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关于”表建议的句型10种“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Table 10 suggested sentence patterns。以下是关于表建议的句型10种的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Table 10 suggested sentence patterns

1、There are 22 arbor species, 4 scrub species, 4 forest-types and 10 suggested experimental species that are good for popularization and application in the region. 该表推荐出适宜在本区推广应用的乔木树种22个、灌木种4个、林种4个,建议试验树种10个。

2、It is recommended to replace the current hydrogen-type cation resin operation mode and the corresponding measurement instrumentation. 同时,建议更改现行的阳树脂氢型方式,并更换相应的测量仪表类型。

3、King got the advice to cut down his texts by 10 percent from an old rejection-letter and has followed this advice for decades. 金从一位拒绝信中得到的建议是将他的原文删除10%,随后的数xx年他都一直遵守这个建议。

4、In her seminars and coaching sessions, she offers 10 suggestions that may help. 在她的研讨班和培训课程中,她提供了10条有用的建议。

5、to be frank, i can not agree with their opinion for the reasons below. 坦率地说,我不能同意他们的意见,理由如下。

6、The default value is 10, and the recommended setting should be between 10 and 100. 其默认值是 10,建议将这个值设置在 10 到 100 之间。

7、Get the Ss to make suggestion and take advice by using the patterns in the dialogue. 本课围绕讨论旅行计划,复习如何提出建议和表达自己的意见的句型。

8、You could suggest going somewhere else by using a "let's" pattern. 你也可以用“let's”句型来建议换一个地方。

9、It was crafted on the advice of police psychologists. 这句话是在警方心理学家的建议下录制的。

10、The statistics advisor also assesses the relative importance of the advice and gives the following two types of recommendations. 统计数据 advisor 还会评估建议的相对重要性,并给出如下两种类型建议。

11、Oracle recommends an empirical value of 10. Oracle建议的经验值是10。

12、i cannot entirely agree with the idea that … .我无法完全同意这一观点的…

13、The proposal is the application of a type of. 建议书是应用文的一种类型。

14、At last they yield to our advice.  他们终于听从了我们的劝告。

15、We advise people on all sorts of PR type things, everything from wine-tasting to car-racing. 我们向人们建议各种类型的公关建议,包括品酒会到赛车等各种各样的活动。

16、Another way to use the "What if" question is to ask for advice. 另一种使用 “What if”问句的情况是征求建议的时候。

17、The recommended space might be one car length per 10 miles-an-hour. 建议的距离可能是每10英里/小时为一个车身距离。

18、Objective To establish the animal model of alcoholic gastritis and investigate the expression of interleukin-10(IL-10) in alcoholic gastritis. 目的建立慢性酒精性胃炎动物模型,研究内源性白介素-10(IL-10)在酒精性胃炎中的表达。

19、as far as i am concerned, i completely agree with the former/ the latter.就我而言,我完全同意前者/后者。

20、Thomas-Greenfield spoke at an October 9-10 conference on infrastructure investment in Africa. 托马斯-格林菲尔德在xx月xx日到xx日举行的非洲基础建设投资会议上发表了讲话。

21、What I suggest is this. 今天要教大家一句是:"What I suggest is this." ‘我要为你建议的是...’

22、The forth chapter discusses empirical research on the Human All-Round Development of 10 sub-provincial cities of China, and proposes these policy recommendations. 第四章是对中国典型的10个副省级城市的人的全面发展的实证研究并提出了政策性建议。

23、Let me is a great pattern to refer to yourself and relationship to other people. et me句型是用来表示你自己和你与他人关系的绝佳句型。

24、We make this recommendation for two reasons.  我们提出此建议有两个原因。

25、He was invited to the party. 他被邀请来参加派对。


26、By the way, I would like to make one recommendation. 顺便提一句,我有个建议

27、i believe the title statement is valid because… . 我认为这个论点是正确的,因为…

28、there is a longrunning debate as to whether… .有一个长期运行的辩论,是否…

29、you could suggest going home and coming back early the next day by using the "let's" pattern. 而是建议大家赶紧回家,第二天上午早点来工作。你可以用“let's”句型来表达。

