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关于”分别的句子“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Separate sentences。以下是关于分别的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Separate sentences

1、The model is a parser based on lexicalized model, it is combined with segmentation and POS tagging model and thus a language parser is built. 该模型是一个词汇化的句法分析模型,能结合分词、词性标注进行句法分析;

2、The English sentence structure is well-knit and regular, but in its use, the students usually come cross the phenomenon of English words separation that causes the difficulties in understanding. 通过对这些词语分离现象的分析,认为理解句子中的词语分离是一个认知模式,学习者在学习过程中应采取认知策略达到对这类句子的理解。

3、The verbs need the corresponding grammar elements in event sentences and non-event sentences on the sentence structural level. 在句法层面上,事件句、非事件句和构句成分有相互的选择关系。

4、There are usually no nested statements, blocks, and so forth in assembler statements. 语句中通常不包含嵌套语句,分程序等等。

5、Here is an example of lexing and parsing a sentence. 以下是对一个句子进行词法分析和解析的示例。

6、The generic is mainly distributed on place of subject in abstract event-sentences, judgment-sentences, "you"character sentences and abstract adjective predicate sentences. 通指主要分布在抽象事件句、判断句、“有”字句、抽象的形容词谓语句的主语位置上。

7、Part Four:The research on synonymous body nouns in meaning. 第五部分:人体近义名词的句法分布。

8、This world, already can't tell which sentence is the true which sentence is false. 这个世界,已分不清哪句是真哪句是假。

9、Question 82: What is a fused sentence? How do I fix a fused sentence, a run-on sentence, or a comma splice ? 问题82: 什么是流水句?怎样修复这种不分意群的句子?

10、Each lesson is divided into six parts: Sentences, Conversation, Substitution and Extension, New Words, Grammar, and Exercises. 每课分句子、会话、替换与扩展、生词、语法、练习等六部分。

11、The CREATE PROCEDURE statement provides special syntax for Oracle routines in packages, a three-part name in the SOURCE clause where the middle part identifies the package. CREATE PROCEDURE 语句为包中的 Oracle 例程提供了特殊语法,即 SOURCE 子句中分三部分的名称,其中中间的部分标识包。

12、The former includes chinese word segmentation part-of-speech tagging pinyin tagging named entity recognition new word detection syntactic parsing word sense disambiguation etc. 前者涉及到词法、句法、语义分析,包括汉语分词、词性标注、注音、命名实体识别、新词发现、句法分析、词义消歧等。

13、这两个分句由一个逗号分开。 The two clauses are separated by a comma.

14、In the aspect of syntax, it mainly studies the elements of the sentence which"Vshangqu"can be and the characteristics and categories of V. 句法上主要考察了“V上去”可以充当的句子成分以及与“上去”搭配的动词的特点和分类。

15、Registers and releases, respectively, a callback handler for an IRQ line. The registration can be exclusive or shared. 分别用于注册和释放在IRQ线路上的回调句柄!

16、Chapter six discusses the second type of special-construction causatives, factitivesentence. 第六章,分析由特定句法格式构成的致使句的第二种——使成句。

17、Sentence boundary is an important initial task for many natural language processing applications, such as part-of-speech tagging and parsing etc. 句子边界识别是词性标注和句法分析等自然语言处理系统的基础问题。

18、Also note that the first two types in the class clause are LongWritable and Text, which are the byte count and line of text, respectively. 还要注意,class 子句的前两个类型是 LongWritable 和 Text,分别是字节数和文本行数。

19、Text Completion questions include a passage composed of one to five sentences with one to three blanks. 段落完型部分包括一个段落含有1至5个句子,每个句子有1至3个空格。

20、Due to their kinship, the English and German languages are quite similar in grammatical hierarchies, which can be seen at the levels of morphemes, words, word groups, clauses and sentences. 基于英语德语两种语言在历史上的亲缘关系,两种语言在语法层次构建方式上十分相似,分别体现在词素、词、词组、分句、句子各层面上。

21、What do you think has happened to him? 分析:整句话其实就是一个一般疑问句What has happened to him?

