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关于”诗歌的韵脚“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Rhyme of poetry。以下是关于诗歌的韵脚的初二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Rhyme of poetry

1、The rhymes in Chen Fu' s modern style poems can be classified into 18 classes, almost the same as Shui Ping rhyme, just having several classes of Shui Ping rhyme combined with. 陈孚近体诗、古体诗的用韵,其近体诗分为18部,与“平水韵”大致相同,只是合并了“平水韵”的若干韵部。

2、17That is how poets write, the similar sounds. But then Shakespeare has no rhymes: blank verse. The flow of the language it is. The thoughts. Solemn. 17诗人就这样合辙押韵。莎士比亚却不用韵体。他写的是无韵诗。语言流畅,思想宏伟。

3、The most popular verse form, he said, is called "ferskeytla, " four rhymed lines that can be divided into two parts. 他说,最流行的诗歌形式名叫“ferskeytla”,它有四句押韵的诗句,可以分为两部分。

4、A poem With weak rhymes halts. 她以无韵诗体作诗。

5、The primary metrical pattern in Frost is the primary metrical pattern in English poetry, which is to say blank verse or unrhymed iambic pentameter. 弗罗斯特基本的诗歌韵律,是英国诗歌的基本韵律,也就是无韵诗或不押韵的五音部抑扬格。

6、Go To A Poetry Recital And Ask Why The Poems Don't Rhyme? 跑到一个诗歌朗诵会上问他们为什么这些诗歌都不压韵?

7、Up to this point in literary history, only verse written for the theater had been written in unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter, in blank verse. 文学发展到那时候,只有为戏剧写的诗,才会用不押韵的抑扬格五音步,即无韵诗。

8、The poetry of Shuting has both the trace of modern poetry style, and the Chinese traditional poetry style. 舒婷诗歌既有现代派诗风的痕迹,又具中国传统诗歌的韵味。

9、A division of a metrical composition, such as a stanza of a poem or hymn. 诗行,诗节:诗节韵文的一部分,例如诗节或独唱部。

10、The possibility is doubtful to push forward the richness and prosperity of Chinese poetry by importing blank verse. 把“无韵诗”认可为诗歌的合理性,及通过引进“无韵诗”推动中国诗歌丰富与繁荣的可能性,是值得怀疑的。

11、The characteristics of art are that every line of his poems has 7 or 8syllables and the first words of the lines are in rhyme. 在诗歌艺术特色上,阿山海戈的大部分诗歌的诗行是7 或8 个音节,押头韵。

12、Thee repetition of similar vowel sounds, especially in poetry. 类音,类韵:相同或相似元音的重复,尤其指在诗歌中的重复。 镠。

13、He improvised in rhyme. 他即席作了韵诗。

14、Not all verse is great poetry. 并非所有的韵文都是伟大的诗篇。

15、Tradition has it that about this time Watts complained to his father that metrical psalms were the worst part of church worship. 相传华兹对韵律诗篇颇有微言,甚至曾向父亲抱怨说:韵律诗篇是崇拜最弱的一环!

16、By a thorough relation and investigation of Pi Rixiu's poems and verses, 24 rhyming categories in his poems and verses can be classified. 通过对皮日休诗文韵的系联、归纳,我们将其诗文用韵归为24个韵部。

17、Chaucer introduced from France the rhymed stanzas of various types to English poetry to replace the Old English . 乔叟从法国引进了各种押尾韵诗节,取代了古英诗中的押头韵。

18、This is the line that begins the poem's final verse paragraph and it has to be one of the most amazing moments in all of English literature. 这行是以诗篇最后的韵诗开端的,是英语诗歌文学中,最惊艳的段落之一了。

19、Alliteration: The repetition of the initial consonant sounds in poetry. 头韵:诗歌中单词开头读音的重复。

20、The third chapter: Ming Dynasty Jiangxi poetry gathers the rhyme and the pronunciation discussion. 第三章明代江西诗歌合韵及语音讨论。

21、A particular arrangement of words in poetry, such as iambic pentameter, determined by the kind and number of metrical units in a line. 格律:诗歌中字词的特定安排,由一行诗中韵律单位的类型和数量而定,如抑扬格五音步诗行。

22、By studying the mixture of rhymes in Li Bais poems, it is seen that the reform on flat rhyme is inevitable. 研究李白诗歌中的混韵现象,说明对平水韵的改革是必然的。

23、The fifth chapter has only one stanza. 第五章只有一节韵诗。

24、It was in blank verse that she sang. 她以无韵诗体作诗。

25、Zang has made attempts at rhythmic verse, semi-rhythmic verse and free verse. Some of his poems are distinguished by striking meters, rhythm and sound harmony. 臧克家对新诗的新格律体诗、半格律体诗和自由体诗的押韵进行了探索,有些诗具有一定的格律美,节奏分明,声韵和谐。


26、Meter is--it's a scheme for organizing verse, for organizing lines of verse. 抑扬格是安排韵文的一种体系,是为了安排每一行诗的韵文。

