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关于”利用的词组“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Phrases used。以下是关于利用的词组的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Phrases used

1、When you use a determiner , you put a noun group, in front of numbers or adjectives. 限定词用于名词短语前面, 置于数字或形容词之前。

2、Knowledge of the linguistic function of verbalization can help us to be more idiomatic in speaking and writing English. 了解英语动词化的语言功能,学会正确使用动词化,有利于提高我们的英语表达能力。

3、Term searches use standard-language words, usually in combination, to locate and rank cataloged information. 词汇搜索使用标准语言的单词(通常是多个单词的组合)来定位分类信息并对它们排名。

4、Before a noun or adverbial phrase , bothBfrombandBtobare acceptable in British English. 若用在名词或状语短语前,英式英语使用。

5、A Celtic idiom . A Greek or Latin expression or idiom . A word, a phrase, or an idiom peculiar to the English language, especially as spoken in England; a Briticism . 英国习语,英国特有用词,英国式的语言现象英语,尤其是在英语口语中所特有的单词、短语或习惯用语;

6、Metaphorical thinking can not only enable people to form words by means of roots and affixes but also expand the meanings of words. 隐喻思维不仅使人们能够用词根和词缀来组合构词,还能使词语引申出其它意义。

7、With the interpenetration of pragmatic theory in bilingual lexicography, the pragmatic information in bilingual dictionary has become a focus in recent years. 语用学原理渗透到双语词典编纂理论中,使词典中的语用信息成为词典学研究的新课题。

8、Lexical phrases are quite fixed chunks formed with two or more words, which contain the following features: non-compositionality, fixity of lexicon and grammar, and conventionality. 词汇短语是由两个或两个以上的词语组成的相对固定的短语结构,它们具有如下的特性:非组合性、词汇语法的凝固性、规约性。

9、Function words serve more to provide the grammar structure that connects content words into phrases and sentences. Function words include articles, conjunctions, pronouns, and prepositions . 虚词的作用是按照语法结构规则将各个实词组成短语或句子。虚词包括冠词、连词、代词和介词。

10、Learn phrases and words with which you can make associations or create mnemonic devices. 学习一些可以使你产生联想或运用记忆技巧的词语和短语。

11、According to their mutual information, phrases are extracted from the log and they are combined with a general dictionary to construct a topic-specific dictionary. 利用互信息从用户查询日志中提取短语并与通用词典相结合构建主题式词典。

12、In addition, a verb Infinitive characteristics, can have their own object and adverbial form Infinitive phrase . 另外,动词不定式具有动词特点,可以有自己的宾语和状语,组成动词不定式短语。

13、Binomials are two words that are linked by a conjunction (usually and/or) and used together as a fixed expression. “二项式”短语指用连词(通常是and或者or)连接在一起的两个单词构成的固定短语。

14、A really good dictionary with many meanings and many phrases can show you how to use the word, while the electronic dictionary doesn't. 一本真正的好词典,一个词有许多释义、许多短语和词组,能告诉你如何用一个词,而电子词典是办不到的。

15、So we can change the word order in phrase to establish different phrase word group . 那么我们可以改变短语中的词序来创建不同的短语词组。

16、There exist three objective articles in Hani which are different in usage frequences and range and the length of the object. The articles are important grammatical part in forming syntactical struct… 哈尼语有三个宾语助词,它们在使用频率、使用范围、宾语长短中有区别,宾语助词在哈尼语中是组成句法结构的一个重要语法成分。

17、A word, a phrase, or an idiom peculiar to the English language, especially as spoken in England; a Briticism. 英国习语,英国特有用词,英国式的语言现象英语,尤其是在英语口语中所特有的单词、短语或习惯用语;

18、Don't string too many prepositional phrases together unless you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death. 别成串地使用介词短语,除非你正穿过死亡之影之谷。 (英语中介词成串,汉语却串不起来了。)

19、Participles and participial phrases are usually used as modifiers in modern English texts. 现代的英语教材中常常使用分词或分词短语作修饰语。

20、Lexical chunks are the ready-made memorized combinations in a language, which, once acquired and stored in the human brain, can be retrieved and used automatically as wholes. 词汇组块是作为语言记忆单位存储在大脑里的预制短语,可整体或稍作改动后供学习者提取和使用,因此,它在英语习得中起着非常重要的作用。

21、Use short words, short sentences, short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and short pages. 使用简短词语、句子、段落、项目符号。 页面不要太长。

22、Determiners are used at the beginning of noun groups. 限定词用于名词短语前面。

23、A term is a word or phrase that can be used to classify and group objects in the metadata repository. 术语是用来对元数据存储库中的对象进行分类和分组的单词或短语。