22、For example, if the judge says adjective clause, groups have five minutes to compose as many sentences as they can that include dependent adjective clauses. 比如,如果法官说的是形容词从句,那么其他学生就要在5分钟的时间内造尽可能多的包含形容词从句的句子。

23、The numeral consistency between sentence elements is the most important character of Mongolian grammar and sentence structure in the Middle Mongolian. 句子成分之间的数的一致性是中世纪蒙古语语法、句法的重要特点。

24、Pick out the participles or gerunds in the following sentences and give their functions. 区别下列句子中的分词和动名词,并说明它们的作用。

25、In the aspect of syntax, it mainly studies the elements of the sentence which"Vqilai"can be and the characteristics and categories of V. 句法上主要考察了“V起来”可以充当的句子成分以及与“起来”搭配的动词的特点和分类。


26、At the time to bid farewell, the two could hardly tear themselves apart from each other, and kept talking. 可以给你看一个例句。 分手时辰他们俩难分难舍,又说了好多惜别的话。

27、Analyse this complex sentence into many clauses. 将这个复合句分析成许多从句。

28、The syntactic features of a word include part of speech and its advanced categories, its function in a sentence and its syntactic collocations. 词的句法属性包括词性以及词性的进一步分类、它在句子结构中的作用以及它的句法搭配。

29、Use a semi- colon to mark the chief turn in the sentence. 用分号来作为句子主要转折的标记。

30、Water consists of molecules composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, which we describe by the formula H2O. 水分子由两个氢原子和一个氧原子组成,因此可用分子式H2O来表示。(译成表示结果的分句)

31、There were two experiments to investigate the Chinese negative declarative sentences and negative imperative sentences individually. 研究共分为两个实验,分别考察了汉语否定陈述句与否定祈使句。

32、Sometimes, there may also contain clauses clauses. 有时候,分句里面有可能还包含分句。

33、You may also use a semicolon to connect two otherwise complete sentences even if they are connected by a conjunction, if the first sentence already has one or more commas in it. 即使分句之间已经用了连词来连接,只要第一个子句里已经有了一个或多个逗号,也可以使用分号来连接两个中间已经加了连词的两个完整子句。

34、SQL statement distribution shows the distribution of dynamic and static SQL statements for a database. SQL 语句分布图显示数据库的动态和静态 SQL 语句的分布情况。

35、Postpositioning the sentence elements and prepositioning sentence elements are the two major means of stress by shifting the order of words in a sentence. 通过改变词序来实现强调的手段主要有“句子成分的后移”和“句子成分的前置”,而“成分后移”在这两种主要的强调手段中又占主要部分。

36、Complete this sentence: "I wish I had someone with whom I could share … "" 补完句子:“我希望有一个可以分享……的人。”

37、The lexer is the part of our language knowledge that says "this is a sentence; this is punctuation; twenty-three is a single word." 词法分析器是我们的语言知识中识别“这是一个句子; 这是标点;twenty-three 是一个单一的词”的那一部分。

38、In a word, prioritize. 一句话,分清主次。

39、To get all subordinates over all levels, the PRIOR operator must be added to the CONNECT BY part of the hierarchical query clause. 要获取所有级别上的所有下属,必须将 PRIOR 运算符添加到分级查询子句的 CONNECT BY 部分。

40、Based on the structure feature of the question, machine learning and chunk parsing theory, an approach for question chunk parsing using neural networks is implemented. 在中文问句的结构特点基础上,结合机器学习及组块分析理论,对问句进行组块分析,实现了基于神经网络的问句组块识别算法,并应用于银行领域自动问答系统中。

41、The parser was evaluated on the standard test set with PARSEVAL metric. It performed with the precision of 85.89% and the recall rate of 85.61% on the sentences with gold segmentation and POS tagging. 在公共的测试集上对句法分析器的性能进行了评价,对于正确分词和词性标注的句子,句法分析的精确率和召回率分别达到85.89%和85.61%。

42、Anyone remember how to distinguish sentences from arguments? 谁还记得怎样区分句子和论点?

43、When you have two otherwise complete sentences that you want to connect to form one long sentence, use a semicolon between them. 当你想把两个完整的句子连接成一个长句时,可以在它们之间加一个分号。

44、Write two sentences about each of the two most famous battles fought at Gallipoli by the ANZACs. 写两个句子,分别描述澳洲新西兰军团士兵在Gallipoli的最著名的战役。

45、For example, "language identification" =>"language specific segmentation" =>"sentence boundary detection" =>"entity detection (person/place names etc.)". 例如 “语言识别” =>“特定于语言的部分” =>“句子范围检测” =>“实体检测(人员/位置的名称等等)”。

46、The interrogative sentence of "Xian Yu Jing" is divided into specific interrogation, general interrogation, alternative interrogation and positive and negative alternative interrogation. 高陵方言中的疑问句和普通话一样,也分为特指问句、是非问句、反复问句和选择问句,但结构形式不同。

47、The biggest happyness is we should believe we are loved by someone. 这是我最喜欢的句子,想与你们分享… …

48、It is not recommended to set SQL_ATTR_REOPT attribute after statement handle is allocated. 不推荐在分配语句句柄之后设置 SQL_ATTR_REOPT 属性。