27、The discussion on poetry rhyme of the poetic critics in Ming and Qing Dynasty, develops the classical poetry rhyme theory, promotes and deepens the explanation since the South Dynasty. 明清诗论家对诗韵的论说,多方面地展开了古典诗韵之论,将南朝以来人们对诗韵的阐说予以了提升和深化。

28、The author holds that the English poetry bears much resemblance with the classical Chinese poetry in both sound and visual forms. 作者认为英诗与中国古典诗歌在声韵和视觉方面具有很大的相似性。

29、What elements of prosody can you note and discuss? Look for rhyme, meter, and stanza patterns. 你能注意到并能讨论的韵律要素有哪些?弄清诗歌中的押韵节拍、诗节模式。

30、Blank verse is unrhymed iambic pentameter. 无韵诗是不押韵的抑扬格五步格诗。

31、He doesn't care how many words there are in the line as long as the last words rhyme, so the meter is appalling. 他不管一行诗里有多少个词,只要最后一个词合韵就行,因此他的诗几无韵律可言。

32、Those are plays though, and all English narrative poems, including all of Shakespeare's narrative poems, they had all been written in rhyme, either long verse paragraphs of rhymed heroic couplets or in intricately rhymed stanzas. 但那些是戏剧,所有的英语叙事诗,包括所有莎士比亚的叙事诗,都是押韵的,不管是英雄双韵体的大段诗篇,还是精巧押韵的诗节。

33、Some of them aimed at the poet's personal using rhymes, such as the using rhymes of poem of Bai Juyi written by Ma Chongqi; 其中有对诗人个人用韵情况的研究,如马重奇《白居易的诗歌用韵》;

34、Shujie's poems pregnant with divine artistic conception, outset from Mongolian Plateau, he cherishes honor of poetry as if fronting life. 舒洁的诗歌充满神性的气韵,从蒙古高原开始,他对诗歌荣誉的珍重就如同面对生命。

35、Ain't cha got no rhymes for me? 你有没有韵诗献给我?

36、Milton wrote his epic in lines of unrhymed iambic pentameter or what we call, and what Milton would have called, blank verse. 弥尔顿的史诗由不押韵的抑扬格五音步诗句写成,我们,还有弥尔顿都称其为无韵诗。

37、In English Poetry, metre and rhythm are important approaches to foregrounding. There's no doubt investigating metre and rhythm may help us comprehend the implications of the English poetry. 英诗的韵律和节奏是诗人用来实现“前景化”特征的重要手段,研究和了解英诗的韵律和节奏有助于我们更好地理解英诗的内涵。

38、Neo-classical poetry creators of classical poetry from the Arts draw nutrients for modern poetry, embodied in the form of poetry, rhythm, technique and so on. 新古典主义诗歌的创作者们从古典诗艺中为现代诗汲取养分,具体体现在诗歌的形式、节奏韵律、技法等方面。

39、Up to this point in literary history, only verse written for the theater had been written in unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter, in blank verse. 文学发展到那时候,只有为戏剧写的诗,才会用不押韵的抑扬格五音步,即无韵诗。

40、The author points out that a special kind … 指出丘诗在七言古诗存在一种特别的押韵样式。

41、She employs a wide range of stanza from three - line stanzas to twelve - line stanzas, and the variation of the rhyme scheme makes her poems ease and graceful. 从三行诗节到十二行诗节在她的诗中都有运用,各种韵式变化使诗歌显得自然流畅。

42、Free verse is non-metrical poetry, another thing altogether. 自由诗体是无韵律的诗,总的来说是另一种诗体。

43、The second chapter is on the musical elements of Thai poetry, including the history of Thai poetry, conversational habits, and the versification of Thai poetry in details. 第二章是泰语诗歌的音乐性,包括泰语诗歌的简史,口语的习惯,泰语诗歌详细节律与关于押韵的解释。

44、Comparison of its poetry Prosody pay attention to rhythm and tidy battle. 其诗歌比较讲究韵律节奏和整齐仗。

45、The change is reflected in their English sonnet composition, such as the adjustment of the rhythm, the reform of the text structure, and the alteration of the rhyme and metre. 它表现在华埃特和萨里对用英语写作十四行诗时所遇到种种问题的探索,如对诗歌节奏的调整,对诗篇结构的改动和对诗行格律及韵脚的变革等。

46、English verse composed in iambic pentameter. 不压韵的诗(通常是抑扬格五步格诗)。

47、The "non-poeticization" reality in the city society makes the "mood" and "lasting appeal" of classical poetry missing which makes the poetic reconstruction of modern poetry very difficult. 都市社会的“非诗化”现实使古典诗歌的“意境”和“韵味”散失,从而使现代诗歌的诗意重建异常艰难。

48、He rhymed out sonnets in her praise. 他写成押韵的十四行诗歌颂她。

49、The primary metrical pattern in Frost is the primary metrical pattern in English poetry, which is to say blank verse or unrhymed iambic pentameter. 弗罗斯特基本的诗歌韵律,是英国诗歌的基本韵律,也就是无韵诗或不押韵的五音部抑扬格。

