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关于”优美的句子“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Beautiful sentences。以下是关于优美的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Beautiful sentences

1、Gardenia really beautiful, I love the beauty of gardenia, and the smell of cardiopulmonary. 栀子花真漂亮,我喜欢栀子花的美丽和那沁人心肺的香味。

2、Every time he comes to Keqiao, he will visit me. 每当你碰到一个漂亮的句子就把它抄下来。

3、They dressed the children up. 他们把孩子打扮得漂漂亮亮。

4、' He put on his hat, and, pausing by the bed-side on his way to the door, added, 'She was a good-looking girl, too; where did she come from? 他戴上帽子, 还没走到门口,又在床边停了下来,添上了一句,“这姑娘还挺漂亮,哪儿来的?”

5、Lucy has a beautiful skirt. 露西有一条漂亮的裙子。

6、Refrain makes the poetry beautiful. 叠句让诗歌更优美。

7、nose 鼻子 She's got a beautiful petite nose. 她有个漂亮小巧的鼻子。

8、He has not a very nice pencil-box. He doesn't have a very nice pencil-box. 否定句)他没有一个很漂亮的铅笔盒。

9、The best looking girls always seem to love the bad guys. 最漂亮的美眉似乎总是喜欢坏小子。

10、nice clothes and dresses. 还有漂亮的衣服和裙子,

11、Madame Dupont porte de jolies chaussures. 杜邦夫人穿着漂亮的鞋子。

12、The results showed that attractive males utterly defeated unattractive men, but the women who had been ranked most attractive invariably received the fewest votes. (332 words) 结果表明,漂亮男子完全击败了漂亮女子,但被排在最漂亮之列的那几名女子一律获得的票数最少。

13、她穿裙子很漂亮 she's very pretty skirt 她穿裙子很漂亮 she's very pretty skirt

14、What lovely jade bracelets they are! 多漂亮的玉镯子啊!

15、The old courtyard houses are very beautiful. 老四合院的房子非常漂亮。

16、The nice hat is my sister's. 那个漂亮的帽子是我妹妹的。

17、The pleasant weather , the laughter and fun , the music and dances, the fine rum and the beautiful girls make him want to stay. 宜人的气候,欢歌笑语,动听优美的歌舞,香醇的朗姆酒,漂亮的姑娘让小伙子流连忘返。

18、And Notting Hill is quite nice, some beautiful houses and stuff around. 诺丁山非常美,周围有很多漂亮的房子和风景。

19、She is a perty girl. 她是个漂亮的女孩子。

20、We speedily produced a liberal edition of the pamphlet, tricked out prettily in red, white and blue, and ending with a resounding "God Save the King". 我们很快又将小册子出了个自由版,红、白、蓝三色装饰得漂漂亮亮,并以一句响亮的“主救吾王”作为结束语。

21、Annas hat is smart. 安娜的帽子漂亮而别致。

22、The house is decorated with beautiful lanterns. 房子里装饰着漂亮的灯笼。

23、Beauty may have fair leaves, yet bitter fruit. 美丽长出漂亮白勺叶子,却生出苦辣白勺果实。

24、"See," Helen says, "how much snappier this sentence is now? Cut these words. Take this out. Move this here." "瞧这里,"她说,"去掉这几个词,句子就漂亮多了.这段不要.这段要换个位子."

25、These kinds of shoes are chicest . 这些种类的鞋子最漂亮。


26、Her eyes, the nose is very beautiful, high black black hair, a small mouth, it looks very nice. 她的眼睛非常漂亮,鼻子高高,乌黑色的秀发,还一个小小的嘴,样子长得非常漂亮。

27、What a dinky little hat! 多漂亮的小帽子!

