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关于”花的浪漫句子“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Romantic sentences of flowers。以下是关于花的浪漫句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Romantic sentences of flowers

1、Strolling through a garden abloom with pink and crimson roses, this romantic couple shares a sweet moment of their honeymoon. 在一个开满粉红色和深红色玫瑰花的花园中漫游着,这一对浪漫的情侣享受着蜜月的甜蜜时光。

2、For romance or adventure? What are you going to do with your annual bonus? 浪漫还是冒险,你的年终奖怎么花?

3、QI and Valentin. E clan use romantic themes to trick users into activating them and then infect their computers. 最浪漫病毒-Nuwar.OL Nuwar.QI和Valentin.E,这一家子病毒利用风花雪月的标题内容来吸引用户激活它从而感染电脑。

4、The temperament of Rose Garden, Romantic ambience… 玫瑰花园的气质,浪漫的气氛…

5、Teddy bears are romantic. 泰迪熊是浪漫的。

6、We tend to use terms like ‘a-romantic’, ‘bi-romantic’ and ‘hetero-romantic’. 我们喜欢用“A-浪漫”,“ B-浪漫”或“异性浪漫”等词。

7、Rose: Famed as" the queen of flower", it is the best of flowers, the incarnate of romantic spirits and the symbol of love and purity. 玫瑰:被誉为“花中皇后”,是花中极品,浪漫精灵的化身、与纯洁的象征。

8、The velvet curtaIn with ornamental engravIng Increases the romantic ambience In your room. 镂花天鹅绒窗帘,给居室增添浪漫的气息。

9、The worst of having a romance of any kind is that it leaves one so unromantic . 任何浪漫行为的最糟糕的后果是叫人从此浪漫不起来。

10、Chopin: Prince of the Romantics . By Adam Zamoyski. 《肖邦:浪漫王子》 亚当·泽莫伊斯基。

11、A: The romance deadline? 甲:浪漫大限?

12、Hawaii flower voice, sea charm for tourists, played out beautiful romantic songs. 夏威夷的花之音,海之韵,为游客们奏出一支优美的浪漫曲。

13、Romance is seeing flowers withering away you want to cry. 浪漫是瞧见花将凋零想哭泣。

14、Furanos lavender Hanada, this has become a paradise for all romantic hearts. 富良野的熏衣草花田,就此成了所有人心中的浪漫天堂。

15、Maxi dresses, shorts, blouses, footwear, and different accessories are all beautifully embellished by chic, romantic floral prints. 长裙,短裤,衬衫,鞋子,和不同配件上都有别致的、浪漫花卉图案的点缀。

16、The inspiration of this song comes from the Beijing Opera – Hua Tian Cuo which is a romantic comedy. 这首歌的灵感来自京剧——浪漫戏剧花田错。

17、Each letter from one would bring forth warm response from the other as a seed falling on a fertile soil is likely grow into a plant. 每一封信都如一颗种子撒入肥沃的心灵之土,浪漫的爱情之花就要绽开。

18、For Love & Peace, in Electronica we Trust. 我想你一定懂得,电子的浪漫与绚烂。

19、Mock epic, romance, satire and epigram were popular forms adopted by poets of the time. 僧侣史诗,浪漫主义,讽刺和警句成为被那个时代的诗人所普遍采用的形式。

20、Sentence fragments, only for the dream of the green spring, just as the old romance. 断章残句,只为梦里的绿树春风,只为旧日的浪漫温存。

21、The peach blossom world , number men of letters eulogize her , romantic but are rich in poetry. 桃花的世界,多少文人墨客赞美她,浪漫而富有诗意。

22、Flower is the symbol of romance despite uneatable . 花虽不能吃,却是浪漫的象征。

23、Enjoy romantic moon light evenings with nice breeze surrounded by a beautiful garden! 在微风中享受浪漫的花前月夜!

24、Do you love green?The romance of Green is romance of life. I wish all your romantic tours will keep prime. 你热爱绿色吗?绿色的浪漫是生命的浪漫,愿您的浪漫之旅永保青春。

25、Visitors may also have the chance to witness a romantic French wedding, which has been held in the city of Tours for several consecutive years. 游客还无机缘去见证一场浪漫的国婚礼。 国的图尔市是浪漫婚礼之都,已相连多年为新举行浪漫的婚礼。


26、Alternatively you could underline a section and say something romantic based on what the book is about, depending on the book of course. 你也可以划出一些句子或者在页边写些浪漫的话,当然,要根据这本书的内容而定。

27、Romantic background with teapot, cup, muffins, flowers. 浪漫圆茶壶、 杯、 松饼、 花的背景。

28、Romantic needs to create, seeks desirably romantic also becomes is not romantic. 浪漫需要创造,刻意去寻求的浪漫也就变得不浪漫了。

29、Puppies are romantic. 小狗是浪漫的。

30、Rose: Famed as "the queen of flower", it is the best of flowers, the incarnate of romantic spirits and the symbol of love and purity. 玫瑰:被誉为“花中皇后”,是花中极品,浪漫精灵的化身、爱与纯洁的象征。

31、Flower are not edible, but they are symbols of romance. 花虽不能吃,却是浪漫的象征。

32、I love being romanced. 我喜欢浪漫。

33、The most romantic song ever was "The Way We Were. "" 我会认为 最浪漫的曲子是“俏郞君”

34、Sheldon, bothered by Amy's insinuations, began to prove to her that he is romantic. 'If you want romance, then let's have romance, ' Sheldon said. 谢尔顿被艾米讽刺,开始向她证明他是浪漫的。“如果你想要浪漫,我们就来浪漫吧。”谢尔顿说。

35、Each woman hope that she can own a pretty face and a romantic life. 女人总希望自己拥有如花的美貌,有着如花一样的浪漫生活。

36、Jeff: You must be a very romantic person to remember your first date. 杰夫:你很浪漫,连初次约会的日子都记着。

37、Romanticists are divided into two different schools:the active one and the passive one and each has different characteristics. 浪漫主义诗人分为两大流派:积极浪漫主义诗人和消极浪漫主义诗人。

38、But he is also a spokesman for Chazelle's entire approach: "Why do you say 'romantic' like it's a dirty word?" 他也是查泽雷整体思路的代言人:“干嘛把‘浪漫’说得像一句脏话?”