30、I suggest writing it down word for word. 我建议将想说的一句一句都写下来。

31、We advise that steps be taken at once.  我们建议立即采取措施。

32、my argument for this view goes as follows.我对这个问题的看法如下。

33、Now you can give me some advice.  现在你可以给我一些忠告。

34、It's a suggestion. 这是一种表达建议的方式。

35、Experts suggest that every 10 years for a new mattress. 专家建议,每xx年换一张新床垫。

36、She repulsed his offer of marriage.  她断然拒绝了他的求婚。

37、We suggest using a 10-point type in your warranty because it makes for comfortable reading. 我们建议使用10点,因为它能舒适的阅读。

38、Next, you will decide which recommendation to pursue.  接下来,您将决定采用哪个建议。

39、In a less exciting example, you could use the "let's" pattern to suggest going home. 下面一个例子稍显平淡,你也可以用“let's”句型来建议大家回家。

40、Because it allows you to very softly express a dislike about a suggested action. 因为这个句型能让你以一种委婉温柔的方式表达对某一提议的否定。

41、To be safe, Fonacier recommends that children avoid piercing until after age 10. 为了安全起见,Fonacier建议小孩避免穿耳洞直到xx岁以后。

42、I suggest 10 years to start with. The contract would be extended if both sides agree. 我建议先订xx年。如果双方同意,合同可以延长。

43、Hessan shared her 10 tips with me, and I'm sharing with you. -- Patricia Sellers 赫森与我分享了她的10点建议,现在我拿来与大家分享。

44、"I suggest you consider a box of Legos, " I add. “建议你考虑一盒乐高,”我又加了一句。

45、Montserrat is a beautiful small island in the Caribbean, only 16 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide. 蒙赛拉特岛是加勒比海上的一个美丽的小岛,长仅16千米,宽10千米。 表示“长,宽,深,高,厚,年龄”等句型。

46、More than 10% of calories as polyunsaturated fat is not recommended. 多不饱和脂肪的建议摄取量为不超过摄取食物热量的10%。

47、Things will work out. Q: What does the man advise Allen to do? 四个选项都是祈使句,说明问题问的是会话这一方建议另一方做什么,这样考生就可以将注意力集中于表示建议的语句上。

48、or as in our last example, when you want to suggestnot to do something. 或者在刚才的最后一句例句中,当你想建议不要做某事的时候,也可以用这个句型。

49、Large and luxury room with optional U-type, round type, squire type and desk type layout can accommodate 10-100 people to hold a meeting. 宽阔、奢华的的空间,可以U型、圆型、方型、课桌型自由布置,能容纳10-100人举行会议。

50、Here is a list of 10 things out of the numerously wonderful things he had said; 10 golden lessons that you can put to use in your everyday life. 这里有10句话是从他以前所说过的无数极精彩的话语中提取出来的;这是十条你能用在平时生活之中的宝贵建议。


51、If the insulin hypoglycemia test has indicated a deficiency of pituitary reserve for HGH, a test with R-Gene 10 is advisable to confirm the negative response. 如果胰岛素的降血糖试验表明对HGH,与R-10基因测试垂体储备不足,建议以确认否定的答复。

52、The "I wonder" pattern is a great way to a little bit ambiguously state that I wonder”句型是个很棒的句型,它可以模棱两可地表达

53、His recommendation letter is full of justified statements. 建议书可以说是句句昌言呀!

54、It was advised that 10 to 20 were to be taken daily along the Silk Route. 丝绸之路时,人们建议每天吃10到20这样的水果。

55、We suggest a compromise - 10%. 我们建议双方各让一步-九折。

56、Connect the words to give three pieces of good financial advice. 连词成句,给出三条好的理财建议。

57、Likewise, it is recommended that testing be halted if the application performs poorly at the 10-user level. 同样,如果应用程序在 10 个用户级别上表现不佳,那么我建议您终止测试。

58、But, under no circumstances can I suggest wearing Crocs 8 to 10 hours per day. 但是,我绝不会建议每天穿洞洞鞋8到10个小时。

59、We will orchestrate suggestions that shall work for all other species upon the land and within the surrounding 10-mile radius. 我们将整编出建议为方圆10英里内的所有土地上其它物种而工作。

60、Here are 10 tips on how to help your children make the change smoothly 文中将列举了10条建议帮助您的孩子平稳地转变。


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