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关于”常用的句型“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Common sentence patterns。以下是关于常用的句型的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Common sentence patterns

1、The next point I’d like to talk about is „ 采访前的常用句型

2、The "I want to" pattern is a great pattern that you probably have been using and you should use often. I want to”句型是一个非常棒的句型,你可能之前早已用过,你也可以多多使用这个句型。

3、And it's useful for when you're talking about something in the moment that's going to happen. 当你在谈论马上就要发生的事情时,这个句型非常有用。

4、The thing is" is very useful to stop people in their tracks. 当你想阻止某人在他们设想的路上走下去的时候,“The thing is”句型是个非常有用的句型。

5、You go and tell him not to do that. 祈使句最常用于表达命令,因此也常称为命令句。

6、Business Chinese Dialogue: Including daily conversation, business negotiation, trade jargon, common phrases, etc. 中国商务谈判:包括常用会话、商务洽谈、行业术语、常用句型等。

7、It's really a good pattern that you should practice and use often. 这是个非常棒的句型,你应该多多练习哦!

8、The "When" pattern is very easy to use. When”句型使用起来非常方便。

9、I used to" is a pattern that you use in a sentence. I used to” 是个很常用的句型。

10、He asked me what he should do. 常用于这句型的动词有:Advise, ask, inform, show, teach, tell.

11、May I happy your father birthday in advance? 请允许我,常用句型May I .用let也可,may i更加客气。

12、   He bought some bananas for us。 通常用于这种句型的动词有:give, hand, read, show, tell, throw, wish, buy, do, make, ask, leave等。

13、The sentences of her poems are usually long while their lines are of moderate length, and the common sentence pattern occupies a predominant position in her poems. 而她的诗句则具有义句以长句为主、行句以中句为主、平常句型占支配地位的特点。

14、You should make efforts in language accumulation, paying special attention to usages of common words and sentence patterns. 这时你应该做的是注意语言的积累,留意常用词和句型的用法。

15、You can use the "it sounds like" pattern to very simply condense what he said, 你可以使用“it sounds like”句型,非常简单地概括一下他所说的内容,

16、It will be useful and I think it also will show you that you are very smart. 这个句型非常有用,使用它也会让你显得很聪明。

17、Of course the most common use of the "I want to" pattern is when you express your desire for something. 当然,“I want to”句型最常见的用法是用来表达你对某事的愿望。

18、Not only does it improve your vocabulary, it also familiarizes you with common sentence patterns as used by native speakers. 的活动。 它不但能增进你的字汇,还能让你熟悉母语人士所用的常见句型。

19、The next pattern is the "I'm frustrated that" pattern. 下面一个句型是“I'm frustrated that”句型。

20、And you will find this pattern useful for when you are talking about something in your memory. 当你在谈论记忆中的某事时,这个句型非常有用。

21、I'm good at" is so useful when you want to talk highly of yourself. 当你想夸赞自己时,“I'm good at”句型非常有用。

22、This is another fantastic pattern that of course is very useful in a variety of situations. 这是个非常棒的句型,你可以在各种情形下使用它。

23、So it's usually something you would say if you're close to someone 通常你会对亲密的人用这个句型,

24、You'll find "That's all" very useful to express what you have or to put a stop to something. 你会发现 “That's all” 是个非常有用的句型。你可以用它来给一件事画个句号。

25、This is a great sentence pattern for getting someone’s opinion. 这个句型非常适合用来征求别人的意见。


26、I think you'll enjoy using "I like" in your daily life. 在日常生活中,你一定会喜欢上使 “I like” 句型。

27、He told me that the film was great. 常用于这句型的动词有:assure, inform, promise, remind, teach, tell, warm等。

28、A great change will certainly be produced in the world’s communications. The computer has brought about many changes in education. 表示比较的常用句型

29、So, "It's like" is good in comparing an object, person, place or thing to something else. 所以,“It's like”句型在比较物体、人物、地点与事物的时候非常有用。

30、Let me“ is a good pattern to use in a sentence when you're asking for permission. 当你在请求允许时,“Let me”句型是一个非常有用的句型。

31、You often use this when you're expressing how you feel about a situation, 当你想表达对某一情况的看法时,你会常常用到这个句型。

32、The next pattern is one of my favorites. 下一个句型是我最喜欢的句型之一。

33、The "I'm ~ing" pattern is very useful I'm ~ing”句型非常有用。

34、It's a very easy, very direct, not at all impolite way to express your desires in any situation. 这是个非常简单而直接的句型,用这样的句型在各种情形下表达你的愿望也不会显得不礼貌。

35、The passive sentence is a kind of sentence construction which Kore an and Chinese usually use. 被动句是韩国语和汉语两种语言中经常使用的一种句型。

36、He show me how to do it. 常用于这句型的动词有:advise, ask, inform, show, teach, tell等。

37、To develop a full-dimensional export-oriented economy。 发展全方位的外向型经济。 (注意:常用句。“外向型经济”也可译成“export-outward economy”)。

38、How many" is a pattern that you use in a question. How many”句型应使用于问句中。

39、I prefer to read rather than watch TV. There is a striking contrast between them 表示事实、现状的常用句型

40、This is a phenomenon that many people are interested in. However,that’s not the case. 表示例举的常用句型

41、It depends on" is very useful when you're trying to make a decision when things are unclear and you're waiting. 当你在形势不明朗,仍在观望而无法做决定的时候,"It depends on"句型是一个非常有用的句型。

42、You'll hear them all the time and you should be using them all the time as well. 你会总是听见人们在使用这个句型,你也可以经常使用到生活中。

43、Commonly used compound sentence structures, key language points and rhetorical methods are highlighted so that students achieve proficiency level through the comprehensive study. 讲解常用复句句型、语法要点和修辞手法,提高融会贯通的水平。

44、Translation often involves economy of certain words or phrases, and conversion of sentence structures is not uncommon. 翻译中词的省略和添补是常用技巧,词性的转换和句型的转换也十分常见。

45、This is probably what you've used most in the past. 这可能是你过去最常用的一种句型了。

46、I'm going to is a useful pattern for you to use in sentences. 'm going to是一个非常有用的句型。

47、one very natural and very polite way to send an invitation is by using the "I'd like" pattern. 一种非常自然并且礼貌的邀请做法是使用“I'd like”句型。

48、CNB Lessons on Business Negotiation of China: Including daily conversation, business negotiation, trade jargon, common phrases, etc. 《中国商务谈判36讲》:包括常用会话、商务洽谈、行业术语、常用句型等。

49、We think it necessary to do sth. It plays an important role in our life. 表示变化的常用句型

50、The population in this city has now increased (decreased)to 800,000. The output of July in this factory increased by 15% compared with that of January. 表示看法的常用句型


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