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关于”冬天的诗“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Winter Poetry。以下是关于冬天的诗的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Winter Poetry

1、But microbial amounts of cropland were increased from spring to winter, and were the most in winter. 在农耕地中,从春季到冬季一直增加,在冬季最大。

2、Several thousand year ago, the ancient race discovers the daytime compares in summer winter long, but the dark night is then shorter than winter in summer. 数千年前,古代民族发现白天夏季比冬季长,而黑夜则夏季比冬季短。

3、As now is Winter season, BARDE reminds member hotels should pay attention to the fire prevention; 冬季来临,BARDE提醒全体会员酒店注意冬季防火;

4、The album has been given the title "Winter Poem". 这张专辑被命名为《冬天的诗》。

5、My favourite season is definitely winter, because I was born in winter. 瘿我最喜欢的季节是冬季,因为我是在冬季出生的。

6、Which season do you like best? ------- I like winter best. 你最喜欢什么季节? 我最喜欢冬天。

7、Butt the real pain began that winter, one of the coldest on record. 但真正的痛苦在那年冬天开始,那是记录中最寒冷的冬季之一。 糚。

8、Winter to Taipei to see rain, as the lunar that song is same, it is a suitable for winter see rain place. 冬季到台北来看雨,正如孟庭苇那首歌一样,是一个适合冬季看雨的地方。

9、That is the name of a very popular song about winter. 冬季仙境”像这是一个关于冬天非常流行的歌曲名称。

10、Winter could be beautiful even without snow, it is the season of trees who write poems upon sky. 无雪的冬天依然美丽,冬天是树以大自然的语言在天空写诗的季节。

11、Winter is coming, Mummys, it's time to learn baby care knowledge for winter season. 随着冬天的到来,妈妈们,大家做好宝宝冬季保健的准备了吗?

12、He was also a fool of summer who was standing firmly in the middle of cold winter dreaming summer just like the Anemone. 诗人也是夏天的傻瓜,就像一朵银莲花坚定地傲立于严寒的冬天,却做着夏天的梦。

13、. Winter is a cold season. 冬天是一个,寒冷的季节。

14、Winter is cold-hearted. 冬季是冷酷。

15、261. Winter is a cold season. 冬天是一个,寒冷的季节。

16、Pick up the snow falls on the ginkgo leaf, I put it fitted in a poetic paradise, as winter chic badge. 拾取落在雪地上的银杏叶,我把它镶在诗意的天堂,当作冬天别致的胸章。

17、"An old tree grows on a cold rock in winter, " replied the monk somewhat poetically. “譬如冬季冻岩上一棵老树,”和尚相当诗意地回答。

18、Winter of the year last season, and therefore, "the poor winter, " said the other. 冬季为xx年之中最后一个季节,故有“穷冬”之别称。

19、different from the south, it snows more often in the north during winter. 和南方冬季很少见到雪不同,北方冬季常常下雪。

20、The poets are there Jiaqing that the good snow, easing the poets winter with no snow Jiaohe embarrassment, and they have to be quiet in the snow. 而诗人们却在那里矫情地说这场雪好啊,缓解了诗人们冬天没雪的焦渴与困窘,他们要在雪中得到宁静。

21、In winter there is more free time than in summer.So Victor reads and sometimes even writes poems. 比起夏天来,冬天有更多空闲时间,维克托时常在这时阅读和写诗。

22、Winter is a DiShuiChengBing, HaQi into frost season. 冬天是一个滴水成冰,哈气成霜的季节。

23、A:Which season do you like best, spring, summer, autumn or winter? 你最喜欢哪一个季节,春天、夏天、秋天还是冬天?

