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关于”可以句子的软件“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Sentence software。以下是关于可以句子的软件的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence software

1、There can be multiple files specified in this clause. 在该子句中可以指定多个文件。

2、Application Settings: If you look within the AppData folders, you'll see directories for each and every application you're running. 软件配置文件夹:在AppData文件夹里,你可以看到每个你在运行的软件的文件夹。

3、It started with Gmail’s success —a fast, powerful online email app that beats desktop email apps hands down. 首先是Gmail的大获成功—在与快速强大的在线电子邮件软件较量中,过去的桌面电子邮件软件毫无招架之力。

4、Avraham demonstrated the OS' ability to assign specific webapps to different files and links by clicking an .xls (Microsoft Excel) file, which then opened in Microsoft's online Office suite. 亚伯拉罕通过点击了一个 xls (微软Excel 电子表格)文件,连接到“微软Office在线版”证明了这句话。

5、This screen shot shows you what the small application looks like on your desktop. 这个截屏可以看到这个小软件在你桌面的样子。

6、In other words, the license may require that all software bundled with the open source software, including any newly developed software, must be released under the same license. 换句话说,该许可证可能要求与开源软件一 起打包的所有软件,都必须在相同的许可证之下发布。

7、Life cycle and maintenance accounts for 85% of software costs (11:55), so software needs to be readable. 软件的生命周期和维护会占去整个软件成本的85%,所以软件 代码必须有很强的可读性。

8、In other words, they’ve got rickets. 换句话说,越来越多的英国孩子得了软骨病。

9、This means that code distributed under the ASL can be incorporated into GPLv3 software. 就是说在ASL下发布的软件可以集成到GPLv3协议的软件中。

10、Software with high quality, good reliability, good reusability, good maintainability, can be obtained, when designed using the method of CBSD. 使用基于构件软件开发可以设计出质量好、可靠性高、可重用性好、可维护性好的软件。

11、Some file-sharing software may install malware or adware, and some files may include unwanted content. 某些文件共享软件可能会安装恶意软件或广告软件,以及某些文件可能包含你不想要的内容。

12、It can be redistributed with free software or closed software and with various software distributions. 它能够重新分配免费软件或者限于少数人的软件以及各种软件。

13、I divided the content she reviewed this afternoon into many sentences using software. 我用一个软件把她今天下午复习过的内容切割成一句一句的音频材料。

14、Software scheme development, algorithm design and optimization, source code compiling, software debug, application document and detailed design document creation, etc. 软件方案开发,算法设计与优化,源代码编写,软件调试,软件使用说明,以及软件详细设计说明等;

15、Software body sales through CD, virtual software dog can be transmitted by E-mail. 软件主体通过光盘发售,使虚拟软件狗可以通过电子邮件传送。

16、This platform includes a FPGA based hardware sub-platform and a software sub-platform running on host PC. 这一平台采用FPGA作为硬件仿真子平台,采用运行于上位机上的控制和驱动软件作为软件仿真子平台。

17、Software component technology is the core technology that support software reuse, the design, development and use of reusable component can improve software quality, reduce development costs. 软件构件技术是支持软件复用的核心技术,可复用构件的设计、开发和使用可以提高软件的质量、降低开发的成本。

18、This includes revenues from software licenses, maintenance and support, training and software-related services, and consulting. 软件许可收入、软件支持和维护收入、软件培训和相关服务的收入,以及软件咨询收入。

19、SOA assembles applications out of software atomic services, which are reusable components, but at a much coarse-grained level. SOA 使用软件原子服务组装应用程序,而软件原子服务是可重用的组件,但其粒度较粗。

20、The docutils package consists of quite a few subpackages, in fairly complicated relation to each other. docutils 软件包包含很多子软件包,各子软件包之间的关系相当复杂。

21、ZIM is one such package that helps you create a wiki on your desktop. ZIM正是这样一个软件,可以帮助你在自己的电脑上建立一个维基。 换句话说,你可以把ZIM当作一款极棒的笔记软件使用。

22、You can use this feature to distribute software that comes with Everyplace Access as well as customized software packages for your own applications. 可以使用这个特性来分发软件,这些软件与 Everyplace Access 一起且可以为您自己的应用程序定制软件包。

23、You decide whether to receive the messages as email, via IM or as text messages on your mobile. 你可以决定使用电子邮件,即时通讯软件或手机短信来接收信息。

24、Licensees are free to combine open source and other software. 被许可方可以自由地组合开放源码软件和其他软件。

25、Do as a small electronic book software. 如做电子书籍一个小软件。


26、The software class represents a software package that can be distributed to a device within a software distribution job. 软件类代表一个软件包,可以将其分发给包含软件分发作业的设备。

27、Computer Tools-Software's can be classified in copyright as common software, business software, share software and free software. 工具软件从版权意思上可以分为:公用软件、商业软件、共享软件、免费软件。

28、Packages usually contain precompiled software, but you can also package source code. 软件包通常包含的是预编译的软件,但您也可以打包源代码。

29、You do not wrap or distribute the SOFTWARE in a component that can be used for development purposes on any application, tool, environment or container. 你不能将该软件SOFTWARE作为组成部份装入任何可能用于应用软件,软件开发工具,软件系统或软件总成的开发软件包中。

30、It allows you to create professional-looking documents, brochures and reports. 该软体可以让你制作外观专业的文件,小册子和报告。

31、A user can mix and match open source software with any other software. 用户可以将开放源码软件与其他任何软件混合和匹配。