24、a deliberately ambiguous use of certain particles and verb forms in places where the conjunction 'and' would be used in English 有意模棱两可地使用某些小品词,以及在英语中本应该使用连词“and”的地方使用动词形式;

25、Idioms are the gems of a language which have been refined through ages of application. Idioms are fixed sentences or phrases which are concise in forms and comprehensive in meanings. 习语是人们经过长期使用而提炼出来的精华,是人们长期习用的形式简单而又意思精辟的定型词组或短语。


26、The English numeral idiom is the numeral together other phrases match the component fixed phrase set or short language. 数词习语是指数词同其他词搭配一起构成的固定词组或短语。

27、Its colorful language has the following stylistic features: 1) Simple words; 2) Spoken and informal language; 3) Loanword; 4) Coinage or misspelling; 5) Humorous words; 6) Commendatory adjectives. 广告语独具特色,它具有以下语言特点:1。用词简单;2。使用口语和非正式书面英语;3。借用外来语;4。杜撰新词或拟音拼写;5。使用诙谐幽默的语言;6。喜用褒义形容词等。

28、To use archaisms, as in prose, to suggest the past. 用古词,用古语:使用古语,如在散文中,使人回想起过去。

29、The basic color terms in Chinese can be collocated with nouns or verbs and modified by phrases with their denotative meanings retained or lost. 现代汉语言语实践中,基本颜色词能与所有名词或动词组合,可以受词组或短语修饰,其色彩语义或保留或消失。

30、You first list the words and expressions you are going to use. Then organize them in logie order. 首先列出要用的字和短语,按逻辑顺序组织好,接着用连接词如;

31、The brand-new dictionary contains more than 240, 000 words, phrases and definitions, reflecting language used widely in the UK today. 这本新出炉的词典包含24万多个词语、短语和释义,反映了英国当下普遍使用的语言。

32、The English language contains many phrasal verbs and verbal phrases. 英语里有许多短语动词和动词短语。

33、The brand-new dictionary contains more than 240,000 words, phrases and definitions, reflecting language used widely in the UK today. 这本新出炉的词典包含24万多个词语、短语和释义,反映了英国当下普遍使用的语言。

34、Utilize flashcards or small notebooks to review vocabulary words and phrases. 使用快速学习卡片和小手册复习单词和短语。

35、The information flow is usually represented using a short phrase that can either be a noun or a verb. 信息流通常使用名词或动词短语表示。

36、The prepositional phrase "give me" and the verbal phrase used in the imperative sentence have two kinds of meaning. 介词短语“给我”加上动词短语用于祈使句有两种意义。

37、For the prepositional tendencies of the adverbial contrastive connectors and prepositional contrastive connectors, Chinese non-English majors have a preference of initial position. 在对比连接副词及介词短语的使用位置选择上,中国非英语专业学习者习惯把对比连接副词及介词短语放在句首。

38、Use commas around nonessential words, phrases, and clauses that interrupt the flow of the sentence. 在打破句子流畅性的不重要的单词,短语和从句后使用逗号。

39、Don’t overcorrect by using made-up words like waitron or co-opting an in-group’s slang or usage—no matter how well-meaning you are or how hip you want to appear. 不要矫枉过正,使用虚构的词语,例如“waitron(waitor)"。 不要使用特定团体的俚语或短语,无论你是出于好意或为了与众不同。

40、Ensure accordant locution (use words correctly). 确保一致的语言风格(词语使用正确)。

41、In addition, a locative prepositional phrase is mainly composed of a locative preposition and a nominal group. 此外,处所介词短语主要由处所介词加名词词组组合而成。

42、This infographic lists a few two word verb sets using "bring." 短语动词由一个动词和至少一个介词组成。

43、Based on fundamental principle of computational terminology, the phrase-terms are syntactically parsed by the phrase structure grammar(PSG). 根据计算术语学的原理,使用短语结构语法对词组型术语进行了自动句法分析。

44、The paragraph uses common words but contains almost all of the sounds used in English. 这段短文使用一些常用词,但却包含了英语使用的几乎所有的发音。

45、He used lofty terms. 他使用高深的词语。

46、And syntax refers to those rules and principles that allow us to combine words into phrases and phrases into sentences. 语法是指使我们将词组合成短语,以及将短语组合成句子的规则和原则

47、What is the function of the prepositional phrase? 这个介词短语的作用是什么?