24、For me, Autumn Story is more memorable than Winter Sonata because of it's ending. 对我个人而言,秋天的童话就比冬季恋歌更难忘,因为结局是悲剧的。

25、The heavy rain and snow period has adversely affected the construction progress. 因贵州达地乡山区进入冬季天雨和霜冬期,严重影响建筑工程的进度。


26、Because of poetry, even in the chilliest winter night, I could still eulogize and revive, so that was warmth. 因为诗歌,即使在北方最严寒的冬夜,我也能讴歌复苏,那就是温暖。

27、This is my favorite season, like autumn and winter. Like the autumn chrysanthemum, resists the snow in love clivia supercilious in winter. 这就是我喜欢的季节,喜欢秋天和冬天。喜欢秋天中傲霜斗雪的菊花,喜欢冬天中不卑不亢的君子兰。 。

28、Winter is my favourite season. Winter's coming also means snow's following. 冬天是我最喜欢的季节。

29、When the winter AO index was in a low(high) phase, the winter air temperature in northeast China underwent a successive cold(warm) winter. 冬季北极涛动处于低(高)指数期,东北冬季气温为持续冷冬(暖冬)期。

30、" Such as the Eastern Jin Dynasty looked "poor soil Poem": "Xuan winter without warm brown. 如东晋张望《贫土诗》:“玄冬无暖褐。”

31、Hearing the bells go ding-dong. Hearing the choir sing songs. Letting us know it's Christmas time for the world to spread love. 圣诞钟声丁冬敲响,唱诗班歌声回荡,我们知道这是圣诞已经来临,让世界充满爱。

32、Black bears hibernate in winters. 黑熊在冬季蛰居过冬。

33、One day, María Medrano came to the workshop with poems written in these women's mother tongues. 有一天,玛丽亚·麦德拉诺带着这些女人用母语写成的诗歌来到诗歌班。

34、It is found that the interannual and interdecadal changes of the East Asian winter monsoon were closely related to the weather in China. 结果指出,东亚冬季风的年际变化、年代际变化与我国冬季天气气候关系密切。

35、She had been dismissed towards the end of the winter; the summer passed, but winter came again. 她是在冬季将完时被撵走的。 夏季过了,冬季又来。

36、When Augustus was returning from Samos after the winter of 20, he met the poet in Athens. 当奥古斯都,他返回萨摩斯的冬天后, xx日,他会见了在雅典的诗人。

37、Everything is shining in the sun.   冬天是个美丽的季节,尤其是下雪的日子。

38、Even if you live somewhere with no chance of snow, winter's shorter days can make the season the most challenging time of year to keep running. 即使你住的地方不下雪,冬天较短的白天也会使冬季坚持跑步成为xx年中最具挑战性的季节。

39、Selvam: My favorite season is winter. 我最喜爱的季节是冬季。

40、The season of the year between summer and winter lasting from the autumnal equinox to the winter solstice and from september to december in the northern hemisphere; fall. 秋季指xx年中介于夏季和冬季之间的一个季节,自秋分起到冬至止,在北半球是xx月至xx月;秋天。

41、Fall is the next-best season, then winter. 其次是秋天最好,然后为冬季。

42、Winter Wonderland: There are plenty of strategies for keeping safe in cold-weather flying. 冬季奇景:寒冷冬季飞行保持安全的几手高招。

43、How do poets describe winter with English? Read some winter poems or write one yourself. 试着做回诗人,用英文来描绘美丽的冬天。

44、Most time of activity is at night in summer and during daylight in winter. 夏季以夜间活动为主,冬季多为白天活动。

45、The Canadian group, Our Lady Peace, performs live during the Vancouver Winter Olympics at the O Zone in Minoru Park, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. 来自加拿大的Our Lady Peace在温哥华冬季奥运期间在加拿大卑诗省列治文Minoru公园的O Zone现场表演。

46、Lake Kuttara looks absolutely beautiful in the gentle winter sun. With the deep blue sky as its backdrop, Lake Kuttara in the winter season seems even more charming. 北海道的冬季: 倶多楽湖在温和的冬天阳光照射下﹐显得特别美丽及平静。再加上蓝天白云的配搭﹐使得这冬天的湖看起来更加迷人。

47、I like summer and winter. 我喜欢夏季和冬季。

48、Winter days shorter and the nights long. 冬季天较短和夜长。

49、Cold- blooded animals, such as snakes and frogs, hibernate in winter. 冷血动物,例如蛇和青蛙,冬季要冬眠。