28、Go into a store and chat to a good-looking clerk 到商店去,找一个漂亮的营业员,跟她聊几句。

29、There was this very beautiful line that I read in Orhan Pamuk's novel, 'My Name Is Red'. 在奥尔罕•帕慕克著的小说《我的名字叫红》当中,我读到这么一句优美的句子。

30、He thought about kings and princes, who were clean and decent and lived in beautiful palaces. 他想着那些干干净净的、穿得漂漂亮亮的、住在华美宫殿里的国王和王子。

31、Everyone in this company knows that he's trying to curry favor with the board of the directors. 公司里的每一个人都知优美的英语句子道他想要巴结董事会。

32、Lucy appeared in her best dress. 露西穿着一套最漂亮的裙子。

33、Copy it down every time you come to a beautiful sentence . 每当你碰到一个漂亮的句子就把它抄下来。

34、The children smartened up for the festival. 孩子们为过节而打扮得漂漂亮亮的。

35、I found some little decorative plates to make it look nicer. 然后找了几个漂亮的小盘子,把它们摆得漂漂亮亮的。

36、HW There was this very beautiful line that I read in Orhan Pamuk's novel, 'My Name Is Red'. 在奥尔罕·帕慕克著的小说《我的名字叫红》当中,我读到这么一句优美的句子。

37、On her special day, the bride wears a flowery beautiful dress with glimmering jewelry to enhance her beauty. 在新娘子出嫁的那天,她被打扮得漂漂亮亮的,穿上漂亮的花衣服,并带上闪闪发亮的珠宝。

38、Whenever i come to some sentences i like, i will snippet down them and i can also recite some elegant poesy . 如果读到自己喜欢的句子,我还会摘录下来,有些优美的诗歌,我还会背诵呢。

39、His philosophy of aesthetics reminds me of a quote that went something like this: "Fashion is what seems beautiful now but looks ugly later;" 他的美学理念让我想到一句话:「初看漂亮,随后变丑的,是时尚;

40、The club floor is beautiful, with lovely views, great food and drinks and really friendly staff. Our room was also elegant and beautifully decorated. 会所的地板很漂亮,窗景也美,食物和饮料都很棒,工作人员真的非常亲切!我们的房间也很优雅,装饰得漂漂亮亮的。

41、她穿裙子很漂亮 She's very pretty skirt 她穿裙子很漂亮 She's very pretty skirt

42、Really? I've already opened this one. Say! This is swell! look, Mom, a billfold. 真的?我已打开了。呀!好漂亮!看,妈妈,多漂亮的皮夹子!

43、"This manger is beautiful, " she said. “这槽子可真漂亮啊”,孩子母亲说道。

44、When Aurora saw me, her first sentence was, "My dear, Gold Street is prettier than I imagined!" Arora见到我之后第一句话竟是:“亲爱的,金街比我想象的还要漂亮!

45、"Oh, Lottie, it's good to see you, " Bess said, but saying nothing about Lottie's splendid appearance. 「啊,珞蒂,见到你真好。」 碧丝说,却一句也没提珞蒂漂亮的打扮。

46、Beautiful note book, expensive pen, should come out something that have the same value. I put my lips on the top of the pen, thinking about what should i continue. 漂亮的本子,昂贵的笔,至少应该堆砌出些具有相同价值的文字的。 我用上下两侧的唇抵着笔尖,思考着下面的句子应该怎样继续。

47、She bought a chic little hat. 她买了一顶漂亮的小帽子。

48、The children smartened up for the festival. 那一天孩子们都打扮得漂漂亮亮的。

49、So beautiful Kanglong quality brand products for all the joy the children bring to the world! 让优质漂亮的康龙品牌产品把欢乐带给天下所有的孩子们!

50、She has a lot of pretty skirts. 她有很多漂亮的裙子。


51、The white swan - with its long, graceful neck- is among the most beautiful of birds. 长着细长优雅脖子的白天鹅是最漂亮的鸟儿之一。

52、These houses lood nice , don't they ? 这些房子漂亮,是吧?

53、Copy it down every time you come a beautiful sentence. 每当你碰到一个漂亮的句子就把它抄下来。

54、In some cases, a beautiful mother turned out to give birth an ugly child, gentlemen may feel deceived when choosing a wife. 像有些例子,一个漂亮的妈妈结果却生下了不太漂亮的孩子,男士们就会感到选妻子时受了欺骗。

55、Madame Dupont porte de jolies chaussures. 杜登夫人穿着漂亮的鞋子。

56、It was a gorgeous brown and had shiny black eyes with a pink satin nose. 它长得非常漂亮,有着漂亮的褐色绒毛,明亮的黑眼睛和粉红的缎子一般光滑的鼻子。


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