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关于”新年的小诗“的英语句子2个,句子主体:New year's poem。以下是关于新年的小诗的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:New year's poem

1、Some of her poetry translations have appeared in New Poetry Appreciation (the 1st issue, Yunnan University Press 2008). 部分诗歌翻译发表于《新诗品》(第一卷)(云南大学出版社xx年xx月版)。

2、i hope that this next year will be as healthy as the last. 我希望您今年跟去年一样健康。

3、Zang has made attempts at rhythmic verse, semi-rhythmic verse and free verse. Some of his poems are distinguished by striking meters, rhythm and sound harmony. 臧克家对新诗的新格律体诗、半格律体诗和自由体诗的押韵进行了探索,有些诗具有一定的格律美,节奏分明,声韵和谐。

4、In 50-60's, the epic is the art character that the writers long for day and night, but the epic lost its shining glory in former days at lately period. xx年代,史诗性是作家们梦寐以求的艺术品格,但在新时期,史诗或史诗性失去了昔日的光辉。

5、The canonization about it has intimate relation to the misty poem, pre-poem and model changing of writing and research of modern poem history. 白洋淀诗群的经典化过程与朦胧诗、前朦胧诗、新诗史写作模式、新诗史研究方式的转换都存在着极其密切的关系。

6、This poetry publication mainly publishes young people's new works, so it's avantgarde in both content and style, daring to break its predecessors' restraints. 这本诗刊主要刊登的是青年诗人的新作,其内容与形式都很前卫,敢于打破前人的束缚。

7、His New and Selected Poems was published by Houghton Mifflin and won the 2005 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award. 他的《新诗及诗选》由霍汤-密夫林出版社出版并获xx年金斯莱-塔夫特诗歌奖。

8、The dispute took place at a time when the new Chinese poetry was at the juncture of two roads leading from "non-poem" to "principle poem" and from "prosaicalization" to "poetic purification". “二梁之争”发生在中国新诗从“非诗”走向“本体的诗”、从“散文化”走向“纯诗化”的分歧路口,在中国新诗理论发展史上有其丰富的内涵。

9、Yu Ou Collection" is one of the latest issued collection of ancient poetry which spans 154 years." 《馀沤集》是最新出版的一本古体诗词集,收集的诗词跨度1 xx年。

10、This shape construction is of greater significance for the stylistic reconstruction of Chinese new poems. 目前新诗界的“诗体重建”运动更要高度重视新诗的“诗形建设”。

11、Since childhood, Anton had often recited poems, accompanied by pianists and violinists, at wedding ceremonies before brides and bridegrooms exchanged rings. 从童年时起,安东就常常在钢琴师或小提琴师的伴奏下在婚礼上朗诵诗歌,为新郎新娘交换戒指前的仪式助兴。

12、i hope there will be a promotion for you this year. 愿您今年步步高升。

13、In 2007 when we celebrate the 90th anniversary of modern Chinese poetry, we plan to accomplish a grand project to publish 500 books of selected poetry in bilingual presentation of Chinese and English. 在明年--- xx年中国新诗诞生90周年的欢庆日子里,我们将完成上述“集萃”之500部汉英双语诗集的出版工程。

14、please join us to light off firecrackers. 让我们一起来燃放爆竹除旧岁。

15、The key to the problems in Chinese a-hundred-year poetic style of modern poetry construction can be found in the emerging process of Chinese modern poetry. 百年中国新诗诗体建设中的许多问题,都可以从中国新诗发生之中寻找到深层的答案。

16、although i grow older every year, i am forever young when i am around you. 虽然我年年增岁,但在你身旁,我觉得我永远年轻。

17、He has won the Liu Li'an Poetry Award, Rougang Poetry Award, Tomorrow- Erguna Poetry Award and an award for the top ten new poets. 他历获“刘丽安诗歌奖”,“柔刚诗歌奖”,“明天—额尔古纳诗歌双年奖”和十大新诗人奖。

18、Style reconstruction of modern poetry, in the course of style creation, must meet two aesthetic tasks: standardizing free poem and advocating metrical poem. 新诗的诗体重建,在无限多样的诗体创造中,有两个美学使命:规范自由诗和倡导格律诗。

19、From genealogical perspective, this article investigates the recent change of 1990s Chinese neo-poetry. 本文从谱系学的角度考察了xx年代诗歌的新变。

20、you have been healthy for so many years. i hope you have just as many more. 这些年来,您的身体一直非常好。

21、i hope all goes well in the coming year. 祝您新的xx年万事如意。

22、May 4th period (1917-1927) was the initial stage of Chinese new literature including Chinese new verse. It is in this period that Chinese poetry had undergone a thorough change. 五四时期(1917-xx年)是包括新诗在内的中国新文学草创时期,更是中国诗歌脱胎换骨的时期。

23、i believe that your business will thrive more this year. 我相信今年您的生意将更兴隆。

24、may good health follow you throughout the year. happy new year. 愿您今年健健康康。

25、i want to experience many more new years with you. 我愿与你共度更多的新年。


26、A funfair blending performances and fantasy that unfolds the joyful myth of the New Year! 带你进入如诗似梦的游艺园,打开新xx年的快乐旅程!