32、It encrypts message text, e-mail attachments and reply-to headers. 该软件加密信息文本,电子邮件附件以及回复标题。

33、The software can also detect subtle changes in the style of an e-mail communication. 这个软件还可以检测一份电子邮件交流风格的微妙变化。

34、There are three ways to make the Internet safer for your children-hardware, software, and underwear. 有三种方法可以让你们的孩子使用网络时更安全些--硬件,软件和内衣。

35、Step 3: Checking the atomic software functionalities 步骤 3:检查原子软件功能

36、The cleanroom software engineering is a software engineering technology to develop software with high reliability. 净室软件工程法是一种开发高可靠性软件的软件工程技术。

37、Component based software engineering is the necessary tendency of software technology in the next century. It is also one of the hottest topics in current software engineering realm. 软件构件化可以说是跨世纪软件技术发展的必然趋势,也是软件工程界的一个热门话题。

38、By the way, XAMPP also provides the entire source code to the stack, so you can apply customizations or add to the stack if you need to. 顺便说一句,XAMPP 还提供软件组合的完整源代码,所以如果需要的话,可以对它应用定制或添加新组件。

39、Component based software engineering will raise software production efficiency, improve software reliability, readability and maintainability. 组件软件工程的出现,将会大大提高软件生产效率,增加软件的可靠性、易读性、易维护性。

40、You can merge the software update package with the original software package that it updates by using IBM Packaging Utility to create a complete software package. 您可以使用 IBM Packaging Utility,将软件更新包与原始软件包合并,建立一个完整的软件包。

41、Use free spreadsheet software from Open Office, Zoho or Google. 使用办公软件,Zoho或Google的免费电子表格软件。

42、You can upload documents, videos, images, mp3s , ebooks, shareware etc. It supports upto 5GB 你可以上传文字文件、视频、图片、歌曲、电子书、共享软件等等,支持上传5G文件(还是5G空间?

43、BONUS: Another incredibly useful package is "virtualbox-guest-additions". 另外:virtualbox-guest-additions也是一个非常实用且好用的软件包(该软件包也可从VBox软件中安装)。

44、Software giant Microsoft has launched its "Screen Blackout" anti-piracy program among millions of Chinese computer users. 例句软件业巨头微软公司在全中国数百万电脑使用者中启动“黑屏”反盗版行动。

45、You can send your application via email, CD-ROM or floppy disk. 你可以通过电子邮件、CD光盘或者软盘发送你的应用软件。

46、Therefore, I have to try all means, like using a translation software or consulting others in the forums, to understand the sentences. 所以只能使出浑身解数,先是找翻译软件来翻译一些短语或句子,发现行不通就在“百度知道”里咨询各路高手。

47、Software-reliability evaluation can estimate and predict reliabilities of software. 软件可靠性评估可以估计和预计软件可靠性水平。

48、Software, Microsoft Excel calculation experience with test data process as plus. 具备微软程序软件,微软电子表格办公软件相关知识者优先。

49、This software can be said to be one of the necessary software and strongly recommended. 此软件可以说是必备软件之一,强烈推荐。

50、The PRS-500, one of Sony's first eReaders, however, is not compatible with the Google Books software. 你可以通过这个链接(link)下载一个必须的软件,另外索尼早期的电子书阅读器PRS-500无法与谷歌的图书软件兼容。


51、To get Sky, users will have to download the latest version of Google Earth. 例句如果想得到天空软件,用户只要下载最新版谷歌地球即可。

52、your Internet safety plan at home, but they don't take the place of an informed and involved 可以让过滤软件和阻止软件成为你家庭网络安全计划的一部分。 但记住,在学识以及对孩子关切程度上,这些软件永远取代不了你的位置。

53、Then I taught her how to cut sentences using software. 接着,我教了她如何利用软件来切割句子。

54、Best of all, Lotus Connections works with your existing email, instant messaging, and portal software. 最妙的是,Lotus Connections 可以与已有的电子邮件、即时消息和门户软件协作。

55、You downloaded each as a ZIP file. 您可以下载每个软件的 zip 文件。

56、Open core software is proprietary software built on top of open source software. 开源内核软件是以开源软件为基础构建的闭源软件。

57、Can you include GPL software in your software? 您可以在自己的软件中包含 GPL 软件吗?

58、To my most happily, she learned how to use software to cut the sentences. 最让我高兴的是,她学会了如何利用软件来切割句子。

59、Bug-patches - We provide free software bug-patches to resolve found bugs. 软件补丁 - 我们提供免费的软件补丁包,以解决发现的软件错误。

60、There, you can view the hardware and software inventory information that has been collected by the Electronic Service Agents. 可以在其中查看电子服务代理已经收集的硬件和软件目录信息。

61、OK, lets start to discuss the. technique to crash decompiler . "Make player read from the middle of the sentence". 那么,让我们现在讨论一下终结剽窃软件的技术吧!“让播放器从句子中间阅读”

62、You can add one or more search conditions to a WHERE clause. 可以向 WHERE 子句添加一个或多个搜索条件。

63、You can either install this resulting software package directly or use it to update another software package. 可以直接安装这个软件包,也可以使用它来更新另一个软件包。

64、High-level leaders in French *** Software Corporation come too vis t HongXing Company. 法国***软件集团高层来访红星公司 这句怎么翻译成…

65、You can install other software on it, you don't have to use the Apple Store, you can use third party stores. 你可以在上面安装其他的软件,你不需要使用苹果原装软件,可以使用第三方的软件。


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