48、Negative polarity terms in the English language are composed of noun phrases, adverb phrases, prepositional phrases and adjectives with the meaning of micro-quantity. 英语中的否定极性词语大多由表示微量含义的名词(短语)、副词(短语)、介词短语和形容词等组成。

49、Conjunctions are an important grammatical means used to combine words, phrases, and sentences. 连词是连接词与词、短语与短语、分句与分句的重要语法手段。

50、An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that identifies, or provides further information about, another noun phrase. 同谓语是一个名词或名词短语,用来解释说明名词或名词短语。


51、Rewrite the sentences in the answer key using a present participle . 用现在分词短语改写上面的句子。

52、By around age three, George has ceased using null subjects, and has the following proportions for overt subject use: he uses full NP subjects 25% of the time, and pronominal subjects 75% of the time. 大约到了xx岁,乔治开始减少使用空主语,而使用清楚主语的比例如下:他使用完整 名词 词组当主语占25%,代 名词当主语占75%。

53、define: - Provides short definitions for words, acronyms, or common phrases. 提供词语,缩略语或者常用短语的简要解释。

54、These coordinations find expression in TCFL in terms of the predicate-complement coordination, verb-dynamic auxiliary coordination, sentence-ending modals and the directional verbs and so on. 在对越汉语教学中分别体现在汉语“述补”结构组合、动词与动态助词组合、句尾语气词的运用以及趋向动词的使用等方面。

55、因为no conclusion的主语是The longlasting meeting ~~所以用动名词,in common with 是一个固定短语

56、The paragraph uses common words but contains almost all of the sounds used in English. Here is that sixty-nine-word paragraph read by our own Bob Doughty 这段短文使用一些常用词,但却包含了英语使用的几乎所有的发音。

57、Do not use obscenities slang or too many idiomatic expression when using an interpreter. 在使用翻译的时候,不要使用不雅的词语、俚语,或使用太多的俗语。

58、A gloss is a short explanation used as an instrument for supplementing useful information within the entries in dictionaries. 括注是在词典词条中简短的解释性话语,用于补充有助于理解词目词的有用信息。

59、Enumeration values should use names consisting of English words. 枚举值应使用由英语单词组成的名称。

60、The juxtaposition of clauses or phrases without the use of coordinating or subordinating conjunctions, as It was cold; the snows came. 并列,并列结构不使用并列连词或从属连词的并列句或并列短语,比如天气冷;

61、The generation rules make up of the major knowledge resource of XMGEN, which include five submodules: Sentence, Noun Phrase, Verb Phrase, Adjective Phrase, Adverb Phrase. 生成规则构成了XMGEN的主要知识源,共分五个子模块,分别实现句子、名词短语、动词短语、形容词短语和副词短语的细化生成。

62、You can use the query language to search words individually or in a phrase. 可以使用此查询语言来搜索单个单词或者是词组内的单词。

63、In this lesson, we will listen to 10 short dialogues and we will practise using phrasal verbs and gerunds. 在这一科中,你将听到10个短的对话以及练习使用短语动词和动名词。

64、By using numerous examples from contracts, the writer mainly discusses meanings, usages and translations of the frequently used prepositions and prepositional phrases in business contracts in English. 本文作者利用大量的合同用词例子重点论述了英语经贸契约中常见的介词和介词短语的含义、用法和习惯用法及其翻译方法和技巧。

65、To develop Ss' writing ability. 2. To review what we have learnt in this module. 语言技能能运用本模块所学词汇和短语,写有一些有关语言的短文。

66、Adverbials are usually adverbs, adverb phrases, or prepositional phrases. 状语通常由副词,副词短语或介词短语构成。

67、The main stress is on second part of the two-word or three-word verb. 重音在两个单词或三个单词组成的动词短语的第二部分。

68、A acts as a noun, a noun phrase, a pronoun, a "De" phrase, a word of location, a location phrase or a temporal word. Sometimes A is zero constituent. 段主要是名词性短语,由名词或名词短语、代词、“的”字短语、方所词、方位短语、时间词等充当,有时候A段也以零形式出现。

69、Then organize them in logie order. And next link them with connectives such as: and, before, so, after. 首先列出要用的字和短语,按逻辑顺序组织好,接着用连接词如;and,before,so,after等连接。

70、By around age three george has ceased using null subjects and has the following proportions for overt subject use: he uses full np subjects25% of the time and pronominal subjects75% of the time. 大约到了xx岁,乔治开始减少使用空主语,而使用清楚主语的比例如下:他使用完整名词词组当主语占25%,代名词当主语占75%。

71、And an HMM is used to model the phrase-length constraints, which include the distributions of the prosodic phrase lengths and the prosodic word number in the prosodic phrase. 韵律短语的长度约束模型是利用隐马尔科夫模型对语句中韵律短语的长度规划进行建模,这个模型对短语的长度分布及韵律词与韵律短语的关系进行了描述。

72、一个单词就可以的,比如 honey , crush 等等 如果用一个短语,用sweetheart lover in dream(梦中情人) 即可

73、Have you used the same word or phrase too many times within a paragraph? 是否在同一段落内多次重复使用了同一个词语或者词组?


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