27、The study of XinYue poetic group and the tide of realistic poetry is the field in which scholars have gained better achievements. 对新月诗派和现实主义诗歌潮流的研究,也是近年来取得较为突出成绩的领域。

28、He spends most of his late years in writing Chinese poem history of Singapore. 晚年则着重选写新加坡华文诗歌史料。

29、Kim Yong-Lang is one of the colleagues engaged in poetry literature in the 1930s. 金永郎是xx年代诗文学同人之一,凭借《诗文学》登诗坛后活跃展开诗作活动的诗人。

30、The concept of "new poetry" is a key issue in the study of the early new poetry. “新诗”概念是研究早期新诗的一个关节点。

31、The first half of the 20th century, especially the first and second decades, is the worst period of the construction of poetic style of new poetry. 20世纪前半期,特别是xx年代,是新诗诗体建设最重要的时期,最能呈现出新诗诗体建设生态的恶劣。

32、i know that you have many more happy years to come. 我知道您还有许多更快乐的日子。

33、please extend my wishes of good luck to your family. 请将我的祝福转达给你的家人。

34、The free pattern must be the correct one and the uncertain pattern is the real pattern of C. 从新诗史的角度考察,中国新诗的自由形式更合于新诗本身的品性,不定型就是其已有或应有形式。

35、On Modern Poetry is the important cultural heritage in Chinese modem poetry theories and critical history. 《谈新诗》是中国新诗理论与批评史上的重要文献。

36、i hope that your harvest is abundant. 祝你今年大丰收。

37、In more than 60 years of his career as an artist, He Jingzhi created a large number of new opera (including Yangko opera), new poetry, "new ancient poetry" and songs. 在六十余年的文艺生涯中,贺敬之创作了大量的新歌剧(包括秧歌剧)、新诗、“新古体诗词”、歌词。

38、I've taken a few poems from that old Sixties book and joined them with new ones for this collection. 在这本集子里,我从xx年代的旧书中选取了一部分诗歌,又添加了一些新诗。

39、She completed a second edition of Poems, as well as Casa Guidi Windows (1851), Poems before Congress (1860), and her well known 19)verse-novel, Aurora Leigh (1856). 伊丽莎白完成了《诗篇》的第二版、《加萨古伊迪之窗》(xx年)、《议会前的诗篇》(xx年),以及著名的诗体小说《奥罗拉·利》(xx年)。

40、Fengzhi is an outstanding poet in the history of modern new poetry of China. 1n 1920s, he has created massive love poems. 冯至是中国现代新诗史上杰出的诗人,20世纪xx年代,他创作了大量的爱情诗。

41、have a thriving and happy new year. 恭喜发财,新年快乐。

42、Wang Xiaoni s the road toward poetry is in the 1980s of 20th century. 诗人王小妮走向诗歌之路是在二十世纪xx年代。

43、His most recent poetry book is Amorous Poems, finished in 2004. 杨炼最新之作为xx年完成的艳情诗集《艳诗》。

44、This poem appears on his new New Year's album. 这首诗出现在了他新年专集里面。

45、let's reach for the sky together. happy new year! 让我们比翼双飞到天际。

46、wishing you the best of luck in the new year. 新年行大运。

47、The ancient “Book of Songs” needs to be reinterpreted for the young people. 对青年人来说,古代的《诗经》需要做新的解释。

48、the god of wealth is in your doorway! 财神到,接财神!

49、with this new year, i promise more love. 新的xx年,给你更多爱的承诺。

50、After years using, the cover of our church's Hymnal were broken and need to be replaced. 教会的诗歌本使用多年,封面多有破损,需待更新。


51、Pulitzer prize for poetry in 1951. 他的《诗作全集》xx年获普利策诗作奖。

52、After 1983, the discussion ended mainly and the research changed from her hazy poems into a new stage on the basis of comprehension . xx年后,讨论基本结束,对舒婷诗歌的研究渐渐剥离出朦胧诗,在解读的基础上进入新的阶段。

53、In two years) out two this personal poetry anthology, totaling more than 300 first prose poetry. 在两年地时间里编印出两本小我诗集,共计300余首散文诗。

54、The absence of poetic style, in consequence, would make the absence of aesthetic expressive force in Modem Chinese Poetry as well as the aesthetic impressive power to the mind of its readers. 诗体的缺失,不仅使诗人感到新诗诗体缺乏审美表现力,也使读者感到新诗诗体缺乏审美感染力。

55、Traditional metrical vernacular verses and semi-metrical vernacular verses constitute new-vernacu… 旧体或变体白话诗同新格律诗一起,构成白话格律诗的两个格局。

56、He won the annual award of poetry 2003 and Top 10 excellent poets. 获“2003•中国年度诗歌奖”、 “中国当代十大新锐诗人”等奖项。

57、you are the most precious thing i got this year! 你是我今年最珍爱的宝贝!

