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关于”职业的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Professional sentences。以下是关于职业的句子的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Professional sentences

1、As anyone with a passing knowledge of professional golf, royal families or Premier League football understands, the practice of taking several lovers is hardly novel. 对于能聊的上几句职业高尔夫,皇室家族,职业足球联赛的普通人来说,多角恋是新奇的。

2、my reason for leaving the company is that I wish to get into the advertising business. 本人去职原因,是希望在广告业方面发展。 问学堂句典翻译机。

3、But modern intellectuals are profession-oriented, and they need to consider first their individual existence. 但现代知识分子是职业型的。 职业型知识分子首先需要考虑的乃是个体自身的生存。

4、Your homework is to choose one of the subjects, verbs and objects below and make in to a sentence. 你们的作业就是利用自己抽到的主词,动词和受词组成一句句子。

5、Expressions' is a 5-minute introduction to the business activities and values of China Merchants International. “展示语句” 为5分钟的引子,介绍中国招商国际的商务活动和企业价值理念。

6、Professional singers and players have great responsibilities, for the composer is utterly dependent on them. 因为作曲家是如此完全地依赖于职 业歌手和职业演奏者,所以职业歌手和职业演奏者肩上的担子可谓不轻。

7、S9: My dream job is to be a teacher in the future. 教师通过询问学生长大后的职业引出一般将来时的特殊疑问句。

8、It is reported that these highest employment majors are elected by the related professional guidance experts based on their assessments of professionals. 据悉,这些就业率最高的专业,是相关职业指导专家结合职业分析评出的。

9、There will be no possibility for a girl to like me. 各种句型和专业说法任您挑选使用!

10、The educator, Neil Postman once said, " "The kids enter schools as question marks and they leave as periods." 教育家Neil,Postman曾经说过,“孩子进校时像问号而毕业时像句号“

11、Requirements:- Above college degree, major in chemistry related major; 职位要求- 大专或以上学历, 化工及相关专业毕业;

12、Colleague graduated in Electronic Engineer related field, or technical school with 2 years above related working experience. 电子类相关专业大专院校毕业,或技术专业学校(中专)毕业并具备xx年以上相关工作经验。

13、I was a career driven, professional woman who believed that Gerber was best doing those sorts of things. 我是一个职业生涯的推动,专业女子谁相信格柏是最好的做那些各种各样的事情。

14、"Human resources management" course is the marketing professional vocational and technical courses, and also the development of courses of non-marketing professional career. 人力资源管理课程是营销类专业的职业技术课程,非营销类专业的职业拓展课程。

15、You could use the "what do you" pattern in order to find out what their occupation is. 你就可以使用“what do you”句型来询问对方的职业。

16、My daughter finished all the exercises in lesson 124 as soon as she finished her homework this evening. She knows how to write new sentences according to the example. 今天晚上,我女儿一做完作业就完成了第一百二十四课的所有练习。她知道如何根据例句来仿写句子。

17、Even if you only start work with three sentences morning. you will know twenty-one new sentences by the end of the week! 就算着手时你一天只能信口开河三句话,企业成功的小故事。一个星期之后你就会21个新句子了!

18、Because the majority of graduates of the technical secondary school majoring in accounting have learned some special courses on accounting, they possess some specialized knowledge and skills. 高职财会专业招收的中职生绝大多数是中专和职高对口专业的毕业生,已学过数门专业课程,具有一定的专业知识与技能。

19、A proper part-time job does not occupy students' too much time. In fact, it is unhealthy for them to spend all of time on their study. As an old saying goes:All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 一份妥贴的专业就业并不会占用学生太多的时候,毕竟上,把统统的时候都用到进修上并不康健,正如那句老话:只就业,不嬉戏,聪敏的孩子会变傻。

20、28 percent of the preschool group had skilled jobs requiring post-high school training versus 21 percent of the others; 28%的学前班孩子从事了职业技巧的工作(要求高中教育及其后的专业训练),相对于其他的21%。

21、And millions of hobbyists will usually come up with more interesting ideas faster than a few thousand professionally employed engineers. 几百万的业余爱好者总会比几千名专业在职员工更快的想出有趣的多的点子。

22、和谐、专业、创新、领跑 Harmony, professionalism, innovation and leading

23、It is an experimental majorof the teaching reform for advanced vocational and academic education. 本专业是高职高专教育专业教学改革校级试点专业。

24、My daughter recited the sentences about four pictures in lesson 130 after she finished her homework this evening. These sentences are not so difficult for her to remember. 今天晚上,我女儿在做完作业之后,背诵了与第一百三十课的四幅图有关的句子。这些句子对她来说并不难记。