39、Have your companions days, even ordinary also romantic! 氕羭有你相伴的日子,即使平凡也浪漫!

40、Romantic flowers fall on the semi-sheer poly chiffon wrap. 浪漫的花朵散落在薄纱的包裹里。

41、Ignite the spark of romance with this collection of Italian Love Songs. 用这张义大利情歌音乐集,为你燃点起浪漫的火花。

42、Still, thinking about romance as a verb can help decode what romance is: romance is an action taken, most likely because ardor (or man-cleavage) is present. 但是,把浪漫当做一个动词可以帮助我们诠释浪漫:浪漫是在热情驱动下所采取的一种行动。

43、To the romantic forest? 到浪漫的森林?

44、To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. 想浪漫一辈子,首先学会爱自己。 自己。

45、Ranking at number one in the romantic flowers department, the rose is so popular that there are 150 types! 排名第一的浪漫花部,增长是如此的流行,有150种!

46、The beautiful topiary trees are witnesses of our marriage. 浪漫鲜花柱见证我们的婚盟约誓。

47、A Romancing Singapore drive is held annually to encourage romance among couples. xx年一度的“浪漫新加坡”活动主要是为了鼓励伴侣间多些浪漫。

48、Romantic. 真不愧是浪漫派。

49、my romantic beard! 我这浪漫派的络腮胡子!

50、The longing associated with that early bloom of romantic love is well known and is the subject of love songs, romantic movies, and love stories. 渴望绽放烂漫的爱情之花是爱情歌曲、浪漫电影、爱情故事的永恒主题。


51、Nomatter what's form of romance… 是懒洋洋的浪漫…

52、But, who can resist camellia only America and the romantic love? 可是,谁能拒茶花唯美而浪漫的爱情?。

53、Many hotels and resorts offer getaways thatemphasize romance.They feature something special to start the getaway, such aschampagne, flowers, or a fruit basket in the room on arrival. 许多酒店和旅游胜地都主打浪漫牌,精心设计一些特别的小细节,例如在客房里摆好香槟、鲜花和果篮,以开启客人的浪漫之旅。

54、The romantic scene - People relaxing themselves in the shadow of cherry trees… … 人们在樱花影下休息的浪漫景象… …

55、Wish Ruhul to be a great and happy father! 祝咪噜在加拿大浪漫浪漫!新年快乐!

56、The worst of having a romance is that it leaves one so unromantic. 通过一次浪漫的最蹩脚之处就在于它会极不浪漫地将屏弃。

57、Prenups are romantic. Ms. 婚前协议是浪漫的。

58、Write a love letter is romantic, send 99 roses is romantic, brush table and dunk tea is also romantic. 写情书是一种浪漫,送99朵玫瑰是一种浪漫,擦桌子送药也是一种浪漫。

59、Only in Paris, where the light is pink, that song makes sense. 只有在浪漫的花都巴黎,颜色是粉红的,这只曲子才有意义。

60、Instead of forking out for a meal at a restaurant, pack a picnic and head down to a romantic spot, like a park or even your own garden, for an intimate dinner for two. 你们可以去个浪漫的地方,比如公园,甚至是你自家的花园亦可,就只你们两个,来次浪漫的,亲密的野餐。

61、Kim's Note: This is a classic, romantic, movie sentence. Long-lost lovers always use this sentence when they are reunited. 这是句经典、浪漫的电影台词。久别重逢的恋人们总是在见面的时候说这句话。

62、That's romance. That's romantic love. 这就是浪漫,浪漫式爱情。

63、Those who show a shoulder expand feeling jacket is being taken hollow-out decorative pattern, cooperate to come loose place printing skirt romance clinking . 露肩的膨胀感上衣带着镂空的花纹,配合散摆印花裙浪漫无比。

64、The ultimate romantic hero of candy floss romances is romancing young chick with lots of grace. 最终的浪漫英雄棉花糖爱情是浪漫青年鸡,有很多的宽限期。

65、Waiting for you to come, cape tianya, mountain flower romance with me. 等你来,海角天涯,和我一起山花浪漫。

66、Romantic and timeless, this stunning gold-plated design complements this season's floral trend. 象征浪漫与永恒,这款夺目的镀金色链坠延续本季花的潮流。

67、The most common romantic gift in Britain and Germany was flowers. The French were more likely to opt for a romantic dinner. 在英国和德国最普遍的浪漫礼物是鲜花,而法国人更倾向于选择一顿浪漫晚餐。

68、A romantic mix of ocean treasures, with lavish embellishment. Imported cotton. 浪漫的海滩裹裙,并有花朵图案装饰,进口棉制。

69、The first part is about the creation of the Japanese Society of Romanticism formation. 第一部分梳理日本浪漫主义对创造社浪漫主义形成的影响。

70、Romantic and timeless, this stunning rhodium-plated design complements this season's floral trend. 征浪漫与永恒,这款夺目的镀白金色链坠延续本季花的潮流。


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