50、In the 15 phonological figures, assonance, alliteration, rhyme and others, are directly responsible for its poetical tendency. 在15 种语音修辞格里,半谐韵、头韵、押韵等,对小说的语言诗化起到了直接的作用。


51、So the verve in his poems is a sedulous mask of curule psychology. 所以神韵诗中的"神韵"是馆阁心理的一种刻意掩饰。

52、Reveal vowel rhyme, harmonious rhyme and tidy syllable are the important material factors that make Dai Wang-shu's works gentle and terse. 揭示了诗歌语言采用的双声、叠韵、和谐的押韵和整齐的音节等语音修辞手段,使诗歌形成了柔美、简洁的风格;

53、Poems like the poems of the English Lord Macaulay are, although in meter and rhyme, not poetry at all, but only rhetoric. 诗歌,如英国麦考莱勋爵之诗,虽有格有韵,然非诗也,纯属华丽之辞藻而已。

54、In English poetry, aesthetic sense and English pronunciation are closely linked, reflecting especially in the metre, such as alliteration, assonance, rhyme, semi-assonance and onomatopoeia. 英语诗歌中的美感和英语语音息息相关,尤其体现在韵律的运用上,最常见的有头韵、尾韵、谐音、半谐音和拟音。

55、Now, the muse she was his happiness, and he rhymed about her grace. 如今,缪思给予他快乐,他以诗韵歌颂他的恩典。

56、The author points out that a special kind of rhy… 指出丘诗在七言古诗存在一种特别的押韵样式。

57、Please choose "the most appropriate answer" to complete the poem based on the "structure, context, and rhymes" of each poem. 请根据每一首诗的结构、上下文及韵脚,选一个最适当的答案填入诗中空格中。

58、is the burden of my song 诗歌韵脚整齐,押韵的元音非常柔和圆润,读起来简洁明快,绵软悠长。

59、He made various bold attempts to introduce English metres into Chinese poetry, from Elizabethan sonnets to Byronic stanzas. 他做了许多大胆尝试,把英国的韵律诗,从伊丽莎白时代的十四行到拜伦时代的诗歌,介绍给中国诗歌界。

60、In English, the meter most commonly used with blank verse has been iambic pentameter. 英语中, 无韵诗最常用的格律是抑扬格五音步(因此无韵诗又被称为无韵五节拍诗)。

61、Sonnet: A 14-line verse form usually having one of several conventional rhyme schemes. 十四行诗体, 一种由十四行组成的诗歌形式,通常有一种传统的押韵形式, 莎士比亚用过此诗体。

62、Nothing can match the melody and fragrance of these poems on this beautiful occasion. 在这样一个曼妙的场合,诗歌的音韵和魅力是最强的。

63、Most of the scenes are written in verse, but some are in prose. 她所写的诗大部分都是无韵诗。

64、Chen Xianzhang breathes vitality into the long silent Ming poetry with his sincere yet free lingering poetic appealing. 陈献章诗歌真率洒脱、富有情韵,为长期沉寂的明代诗坛注入了一线生机。

65、Unite the poem rhyming word is an important method in the study of Chinese phonology. 通过系联诗歌韵脚字,考求诗文韵部系统是音韵学研究当中的一种重要方法。

66、The difference between the satirical poetrys characteristics and the standard from lyric poetry is the main reason causing the satirical poetrys sub-poetic state. 讽刺诗独特的风韵格调与潜在的抒情诗标准之间所存在的差异是造成讽刺诗“亚诗歌”状态的主要原因。

67、Although Bly's imitation poems have the Chinese style, these poems lack the essence of Chinese classical poetry due to the differences of the Chinese and American culture. 勃莱的仿中国诗极富中国色彩,但是,由于中美文化的隔膜,这些诗歌并不真正具有中国古典诗歌的神韵。

68、The rhythmic pattern of a stanza, determined by the kind and number of lines. 韵律一个诗节的韵律格式,由诗节中诗行的类型和数量而定。

69、The rhyme is more important to the poetry. 诗韵之于诗歌犹如“文”之于“言”。

70、When I am by myself, the rhythm of walking, and rhythm of writing and poetry are very easily combined. 当我独自生活时,散步的韵律,写作和诗歌的韵律很容易就能结合起来。

71、From the use of rhyme, the poems about Shen Yue narrow remand the case more than the poet of Yuanjia, and poetry to rhyme poet of Yuanjia less than the quantity. 从用韵看,沈约的诗歌押窄韵的情况较元嘉诗人多,且转韵的诗歌数量较元嘉诗人少。

72、Now most rhymed poems in Milton's day were end-stopped lines of verse. 弥尔顿时期的大部分押韵诗都使用孤联诗句。

73、Shenyun is the wonderful artistic world that the poets pursue and is also the poets' deep understanding and feelings about the world. 神韵则是诗人追求的诗歌妙境,是对世界的感悟。

74、Having a metrically complete pattern, especially having the full number of syllables in the final foot. Used of verse. 押韵的,完全韵脚的格律完整的形式,尤指最后的韵脚其音节数完整。用在诗歌中。


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