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关于”表示原因的句型“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Sentence pattern indicating reason。以下是关于表示原因的句型的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence pattern indicating reason

1、Let me is a great pattern to refer to yourself and relationship to other people. et me句型是用来表示你自己和你与他人关系的绝佳句型。

2、Use it often. Remember that "what do you say" does not mean literally "what do you say". 尽量多多使用这个句型。记住, “what do you say”并不表示字面的意思。

3、This statement is represented in the example as subquery S1. 这个语句在示例中表示为子查询 S1。

4、He showed no further wish to talk with John, who was once a thief. 他似乎不愿再和约翰讲话,因为他曾经作过贼。(定语从句表状语意义说明原因)。

5、The reasons for the seizure "are not very clear", she said. 她表示不清楚这次查抄的原因。

6、It is different from the causal compound sentence and expresses objectivity in a natural order of time sequence and a past time. 与因果复句不同,由“于是”连接的句子具有客观性,只采用按照时间顺序的自然语序,多用于表示过去时、已然体的动态句。

7、So in other words, what it's saying is the configurational energy is zero, because everything is stuck in the ground state. 换句话说,它表示构型能量是零,因为所有分子都冻结在基态。

8、If there is an increase in demand,then prices rise./go up./boost./are higher.1 Different people look at.in different ways.●表示不同看法的句型

9、we have lived in the city for ten years. 句型2:subject (主语) + link. v(系动词) + predicate(表语) 这种句型主要用来表示主语的特点、身份等。

10、This indicates that Plasmodium yoelii of mouse could be used as a protective model for the evaluation of multi-epitope vaccine candidate of Plasmodium falciparum. 结果初步显示,约氏疟原虫鼠疟模型可用作该基因工程多表位恶性疟原虫候选疫苗的保护性评价。

11、I prefer to read rather than watch TV. There is a striking contrast between them 表示事实、现状的常用句型

12、Even better, "Please forgive me" may be used, as it is considered a stronger expression of remorse. 我们甚至可以使用更好的一句“Please forgive me”(请原谅我),因为一般认为这句话更能强烈表达悔意。

13、  ” Thank you for providing the requested information。 如果你询问某人一些信息,他们花了点时间才发送给你,那就用这句句子表示你仍然对他们的付出表示感激。

14、Reasons why this essay is on a comparison between the structures of English are also discussed, and the types of articles where long sentences frequently appear are shown to the readers. 这篇文章的原因是在比较结构的英语进行了讨论,并在那里类型的文章经常出现长句显示给读者。

15、Capps said there are both historical and geographic reasons for this. 卡普斯表示,这其中有历史和地理的原因。

16、Notice how sentence patterns can be useful to ask questions and provide answers. That is why learning even a few key sentence patterns can dramatically improve your English. 你会发现,句型在提问题以及回答问题方面非常有用,这就是为什么学几个关键的句型能大大提高你的英语水平的原因。

17、Mr Ameyaw says there are several reasons for this difference. 阿米约先生表示,这种差异有多种原因。

18、Working in Beijing is the best choice I have made so far. (is与一般的动词不同,用原型就可表示状态,= has been)

19、Or you can use it to express something that you've been pondering, I think”句型也可以用来表示一些你在思考的事情,

20、The message format string identifies the original type of message sent. 消息格式字符串表示了消息发送的原始类型。

21、The reason is that most of these tags are presentational. 原因在于大多数标记都是 表示性的 。

22、The "I wonder" pattern is a great way to a little bit ambiguously state that I wonder”句型是个很棒的句型,它可以模棱两可地表达

23、The REF USING INTEGER clause specifies that the INTEGER data type will be used to represent the REFERENCE type of this structured type and all of its subtypes. REF USING INTEGER 子句指定了 INTEGER 数据类型,将使用这个数据类型表示该结构化类型及其所有子类型的 REFERENCE 类型。

24、We think it necessary to do sth. It plays an important role in our life. 表示变化的常用句型

25、We have good reason to believe that。 表示好处的常用句型


26、You can use the "I'll" pattern to show that you intend to do something, 你可以用 "I'll" 句型来表示你正打算做某事。

27、This is a phenomenon that many people are interested in. However,that’s not the case. 表示例举的常用句型

28、you'd better take him to hospital at once. would better后面直接加动词原型,表示“最好怎样怎样”的意思

29、The prototype included a dashboard that visually displayed GIDC efficiency metrics. 此原型包括直观显示 GIDC 能效指标的仪表板。

30、There are some good reasons for… 这是一个用来分析原因的句型。

31、Last but no least, the shortcoming in educ is the cause contributing to juvenile delinquency. 对于句型例?最后,但并非最不重要,教育上的缺失是助长青少年犯罪的原因。

32、Shanghai lies in the east of China. 表示格言或警句中。

33、"Ruguo … jiu …" expresses a postulation. 表示一种假设关系的句子。

34、Clauses of contrast give information that surprises or contrasts with the main clause . 对比状语从句用来表示超出主句表达的意义或与主句形成对比的资讯。

35、Form a table listing the causes and their frequency as a percentage. 做一个表,列举出原因和出现频率,用百分比表示。

36、There is a mirror over the bed.―― The mirror is over the bed. There be 句型中使用单数句式还是复数句式遵循就近原则。

