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关于”语句唯美的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Beautiful sentences。以下是关于语句唯美的句子的托福英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Beautiful sentences

1、Like beauty, “ugly” is in the eyes of the beholder. 正如“情人眼里出西施”这句谚语一样,人们总是特别关注漂亮的人,其实,人们也会关注长得难看的人。

2、In this sentence the verb is in the subjunctive mood. 在这个句子里,动词用的是虚拟语气。

3、Music was the negation of sentences, music was the anti-word! 音乐是对句子的否定,是一种反词语!

4、When you have multiple statements in an SQL script, each statement must be separated from the one that follows by a statement terminator. 如果 SQL 脚本中有多个语句,那么每一个语句都必须用一个语句结束符与前一个语句隔开。

5、We should guess its meaning in sentence first. 我们应该先根据句子来猜词语的意思。

6、Entailment and presupposition are different semantic relations among sentences. 蕴含和预设是句子之间两种不同的语义关系。

7、has the title is the predicate in the first statement. has the title 是第一个句子的谓语。

8、Seen from a distance , the farmhouse looked deserted 以上包括不定式、状语从句、宾语从句、定语从句。

9、Sub-category features belonged to syntactic properties. 子语类特征属于句法特征。

10、When this statement is executed, the subquery is evaluated first. 当这条语句执行的时候, 子查询会先执行.

11、This is the opening sentence of the Confucian Analects, a record of the dialogues of Confucius and his disciples. 这是孔子和他的弟子们的语录《论语》的开头一句话。

12、Hypotaxis at the intra-sentential level lies in the S-P mechanism and the use of prepositions and the expletive words. 在句内层面上,主要表现在英语句子的主谓机制、介词和填补词的使用。

13、Word -for- word translations from one language to another often result in ungrammatical or meaningless sentences. This can be illustrated by translating the following French sentences. 一个字一个字的将一种语言翻译成另一种语言常常导致不合法和无意义的句子。这一点能够通过下面法语句子的翻译来说明。

14、In some languages, all the sentences must include or exclude some specific substrings. Sometimes, the substrings must be replaced. It is difficult for a Turing machine to accept such languages. 某些语言中的所有句子必须包含有或者不能包含有特定的子串,或者需要将语言中句子所包含的子串进行替换。

15、The Chinese teacher asked me to read the text aloud. 语文老师让我大声朗读这篇课文句子

16、The process of this article is from elements to integrity , namely, firstly investigate sentences'subjects, then predicates and at last the whole sentence. 本文考察的思路是先要素后整体,即先考察主谓主语句的主语,接着考察谓语,再综合考察整个句子。

17、We should translate this sentence in passive voice. 我们应该用被动语态翻译这个句子。

18、is written by is the predicate in the second statement. is written by 是第二个句子的谓语。

19、Because a null statement is a statement , it is legal anywhere a statement is expected. 由于空语句也是一个语句,因此可用在任何允许使用语句的地方。

20、And for soldiers who don’t have time for language training, there’s the Phraselator – a handheld device that translates English phrases into other languages. 对于没时间接受语言训练的士兵,有“词句翻译机”,一种可将英文句子翻译成其他语言的手持装置。

21、Passive Voice is one of the most important grammar points in English. When active voice is used in the English sentence, the agent is accentuated by being at the beginning of the sentence; 英语被动句是英语的一大语法要点,当英语句子使用主动语态时,施事成为主位得到了突出;

22、But a statement object submits different SQL statements to batch, while prepared statement submits a set of parameters to batch. 但语句对象提交不同的 SQL 语句进行批处理,而预置语句提交的是一组参数。

23、Statement labels, GOTO, and LOOP statements in the SPL language SPL 语言中的语句标签、GOTO 和 LOOP 语句

24、The conclusion of this study is that syntactic processing and semantic processing interact with each other in the late proficient Chinese-English bilinguals'comprehension of English sentences. 本研究结论是:在晚期汉英双语者理解英语句子的过程中存在句法加工和语义加工的交互作用。

25、The information of word, semantic and word string is used together in the process of calculating the sentence similarity. 该方法综合利用词语、语义和词串信息进行句子相似度计算,并在此基础上进行句子聚类。 实验表明。


26、It was crazy-four different languages in that silly sentence! 这个可笑的句子里居然有四种语言。

27、( Grammar) referring to or qualifying another sentence element. (语法)指称或修饰限定另外一个句子成分。

28、Why do bilinguals switch from one language to another in mid-sentence? 为什么双语切换到另一个从一种语言中的句子?

29、Can you tell me what your favorite subject is? 宾语从句用陈述句语序 楼下不严谨

30、"Patience is a virtue" is an old saying. "忍耐是美德"是句古老的谚语.

