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关于”浪漫爱情的诗句“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Poetry of romantic love。以下是关于浪漫爱情的诗句的初三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poetry of romantic love

1、His wife meets a loving and gentle bookseller and starts a romance. 他的妻子遇到了痴情的风度翩翩的书商并开始了浪漫的爱情。

2、It may mean romantic love, but it often symbolizes love for one's family. 粉红色可能意味着浪漫的爱情,但它也往往象征着一个人的亲情。

3、At the same time, he is also a romantic poet, a spoony. 同时,他也是一个浪漫的诗人,一个薄情但多变的人。

4、Men Always Remember Love Because Of Romance Only——duMarlboro! (男人总是因zhi为浪漫才记得爱情) 万宝路的宣dao传口号

5、Libai is a romantic poet. 李白是一个浪漫主义诗人。

6、She wants love, romance and conversation. 她想要爱情、浪漫和交谈。

7、"Lee Spring Spring" is about a middle-aged romantic love story. 李春天的春天》讲述的就是一个中年人的浪漫爱情故事。

8、Marlboro-Man Always Remember Love, Becourse Of Romance Only. 男人总是因为浪漫而记住爱情。

9、Everything I know about romance, I learned from romance novels; 我对浪漫的所有了解都来自爱情小说。

10、May this Valentine bless us with the cupid of love and warmth of romance. 愿情人节带给我们丘比特之爱和暖融融的浪漫。

11、You mean everything to me. Please say yes.Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey! 愿情人节带给我们丘比特之爱和暖融融的浪漫。

12、The purple blue aspic , often is cannot separate with the romantic love. 紫蓝的薰衣草,往往与浪漫的爱情是分不开的。

13、Memorize one of Shakespeares love sonnets and recite it to your partner when you are in a romantic setting like a botanical garden. 背诵莎士比亚的一首爱情诗歌,并当你们在类似植物园内的浪漫环境下背诵给对方。

14、Romantic love and motherhood are sentimentally idealized. 浪漫的爱情和母性被多情地理想化了。

15、This poem is typical of the Romantic period. 这首诗具有浪漫主义时期的特点。

16、Sanmao romantic enthusiasm and kept the Rangers, for injured feelings. 颖慧热情浪漫的三毛,不停的流浪, 为爱痴狂, 为情所伤。

17、The multiflora rose represents the romantic love and so on. 野蔷薇代表浪漫的爱情等。

18、"Romance of the water" concept from the classic Chinese love story "The Butterfly Lovers. “浪漫之水”的构思源于中国经典爱情故事《梁祝》。

19、But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. 但是诗,美,浪漫,爱,这些才是我们生存的原因。

20、Ofcourse, love needs romance and marriage is not a pond of stagnant water either. 诚然,爱情需要浪漫,婚姻也不能是一潭死水。

21、The ultimate romantic hero of candy floss romances is romancing young chick with lots of grace. 最终的浪漫英雄棉花糖爱情是浪漫青年鸡,有很多的宽限期。

22、Scott revived the moribund Roman epic. 这部英雄传奇集战争和爱情于一体,在雷德利·斯科特(导演了《角斗士》)的执导下,一部浪漫的罗马史诗复活了。

23、From star-cross'd lovers and tragic jealousy to unrequited passion and romantic courtship, images of amour are evoked in myriad ways in his plays and poems. 从命运凄惨的情侣、悲剧性的嫉妒,到一厢情愿的迷恋和浪漫的追求,爱情在他的戏剧和诗歌中幻化出无数的形象。

24、It reflects Wordsworth's strong love of nature as a romanticist . 这首诗反映了华兹华斯这位浪漫主义作家对大自然的强烈的爱。

25、Xu is renowned for importing "New Wave" romanticist poetry into Chinese verse. 徐志摩将西方“新浪潮”的浪漫主义诗歌风格引入中国诗,并因此闻名。


26、Keats is one of the greatest romantic poets . 济慈是伟大的浪漫主义诗人。

27、Libai is a romanticism style poet. 李白是一位浪漫主义风格的诗人!

28、Campus love are extremely romantic, about the love, what we need to pay attention to ? 校园爱情非常浪漫,关于爱情,我们需要注意什么?

29、Japan was ruled by aristocrats who cared nothing for the art of war but were devoted to poetry, music, calligraphy and romantic love. 日本的统治阶级仍是贵族,他们不问他事,只顾一心投入诗歌、音乐、书法与浪漫爱情之中。

30、Bills split, roommate fun, the kindness of friends and the potential for romance. 分摊的费用、合租的乐趣,朋友的友情,浪漫的爱情。

31、In this chapter, you'll find words and phrases about love and relationships. 这一章,你将读到有关爱情和浪漫关系的字词和片语。

32、Du Mu (803—852) was a famous poet of the Tang dynasty and is best remembered for his lyrical and romantic quatrains . 杜牧(803—852)是唐朝著名诗人,他的抒情与浪漫绝句诗最为人所称道。

33、I want to meet my Prince Charming, a romantic encounter love story! 我想遇到我的白马王子,邂逅一段浪漫的爱情故事!

34、Objectivist poets are realistic, while Imagist poets are romantic. 诗人是客观现实,而意象派诗人的浪漫。

35、Pity it's sad, romantic love is so heart dance with winding gracefully! 怜它的悲、喜爱它的浪漫、让心情与之缠绕优雅地共舞!