25、Junior colleges' e-commerce professional training talents VS the needs of the market dislocations becomes the need of teaching reform. 高职高专电子商务专业培养的人才与市场需求脱节凸现了教学改革的必要。


26、Graduated from Xi'an Electronic Science College, and majored in 'Electronic Materials and Components'. 毕业于西安电子科技大学“电子材料及元器件”专业;

27、Introducing the alphabet pronunciation, phonation, sentence structures and the ten parts speech grammar of German to building the capability of reading and understanding the design based German. 建立设计专业用德文基础;德文发音、拼音、基本句型、词类文法及设计专业德文导读,用以念读及理解设计专业相关德文。

28、Lidong is an Internet job broker, he introduces jobs for others. 例句李东是个标准职客,专门给人介绍工作。

29、Moreover, the secondary vocational education has been made free of charge for rural students and students who have agriculture-related majors. 在中等职业学校,我们还特别规定,来自农村的孩子和学农专业的孩子全部免费。

30、Jurong City Jun Hong plastic products factory is specialized in producing injection type, blow molding products. 句容市洪军塑料制品厂是专业生产注塑类、吹塑类产品。

31、What subject did you study in vocational school? 你在职业技术学院学的是什么专业?

32、The Chengde Tourism Vocational College is an important professional school in HeBei which puts up cultivating tour guides, especially English ones, as its feature. 笔者任教的承德旅游职业学院是河北省唯一一所专门培养旅游专业人才的职业院校,导游专业在全校规模最大。

33、In 1995, Ma Tianqi 61 years old placed a perfect full-stop to his career with great achievements. xx年,xx岁的马天骐用沉甸甸的业绩为自己的职业生涯画上了完满的句号。

34、Electrical Engineering degree, preferably in Power Electronics. 电子工程专业,电力电子尤佳。

35、Professional lyceums offer both vocational and general education courses while the others only offer technical/vocational courses. 专业化的学院既提供职业会的课程又提供普通的教育课程,而其他的学校只能提供职业类或者专业化课程中的一种。

36、Part Three, explains the study process of the chosen topic and stresses the general situation of the professional guiding education at Dalian Women's Vocational Secondary Technical school; 第三部分阐述了本选题的研究过程,并着重介绍了大连女子职业中专近几年来的职业指导概况;

37、Being a polytechnic, we should take the responsibility of training applied electronics personnel. 作为高职院校负有培养电子应用专业人才的重任。

38、Here are a couple of examples from typical business letters and you'll see how removing the business cliches changes the tone of the sentence. 以下的例子是由一般的商业通信中抽取出来,你可看到如何将陈腔滥调的句子改写。

39、Flip even called Rashard a “professional” twice in one answer. 奇才主教练桑德斯在球队上周五击败新泽西后这样评价这位新的职业球员,他甚至在一句话中两次用到了“职业”这个词。

40、It is good advice also for the person who is rich, but rich professionals, pro athletes and rich children with inheritances fall into this group. 这对富人也很好的意见,但只包括富裕的职业人士,专业运动员和继承遗产的孩子。

41、Professionals with clear agendas to bring investment, new entrepreneurship and new businesses are welcome - full stop. 他认为,只要是有清晰的战略来引进投资、新创业人以及新的业务的专业人士,都应该受到欢迎 — 句号。

42、Electronic Commerce Conspectus"is the first specialized key course of electronic commerce speciality, and there is much important effect to teaching result of all specialized courses." 《电子商务概论》是电子商务专业的第一门专业核心课程。

43、It's one of the most basic aphorisms of business: The customer is always right. 这是一句广为所知的商业警句:消费者永远是对的。

44、Many programs have beefed up the career - services portion of orientation, incorporating a self - evaluation and assessment into the career department's presentation. 许多专业已经在专业定位时增加了职业服务的部分,将个人评估和职业评估合二为一综合阐述。

45、Higher-rank profession of mothers means more protection and interference but less biased favor of the subjects. 母亲职业层次越高对子女的保护和干涉也越多,母亲职业层次越低对子女的偏爱也越多。

46、In the workshop industry, home schools and two forms of vocational schools, vocational training, sub-professional theories and business practices, vocational training is also free of charge. 在车间学校和行业之家两种形式的职业学校里,职业培训分专业理论和企业实践,职业培训也是免费的。

47、你知道他升职了吗?----------------------------------------------------------------------今天的几个句子… Are you aware of his promotion?

