听到这样的曲子,你怎么可能感到悲伤呢

56、The fox is sad at the death of the hare (The fox mourns the death of the hare. ) 释义兔子死了,狐狸感到悲伤。比喻因同类的死亡而感到悲伤。

57、She sounds dis­abled when she speaks, and she can talk only in very short sentences. 她的语言功能受到了损伤,现在只能说些很短的句子。

58、Then cattle Chopin also can not play Lao Tzu sadness. 缪再牛的肖邦也弹不出老子的悲伤。

59、What's sad: Dean's wife, Camille, and their baby. It's sad. 还有:,迪安的老婆卡米尔和他们的孩子,也是悲伤的。

60、Darker purples can conjure gloominess and sadness. 暗紫色使人联想起忧郁和悲伤。

61、Sadder were the times when letters came from Aiko. 每次接到爱子的来信都更加令人悲伤。

62、The colour of a sad, sad haunted, sadness and me company. 翻译:泛着忧伤的色彩,悲伤萦绕,忧伤和我作伴。

63、So sad the mother could not get to see herson… 太悲伤了,他的亲生母亲没能见到自己儿子。

64、"Quench not the Spirit," Paul says in one place, and in another "grieve not the holy Spirit of God. “不要熄灭圣灵的感动”,保罗曾说过这句话,他也说过另一句“不要让上帝的圣灵为你忧伤”。

65、Material injury, injured King, hurt, grief, injury, sad. 伤物,伤景,伤人,伤心,伤情,伤悲。

66、If it is a sad news report, act sad and explain why you are sad to your child. If is a how-to article that you have learned from, let your child know you just learned something. 如果它是一则悲伤的新闻报导,那麽就表现出悲伤的动作并且向你的孩子解释为什麽你会悲伤。假如你阅读来自于手册指南,与你的孩子们分享你学习了某些相当有趣的东西。

67、I suppose Catherine fulfilled her project, for the next sentence took up another subject: she waxed lachrymose . 我想凯瑟琳结束了话题,接下来的句子开始了另一话题:她极伤心的哭泣。

68、Always drunk to call you, let you sad, I was not good. Forgive me? 老是在喝醉后给你打德律风,让你悲伤忧伤,是我欠好。谅解我好吗?

69、Every sorrow or care 逝去的欢乐日子里, in the dear days gone by; 也曾有烦恼和忧伤。

70、You cannot unsay a cruel word. 你不能不说一句伤害人的话。

71、To shed crocodile tears means to cry when someone is not really sad or sorry. ; 流鳄鱼泪意思是某人在堕泪时并不真的感到悲伤忧伤(即假慈善)。


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