50、It is the first solar term in winter, in this season, myriad activities tend to repose to the dormant winter. 立冬是冬季的第一个节气,进入这一时节,天地万物活动都趋向休止,准备蛰伏过冬。


51、The little birds that sing to us all winter long, and make that season of ice and snow. 的冬天为我们歌唱的小鸟,那歌声使冰天雪地的寒冬变得较易忍受。

52、It was a cold winter’s day that Sunday. 这是冬季里的一个寒冷的礼拜天。

53、It not only represents the winter winter, complete said, it is the beginning of winter, all things, to avoid the coldness. 看来,立冬不仅仅代表冬天的来临,完整地说,它是表示冬季开始,万物收藏,规避寒冷的意思。

54、Every corner of nature is a poem, and the sun in the winter is the most beautiful poem. 大自然的每一个角落都是亦真亦幻的诗,冬日里的阳光就是那最美的诗篇。

55、Latitude impact : the prevalence of winter winter wind. 纬度影响:冬季盛行冬季风。

56、After "Winter Love Song" he advanced to the movie world in Korea. 在《冬季恋歌》之后,他朝著韩国电影界进军。

57、In winter, the world became a silver; In winter, the world is full of poetic. I love winter! 冬天,把世界变成了银白色的;冬天,使世界充满诗意。我爱冬天!

58、The smallest courtesies along the rough roads of life are like the little birds that sing to us winter long, and make that season of ice and snow more endurable. 在坎坷的人生道路上,最细小的礼貌犹如在漫长的冬季为我门歌唱的小鸟,使得冰天雪地的严冬变得较易忍受。

59、In 1994, long poem Obscuration, my whole life's theme(selection) was selected in the Autumn & Winter volume of Modern Chinese. xx年——长诗《昏暗我一生的主题》(节选)被编入《现代汉诗》xx年秋、冬合卷。

60、I don't know poetry where it came from, From winter or a river? 不明白的何处而来诗意来自冬季还是河溪?

61、Spring is coming soon so all the winter stuff are on sale. 现在是换季,冬天的衣服大减特减。

62、Start tof Winter is the first solar term of winter, which means winter is coming and crops harvested in autumn should be stored up. “立冬”意味着冬天的到来,秋季丰收的作物全部收藏入库,是冬季的第一个节气。

63、HANS: Is it very cold in winter? 汉 斯:冬季的天气很冷吗?

64、Dry and cold in winter, when weather and sandstorms. 冬季干冷,时有风沙天气。

65、Hokuriku winter sun, this means the location where, later said that people used on behalf of the winter. 北陆本指太阳冬季所在的方位,后来被人们用来代称冬天。

66、If winter comes , can spring be far behind ?( P. B. Shelley , British poet ) 冬天来了, 春天还会远吗?( 英国诗人。

67、Do you hibernate during the winter? 你在冬天冬眠吗?

68、I think winter is a white season. In winter, it often snows and everything becomes white. Every winter, children are the happiest because they can make the snowman. 我认为冬天是一个白色的季节。在冬天,它经常下雪,一切都变白了。每个冬天,孩子们都是最快乐的,因为他们可以堆雪人。

69、See How to jog in cold weather, How to walk in the winter and How to keep running during snow season for lots of helpful winter exercise tips. 看看关于怎样在冬天慢跑,怎样在冬天散步,怎样在下雪的时候跑步等等这些有用的冬季运动小贴士示吧。

70、Cold winter deserts have long, dry summers and low rainfall or snow in the winter. 冬冷沙漠的夏季长而干燥,冬季则有少量的降水或降雪。

71、When winter comes , baby bears are going to hibernate. 当冬季来临的时候,熊宝宝将要冬眠。

72、Kiyofuyu: Winter Everything depression, between heaven and earth a raw cold, so winter, and "clear Winter" is another name. 清冬:冬季万物萧条,天地间一片清寒,故冬天又“清冬”之别称。

73、I wish all the people will be heathy in the winter and live a happy life in the winter. 我希望所有的人在冬天都健康,并且在冬季生活的愉快。

74、When winter comes, it blows mainly northwesterly wind and has many steady weathers. 秋季冷暖适中,多晴天;冬季以偏北风为主,稳定天气多。


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