48、The monitor must collect in the sentences and pictures (homework) from the group. 小组长要将小组里同学们写的句子与画的图片(家庭作业)收集起来。

49、Electronic handwork skill training is very important and necessary for electronic information majors in higher vocational and technical college. 电子手工技能培训对于高职电子信息专业来说,是十分重要和必要的。

50、"Digital Signal Processing" electronic information is an important professional basic course. 《数字信号处理》是电子信息类专业的一门重要专业基础课。


51、Business rule statements often contain multiple discrete instructions that are closely related, and it is often non-trivial to break business rule statements into atomic business rules. 业务规则语句通常包含多个紧密关联的不同的指令,将业务规则语句分解成原子业务规则是很必要的。

52、B. Pick out the proper nouns in the following sentences. 试选出以下句子中的专有名词。

53、Graduate in the year 2010 from college or vocational secondary; xx年毕业,大专或职业中专学历,非上海户籍;

54、If they don suits and ties every day, your best bet is to use pantsuits and skirtsuits: the most formal of business looks. 如果他们每天都是穿西装打领带,你最好穿套装和裙子。 这是最专业的职业装。

55、Major in Telecommunications, Electronics, Computer Science, etc; bachelor degree or above with overseas studying or working experience; 通信,电子,计算机及相关专业,本科及以上学历,有海外留学背景的应届生,或有海外工作背景的职业者;

56、Bachelor degree majoring in Electron, Audiology or relevant fields; 电子或听力学等相关专业本科毕业;

57、The blog is used to learning e-commerce, exchanging e-commerce experience. We collect professional e-commerce news . We share professional e-commerce information with you. 本博客旨在用于电子商务学习,电子商务实践和交流。搜集专业的电子商务业界咨询,与您共享专业的电子商务资料和经验心得。

58、In other words - small businesses. 换句话来说,小型企业。

59、Incidentally, the top 3 matches the Kuder spit out for me were: (1) computer programmer, (2) forester, and (3) math professor. 顺便提一句,库德职业兴趣调查认为最适合我的前三项职业是(1)计算机程序师,(2)看林人和(3)数学教授。

60、After doing her homework, my daughter recited the last three sentences in lesson 136. 做完她的家庭作业之后,我女儿背诵了第一百三十六课的最后三个句子。

61、But with EMPNO listed in the WHERE clause, DB2 will dutifully retrieve that column, too. 但在 WHERE 子句中列出了 EMPNO,DB2 还会尽职地检索该列。

62、To implement the work of issuing the professional permits. 组织实施相关专业的职业资格工作。

63、Everyday another teacher of QTC teaches us some special words and sentences we can use for the Olympics. 每天都有青岛职业技术学院的老师教我们一些可以在奥运会期间使用的特殊词汇和句子。

64、If you are trained as a computer and electronic engineer, naturally you will be looking to pursue a career with the computer and electronic industry. 如果你学的是电子计算机和电子工程专业,很自然你会选择在计算机和电子技术行业任职;

65、May Iknow your vocation? 你的职业是啥子?。

66、The branch of the allied health field known as radiologic technology also has its own sub-specialties. 称为放射技术领域的专职医疗部门也有自己的子专业。

67、A given business rule statement often results in multiple interrelated atomic business rules. 一个给定的业务规则语句通常可产生多个相关的原子业务规则。

68、Nuclear Physics is my major . 原子物理是我的专业。

69、Teachers' profession has undergone great changes with the emergency and development of education, a process from random teaching with personal experience to teaching with professional training. 教师职业伴随着教育的诞生、发展不断发生变革,从经验化、随意化到专业化,经历了一个发展的过程。教师职业专业化决定了教师职业训练的专业化。

70、I graduated from Qingdao University. My major is electronics. 我毕业于青岛大学电子专业。

71、Studied at the College of Rugao e-learning professionals, now in Nantong million Electronics Co. , Ltd. to work. 曾就读于如皋职业技术学院学习电子专业,现在在南通万德电子有限公司上班。

72、Dong is a plumber by trade. 董 的职业是管子工。

73、Requirements: - Degree or above in Electronic Engineering or related discipline; 职位要求: -电子工程或相关专业本科以上学历;

74、Despise and be on the level with the standard and commercial service designing the grade , handicraft! 如题.整个句子是:设计品位,工艺水准和商业服务傲视同齐!

75、A career counselor, or any other career development professional, can't tell you whatcareer is best for you. 职业顾问,或其他的职业发展专家,都不能告诉你什么样的职业适合你。

英文句子模板76:Professional sentences

76、This looks professional! Is this your career? 看起来好专业的样子阿!你是职业画家吗? ?。

77、College Degree or above in Electronic Engineering or Computer Science or equivalent experience. 本科以上学历,电子技术、计算机科学专业或相关专业毕业;

78、Secondary Specialized Degree. (Technical School graduate). Major in hotel management. 中专学历,(职中毕业),主修酒店管理专业。

79、Experts say it is exceedingly difficult for a computer to break a sentence into parts, then translate and reassemble them. 专家们表示,用计算机分句、翻译并重新组成句子,这极为困难。


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