49、It is, of course, equally correct to write each of these as two sentences, replacing the semicolons with periods. 当然,其中的两个分句如果不使用分号,写成两个完整的句子也都是对的。

50、Experts say it is exceedingly difficult for a computer to break a sentence into parts, then translate and reassemble them. 专家们表示,用计算机分句、翻译并重新组成句子,这极为困难。


51、Each tag question must agree in tense and subject with its preceding statement. 反意疑问句的问句部分一定要与前面陈述句的时态和人称一致。

52、Break when a period or full stop is followed by a white space; this is assumed to be the end of a sentence or paragraph. 遇到句号或者后跟空白的停顿时分割,假定为句子或段落的结束。

53、A coordinate complex sentence is composed of clauses with coordinate relations. In a coordinate complex sentence all the clauses are equal, there are no primary-secondary relations. For example. 并列复句由表示并列关系的分句构成的。 并列复句中各分句都是平等, 没有主次关系。 比如。

54、Abbreviating a sentence means cutting out the redundant parts of the sentence without changing its original meaning. 缩句就是在不改变原意的条件下将句子的羡余部分去掉。

55、Looking forward to the next meeting. 以上就是三个英文句子分别时回说的话答

56、Paratactic relation at the sentential level refers to constructions whose components are linked in meaning through juxtaposition and punctuation / intonation and not through the use of conjunctions. 在句子层次上的形合是指句子的各个组成部分是通过连接词来连接的。

57、Whatever the position is, it is always accompanied by a nucleotropism syntactic component in the subject-predicate sentence, otherwise there would be no possibility of its appearance at all. 不管是哪种句法位置中的非向核性句法成分,它们至少同主谓句中的一个向核性句法成分同现,相互间存在语义指向关系;否则,非向核性句法成分不可能出现在主谓句中。

58、A subordindate complex sentence is composed of clauses with a subordinate relation. Between the clauses there is a primary and a secondary. For example. 偏正复句由具有偏正关系的分句构成的, 各分句之间有主有次。 例如。

59、Based on these observations, they created the notion of Functional Sentence Perspective (FSP) to describe how information is distributed in sentences. 基于这些观察,他们创造出“句子功能前景”(FSP)这个概念来描述信息是如何分布在句子里的。

60、Complex sentences can be divided into the two types coordinate complex sentence and subordindate complex sentences. 复句可以分成并列复句和偏正复句两类。

61、With the red pen difficult sentences will long sentence, figure out what meaning, unknown division of consulting guangzhou new Oriental summer camp teacher; 用红笔将长难句句子成分划分,弄懂意思,不明的就咨询广州新东方夏令营老师。

62、The results show that, for Chinese dependency parsing, action-based parsers outperform generative and discriminative parsers . 结果显示,对于中文依存句法分析,决策式句法分析在性能上好于产生式和判别式句法分析。

63、What sections, paragraphs, words or sentences seem especially significant? Why? How does the writer use repetition - of words, phrases, sentences or passages - in the piece? 哪些部分、段落或字句似乎特别重要?为什么?这位作者如何在作品中使用字、词、句子或段落的重复?

64、Dispatcher: Handles registering and unregistering of request handlers. Dispatches resources the demultiplexer to the associated request handler. 派发器:处理惩罚恳求句柄的注册和刊出。分别器派发资料授与之相干的恳求句柄。

65、Automatically recognizing predicate is one of the important research topics in shallow parsing. 谓词的自动识别是浅层句法分析的重要内容。

66、In a sentence , participles can also be used as objective complements. 在一个句子中分词也可以作宾补。

67、For algol, write one subprogram for statements, one for declarations and one for expressions . 对于算法语言来说,我们可以分别把语句、说明和表达式编成子程序。

68、The two clauses are separated by a comma. 这两个分句由一个逗号分开。

69、As an engineer , how does he give his skills a full play ? 这样,就是‘怎样充分发挥他的技能’了,与原句稍微有别。

70、Residence: Pensacola, FL What are the two indispensable parts of a sentence? 一个句子不可或缺的两个成分是什么?

71、( Grammar) referring to or qualifying another sentence element. (语法)指称或修饰限定另外一个句子成分。

72、the children born here are kind hearted. 呵呵 born 是过去分词,它后面的成分是句子的定语。

73、The most popular verse form, he said, is called "ferskeytla, " four rhymed lines that can be divided into two parts. 他说,最流行的诗歌形式名叫“ferskeytla”,它有四句押韵的诗句,可以分为两部分。

74、Overt and verbalized responses can be divided into answers and replies. 显性言语应答分为回答句和回应句。

75、When lord son say a words, where permit penny of half question objection. 当主子的说一句话,哪里容得半分反驳。


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