58、The year 1980 was the essential transitional time of New Poetry development, and the Nanning Conference was held in spring of the year. xx年是新诗发展的关键转折期,这xx年春天召开的南宁诗会是建国后首次专门针对新诗举行的全国性大型学术讨论会。

59、Zong Baihuai expresses his longing and yearning for juvenile China with a fresh and lively poem of Liu Yun when he was young. 青年时代的宗白华用《流云》小诗的清新勃发来表达自己对少年中国的憧憬和向往。

60、W is for waste no time不能浪费时间

61、Of late, a new school of new metrical poets emerged in the Chinese poetic landscape through the joint effort of many new metrical poets and has made remarkable achievements in theoretical building. 新时期以来,经过不少新格律诗人的共同努力,在中国诗坛上逐步形成了又一个新格律诗派-雅园诗派。这个诗派在格律理论建设上取得了引人注目的成绩。

62、Poetry Year-Selection, as the annual screening of Chinese New Poetry, has become a unique landscape with the way it published in the history of Chinese poetry. 诗歌年选,作为对中国新诗一种年度性的筛选审视,这种作品出版模式在中国诗歌史上已经成为一道独特的景观。

63、wishing you many future successes. 祝你未来事业顺遂。

64、Since 1919 when he began to create the first modern Chinese poem "Mei Yu", he has created nearly 1,000 poems in his whole life, including old style poems, modern Chinese poetry, lyrics and so on. 自xx年创作第一首新诗《梅雨》开始,田汉一生写作的旧体诗词、新诗、歌词共计有将近一千首,诗人田汉的称号确实是名至实归。

65、New Year affection: kiss by. It… 吴晓科哲学诗新年情:亲受的。你真好…

66、have a happy and profitable year. 愿您新年快乐,大发利市。

67、Xinyue poets paid special attention to create the aesthetic poems. 新月派诗人特别注重诗的美的意境创造。

68、i hope this year is as happy as the last. 我希望您今年跟去年一样快乐。

69、wishing you the best of luck on reopening day. 祝您新年开张大吉。

70、Dara Wier's new book Selected Poems was published by Wave Books on September 1, 2009… 达拉-维尔的新诗集《诗选》xx年xx月xx日由波浪书局出版。

71、To hold, to give away a little light. 亲爱的上帝,给我一丝光亮,

72、From the books such as Hanwu Gushi and Shishuo Xinyu, there were records. about the poets, poetical story and criticisms about the poems in Chinese fiction. 从《汉武故事》、《世说新语》等书开始,中国小说就有关于诗人、诗事及对诗作赏析品评的记载。

73、The establishment of "modern Chinese verse" has provided a stage for the probable development of the poetic pattern for new verse. 新诗先脱“古典”之身而成幽灵,再得“现代”之体而寻典律——“现代汉诗”的确立,为新诗的诗体建设,提供了可能的平台。

74、"misty poetry" was new poem tide rising at the beginning of the eighties at the end of the seventies last century of our country. Appearance of it indicate modernism poem overall recovery. “朦胧诗”是我国上个世纪xx年代末xx年代初兴起的新诗潮,它的出现标志着现代主义诗学的全面复苏。

75、Children's poetry in China has developed for about 80 years, the first half of 20 century is the beginning and developing period , The 50s and the 60s is its first flourishing period . 中国儿童诗发展已有80余年历史,20世纪上半时期是中国儿童诗的发生期和成长期,20世纪的xx年代和xx年代初中期是它的第一次繁荣期,新时期以来儿童诗迎来了它的第二次繁荣;

英文句子模板76:New year's poem

76、Chapter III A Long Poem Writing Poetry reflects its. 第三章阿垅新诗创作对其诗论的体现。

77、may the god of money give you a thriving business. 愿今年财神爷帮您招财进宝。

78、But the contestation has not being ended since more than ten years ago. 人们苦苦思索中国新诗的出路在哪里,十几年来论争不断。

79、may success and happiness follow you throughout the year. 愿今年成功和快乐与你相伴。


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