37、But they say the main reason is that she was unreliable. 不过他们表示,最主要的原因是因为她不值得信赖。

38、There is comparative complement in Miao language because in Miao language, the structure of SVO and preposition are much more typical than that in Chinese. 苗语中存在差比句补语,造成这种区别的原因是苗语的SVO型和前置词型特征比汉语典型。

39、or you can use an "I don't think" question, which, of course, is very similar, only in the negative version of the "I think" question. 当然,你也可以使用“I don't think”的句型,它与“I think”句型十分类似,只不过是以否定句的形式表示。

40、She suggests, however, it's for different reasons. 然而,她表示这些高收入男性不忠的原因又有所不同。

41、Chapter Three is pattern of "causal" expression of Korean and Chinese. 第三章主要描述韩汉语“原因”表达句法格局。

42、Mr. Everson said he was leaving 'for personal and family reasons. 艾佛森则表示他的离开是由于“个人与家庭原因”。

43、We asked him to give us a one-line statement of support. For some reason, that didn't happen. 唯一让他遗憾的是,该片没有得到阿尔戈尔的推荐,“我们请他写一句话表示支持,但是出于种种原因,没能成功。”

44、Thank you for your attention to this matter. 与上述的类似,本句表示了你对对方将来可能提供的帮助表示感谢。

45、That's the reason why we always used radians in math. 这就是我们在数学里用弧度表示角度的原因。

46、A great change will certainly be produced in the world’s communications. The computer has brought about many changes in education. 表示比较的常用句型

47、Causality Sentences is the representative type of the Sentences that states causality. 因果句群又是因果类句群中具有代表性的一类句群。

48、It's a way to nod your head and say that you're okay with moving forward. 这个句型表示你会点头同意继续推进一件事情。

49、A UML class diagram representing the User Goals as UserGoal prototyped classes, each having a set of Measure prototyped measure attributes. UML 类图将用户目标表示为UserGoal 原型化类,每个都拥有一组Measure 原型的度量属性。

50、This is a great pattern that you can use to express a level of certainty, 这是一个很棒的句型,你可以用它来表示某种程度的肯定,


51、In the example, this is represented by the outermost select statement, which uses S1 as a subquery. 在这个示例中,这由最外层的选择语句表示,这个语句将 S1 用作子查询。

52、The population in this city has now increased (decreased)to 800,000. The output of July in this factory increased by 15% compared with that of January. 表示看法的常用句型

53、And here, if anything, the facts' point even more strongly to the same conclusion. 而pointto 在该句中应为“表明”或“暗示”之意。 因此,本段末句不妨译作:在这一问题上要说稍有区别话,事实将更清楚地表明同样结论罢了。

54、LIKE, that indicates that the data type for the parameter will be specified using the LIKE clause and specified using the parameter properties in the LIKE clause section, as shown below. 表示参数的数据类型将被指定为使用 LIKE 子句,并使用 LIKE 子句区段中的参数属性指定,如下所示。

55、Here, OSROOT2 means the original sda2 and OSROOT1 means the original sda1. 在这里,OSROOT2 表示原来的 sda2,OSROOT1 表示原来的 sda1。

56、Finish the following sentence with an adverbial clause of time or concession. 让步状语,由短语和从句表示,常置于句末和句首。

57、"Shi, Ling" can not express the passive; “使、令”字句完全不能表示被动;

58、Or you could also use the "I have" pattern negatively to show that you do not possess something. 当然,你也可以用“I have”句型的否定形式来表示你并没有某些东西。

59、For primitive types, the representation uses a single letter code for each type (such as 'I' for an int and 'Z' for a boolean). 原语类型的表示法为,各类型使用一个单独的字母(如 ‘I’ 表示 int、‘Z’ 表示布尔型)。

60、Because it allows you to very softly express a dislike about a suggested action. 因为这个句型能让你以一种委婉温柔的方式表达对某一提议的否定。

61、The top box in Figure 2 shows the original abstract table model. 图 2 中最上方的方框显示了原来的抽象表模型。

62、In this regard, seamless experts said the main reason is that raw material costs too much. 对此,无缝管专家表示最主要的原因就是原材料成本太大。

63、REFERENCES, that indicates that the data type for the parameter will be specified using the REFERENCES clause and specified using the parameter properties in the REFERENCES clause section. 表示参数的数据类型将被指定为使用 REFERENCES 子句,并通过 REFERENCES 子句区段中的参数属性指定。

64、Water consists of molecules composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, which we describe by the formula H2O. 水分子由两个氢原子和一个氧原子组成,因此可用分子式H2O来表示。(译成表示结果的分句)

65、Makeup may better one's appearance, but you should not care too much about the effectiveness of it. 第五句应该是有点问题的,因为用“但”表示转折。

66、The stree5ts are even more beautiful with all the lights on. 华灯齐放,大街更加漂亮了。(表示原因)

67、Thank you for providing the requested information. 如果你询问某人一些信息,他们花了点时间才发送给你,那就用这句句子表示你仍然对他们的付出表示感激。

68、Because it will give you an opportunity to say when you're not interested in something, 因为这个句型可以让你表达你对某事不感兴趣,

69、That statement came hours after Roemer formally announced his resignation, citing "personal reasons." 在发表上述声明之前几个小时,罗默表示,因“个人原因”将辞去大使职位。


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