36、Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate romance and love and kissy-face fealty. 情人节是用来表达浪漫爱情和对爱的忠诚的节日。

37、May : It tells a romantic and humorous love story. 阿美:它讲诉了一个浪漫而诙谐地爱情故事。

38、It's Valentine's Day in the ER and Love is blind. 在浪漫的情人节,「爱情」令《仁心仁术》内众人也变得盲目了!

39、Ladder of love, this mountain has added a romantic. 爱情天梯的存在,更为这片山林增添了一抹浪漫色彩。

40、Man Always Remember Love Because of Romance Over.(男人只因浪漫而牢记爱情)

41、Keep it focused on romance with weekly love notes, romantic poems, and photos. 通过每周发布恋爱笔记,写情诗,晒照片,让你的主页成为浪漫焦点。

42、Get into the Valentines mood with the 100 greatest love songs ever. 要为你的情人节增加浪漫气息,就来听听100首最经典的爱情歌曲。

43、Sternberg calls that "romantic love." 斯腾伯格称之为浪漫式爱情“

44、Sternberg calls that "romantic love." 斯腾伯格称之为浪漫式爱情

45、"We wouldn't have love, " Linden says. “我们也不会有浪漫的爱情,”林登说。

46、This window of fun and frivolity is also fabulous time for love affairs and romance. 这个轻松娱乐的时刻也非常适合爱情和浪漫。

47、Such poets as Keats and Shelly wrote romantic poetry. 有些诗人,如济慈和雪莱,写的是浪漫主义诗歌。

48、At the same time, he is also a romantic poet, a spoony . 同时,他也是一个浪漫的诗人,一个痴情但多变的人。

49、The longing associated with that early bloom of romantic love is well known and is the subject of love songs, romantic movies, and love stories. 渴望绽放烂漫的爱情之花是爱情歌曲、浪漫电影、爱情故事的永恒主题。

50、Aquarius man in love is also very romantic and amorous and there will be no dearth for romance. 恋爱中的水瓶男既浪漫又多情,你们的爱情里绝对少不了浪漫情调。


51、M en allways remember love because of romantic only . 浪漫使男人牢记爱情。

52、Romanticists are divided into two different schools:the active one and the passive one and each has different characteristics. 浪漫主义诗人分为两大流派:积极浪漫主义诗人和消极浪漫主义诗人。

53、But poetry, beauty, romance, love -- these are what we stay alive for。 但诗歌、美丽、浪漫、爱情,这些才是我们活着的意义。

54、More laughter and love and romance. 多些欢笑、情爱和浪漫。

55、Do you love green?The romance of Green is romance of life. I wish all your romantic tours will keep prime. 你热爱绿色吗?绿色的浪漫是生命的浪漫,愿您的浪漫之旅永保青春。

56、The Poetry The Romance of River is Lei Xiping's gentle experience on his life and administrative matters in 2004. 诗集《河浪漫》是桂林诗人雷熹平在xx年中对生活和行政事务的温情体验。

57、“MARLBORO”其实是“Man Always Remember Love Because Of Romance Only”的缩写,意为“男人只因浪漫而牢记爱情”。

58、This traveling life got him off the family burdens and his genius was brilliantly displayed in his poem. 这一生活方式使之摆脱了家庭之累,诗人浪漫的才情也得以尽情发挥。

59、Lord Byron expresses his genuine feelings and romantic aspiration through Don Juan. 英国诗人拜伦通过《唐•璜》表述他真实情怀及浪漫诗人的理想。

60、Romantically, you will be hot all month, and actually, all year. 浪漫的是,你整个月都处于爱情的热浪中——实际上,是一整年。

61、Elizabeth's romantic marriage is not only contributed to her, but also the most beautiful of the Victorian era, love sonnet poems. 是伊丽莎白的浪漫婚姻促成了她的、也是整个维多利亚时代的、最美丽的爱情商籁体诗。

62、But, who can resist camellia only America and the romantic love? 可是,谁能拒茶花唯美而浪漫的爱情?。

63、Xu Zhimo's love poems have shown adventurous spirit and romantic feelings under the influence of the knight spirit in the Middle Age. 西方文化的渗透使得徐志摩的爱情诗在中世纪骑士精神的熏陶下,流溢出骑士的冒险精神和浪漫情怀;

64、Is black and white photos no more romantic, but also reveals the poetic. 虽是黑白照片没有多的浪漫色彩,但也显诗情画意。

65、May: It tells a romantic and humorous love story. 阿美: 它讲述了一个浪漫而诙谐的爱情故事。

66、Elizabeth liked to read poetry and romantic stories. 伊丽莎白喜欢读诗和浪漫小说。

67、There's profound romanticism in his poetries. 他的诗作带有很深厚的浪漫主义色彩。

68、The romantic love, is the beautiful fairy tale story. 浪漫的爱情,是美丽的童话故事。

69、Cheng has played in many romantic films, which tell the love stories of others. 郑秀文曾出演过许多讲述他人爱情故事的脍炙人口的浪漫爱情电影。

70、Men Always Remember Love Because Of Romance Only——Marlboro! (男人总是因为浪漫才记得爱情) 万宝路的宣传口号

71、Hear the shells of perfect, representative was deeply rooted romantic love, is the patron saint of love; 听说紫贝壳代表完美、坚贞不移的浪漫爱情,是爱的守护神;

72、The natural sentiment and abundant imagination constitute the romantic disposition of LiQi's poems. 天性的多情和丰富的想象力构成了李琦诗歌浪漫的气质。

73、If you believe the poets and the jewelry commercials, love is eternal. 如果你相信浪漫诗人和珠宝商——爱情是永恒;


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