31、The number of values in the VALUES clause must match the number of columns specified in the INSERT statement. VALUES子句中值的数量必须在INSERT语句中指定的列数相匹配。

32、Clausal-Object Constructions are formed by means of grammatical blending. 小句宾语句是依靠语法整合形成的一种句式。

33、The generic is mainly distributed on place of subject in abstract event-sentences, judgment-sentences, "you"character sentences and abstract adjective predicate sentences. 通指主要分布在抽象事件句、判断句、“有”字句、抽象的形容词谓语句的主语位置上。

34、Is the Chinese Particle " Ne " a Question Operator in Wh-questions? 语气词“呢”在疑问句中是疑问算子吗?。

35、This statement needs no WHERE clause, because we want to retrieve all the rows. 这个语句不需要任何 WHERE 子句,因为我们希望检索所有的行。

36、The lausal predicate is of unique syntactic pattern in Chinese. 主谓谓语句是汉语的一种特殊句式。

37、" Example of passive: "The Property shall be sold to Buyer by Seller. 被动语态的句子:此物将被卖方卖给买方。

38、Make sure that the sentence is grammatically correct and punctuated correctly. 注意句子的语法和标点都正确。

39、This is a perfect all - purpose sentence for toasting , or closing a meeting. 不管是敬酒还是结束会议,它都是一句完美的全功能语句。

40、The words that function as predicate are adjectives, nouns, numerals and onomatopoeia, in addition to verbs. 除了动词以外,形容词、词、量词和象声词都可以充当谓语,这类句子称为非动词谓语句。

41、And the SC of a sentence is determined by it's eigen SB . 而一个语句的句类是由此语句中的特征语义块决定的。

42、The correct answer is to use a hash syntax for the :include clause. 正确的答案是使用 :include 子句的哈希语法。

43、Currently translations of statements containing the range partitioning clause are supported only when these statements are provided in an input file using the import option in the MTK. 目前,对包含范围分区子句的语句的转换,只有当使用 MTK 中的导入选项在一个输入文件中提供这些语句时才受支持。

44、External table statements can also be used as static statements. 外部表语句也可以用作静态语句。

45、The influence oof personal noun, predicate, auxiliary, sentence structure, sentence form and tone n the force of Imperative Sentence are studies respectively. 具体地考察了人称代词、谓语动词及助动词、句子结构及其形式、语气词对祈使句语力的影响。

46、Change the shape and ring, and you change everything. 改变句子的形式和语气,你会改变所有。

47、What is more, connectives also indicate the logical-semantic relations between sentences, paragraphs in a text and those within a text. 在句子、段落和篇章层次上,连接性词语也同样体现句子之间、段落之间、篇章内部的逻辑-语义关系。

48、You can use the prompt to enter statements, which you should terminate with a period. 可以在提示符下输入语句(语句应该以句号结尾)。

49、Fatso leaned over to whisper in her ear. 胖子欠身对她耳语几句。

50、Fay Chang is the object in the second statement. Fay Chang 是第二个句子的宾语。


51、The grammatical meaning of a sentence refers to its grammaticality, that is its grammatical well-formedness. 句子的语法意义指的是它的语法性,即语法合法性。

52、The words that function as predicate are adjectives, nouns, numerals and onomatopoeia , in addition to verbs. 除了动词以外,形容词、 词、 量词和象声词都可以充当谓语, 这类句子称为非动词谓语句。

53、What's the difference between relative clauses and appositive clauses? 让学生思考同位语从句与定语从句的差异。

54、" Example of passive: "The Property shwhichle be sold to Buyer by Seller. 被动语态的句子:此物将被卖方卖给买方。

55、You can also explicitly specify the code page in the CREATE DATABASE statement with the USING CODESET clause. 还可以在 CREATE DATABASE 语句中使用 USING CODESET 子句显式地指定编码页。

56、This statement is represented in the example as subquery S1. 这个语句在示例中表示为子查询 S1。

57、This implies that a subquery SELECT statement can stand alone, and it does not depend on the statement in which it is nested. 这说明子查询SELECT语句可以单独存在,并不依赖于主查询语句。

58、Remember that the statement can be a single statement ending with a semicolon or a block enclosed in braces. 要牢记这条语句可以是单条语句或者是嵌在大括号中的语句块。

59、The parentheses effectively execute the statements in a subshell. 圆括号让语句在一个子 shell 中执行。

60、Each probe clause consists of a probe point specification statement, action block, and an optional predicate. 每个探测子句由一个探测点指定语句、动作块和可选的断言组成。

61、这个语句不需要任何 WHERE 子句,因为我们希望检索所有的行。 This statement needs no WHERE clause, because we want to retrieve all the rows.

62、And long sentence and passive sentence are widely used in foreign trade correspondence. 另外,句法方面,外贸英语多用长句及被动句。


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