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关于”科技的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Sentences of science and technology。以下是关于科技的句子的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences of science and technology

1、The consistent answer is science. —— Spencer, England 什么知识最有价值,一致的答案就是科学。

2、a lot of people seem to think that … 很多人似乎认为…

3、In order to reveal homographs' resolution process in neuter sentence context and biased sentence context, eye tracking method was used. 本研究采用眼动记录技术,分别考察了在中性句子语境和偏向句子语境中,同形歧义词的歧义消解过程。

4、术是第一生产力science and technology are the primary productive force

5、The last instance is with digitals. 最近的一个例子是与数码科技。

6、Xiamen Oulitong Electronic Technology Development Co. , Ltd. 厦门欧立通电子科技开发有限公司。

7、taking into account all these factors, we may reasonably come to the conclusion that … 考虑所有这些因素,我们可能会得出合理的结论…

8、China Univ. of Geology; Wuhan 430074; China; 2. Lab. of Electronic Materials of Dept. of Electronic Sci. and Technol. 华中科技大学电子科学技术系电子材料实验室;

9、The ASTRI has formulated its research programme which focuses on the fields of information technology, electronics and biotechnology. 该院制定了 研究计划,重点范围包括资讯科技、电子及生物科技。

10、it must be realized that … 我们必须意识到…

11、这是如何处理某事的一些建议. the best way to solve the troubles is …

12、personally, i am standing on the side of … 就个人而言,我站在…

13、i quite agree with the statement that … the reasons are chiefly as follows. 我十分赞同这一论述,即…

14、A lot of long sentences appear in scientific articles. 科技文章中往往出现许多长句。

15、, it is essential that … 显然,如果我们想做某事,很重要的是…

16、/ it is a common belief that … 人们一般认为…

17、Given it's leveraged off existing tech, it's not a bad idea. 鉴于目前科技的杠杆原理(译者注:不太明白这句),这个产品还算个不错的创意。

18、The department is centered on the interdisciplinary study across modern optical technology, opto-electronic technology, electronic technology, communication technology and information technology. 光电子工程系是融合现代光学技术、光电子技术、电子技术、通信技术和信息技术建立起来的新型学科系。

19、There are over 20 electronic and electrical appliance enterprises such as Kelong Co. , Guoguang Electric Co. , Nanguang Co. , Xuguang Co. and Sichuan Aerospace Group have settled in CDETDZ. 已有科龙电器、国光电气、南光电子、旭光科技、航天科技等二十余家规模电子类生产集聚企业。

20、Shenzhen Longshi Digital Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. 深圳市龙视数码电子科技有限公司。

21、This tech name was the definition of a high-flier back before the tech crash. 这家科技公司是科技股崩溃前股价高高在上的一个典型例子。

22、Science has no boundaries, but scientists have boundaries. —— Russian Pavlov 科学没有国界,科学家却有国界。

23、Since the scientific writing has a great deal information, it usually apply the inversion to balance the information status. 科技英语具有信息量大的特点,在科技英语中,为了使信息突出,常使用倒装句以达到句子平衡。

24、He said: "Aiko is what happens when science meets beauty. 他说:“爱子是科技与美的结合。”

25、,人们的观点大不相同. different people hold different attitudes toward (failure). 对(失败)人们的态度各不相同。


26、Advertising sentences are different from both science and technology typy of writing and literature typy of writing. 广告语句不同于科技语体,也不同于文学语体,它是一种特殊的句子。

27、Biochip technology integrates many new technologies including life sciences, chemistry, microelectronics, computer technology, life informatics, etc. 生物芯片技术融合了生命科学、化学、微电子技术、计算机科学、生命信息学等多种学科的最新技术。

28、only in this way can we … 只有这样,我们才能…

29、Dept.of Mathematics & Computer Sciences,Eindhoven University of Technology; 电子科技大学计算机科学与工程学院;

30、Electronic technology into the era of electronic and voice electronic era. 电子科技时代变成了电子和语音电子时代。

31、In Suzhou Wuzhong Science Park is the high-tech enterprises. 凯联电子科技有限公司是苏州吴中科技园的高科技企业。

32、with the development of science and technology, more and more people believe that… 随着科技的发展,越来越多的人认为…

33、Dozens of undergrad students were first told to memorise an initial list of 16 sentences about the imaginary men, Tom and Alex. 许多本科生一开始被要求记住16句句子,这些句子是关于两个虚构的人物:汤姆和埃里克斯(Tom and Alex)。

34、there is no doubt that enough concern must be paid to the problem of … 毫无疑问,对…

35、The mechatronics is a rising all-around fringe science, which includes micro-electronics technology, computer science, electric power and electron technology, mechanical engineering and so on. 机电一体化是一门新兴的综合性跨学科边缘科学,它由微电子技术、计算机科学、电力电子技术、机械工程等学科相互渗透而成。

36、I bought some lovely gifts for my parents 翻译句子技巧:

37、Shanghai O-Best Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd(or O-Best) is a local high-tech company which is specialized in offering supporting service to electronic industry. 上海元佳电子科技有限公司是以专业提供电子级特种气体为核心业务的高科技公司。

38、Established in 1994, located in Banan Shenzhen, our company is a new Electronic & technology enterprise in IT line. 深圳市佳特科技有限公司创立于xx年,是IT行业新兴的电子科技企业。

39、Scientists are searching for a method to cure bird flu. 【即学即练】 翻译句子: 科学家们在寻找一种治疗禽流感的方法。

40、Lanry electronic Science & technology Co. , Ltd. Zhuhai. which is a high-tech enterprise absorbed embedded Controller technical application. 珠海蓝宇兴业电子科技有限公司专注嵌入式控制技术应用的高科技企业。

41、With the development of electronic technology and electronic products. 随着电子科技的发展和电子产品。

42、Mewyeah will focus on applying computer technology, modern communication technology, automatic control technologymicro-electronic technology to automotive electronics field. 妙益科技致力于将计算机技术、现代通信技术、自动控制技术、微电子技术应用于汽车电子领域。

43、Corefaster was founded in 2005 and has been dedicated to technology, electronic technology research and innovation. 苏州崴展电子科技有限公司成立于xx年,至今一直致力于电子科技技术的研究创新。

44、there is no evidence to suggest that … 没有证据表明…

45、Challenger quoted a sentence he said he came across in a geology textbook. 张廉吉教授引述一句他在地质学教科书偶然看到的句子。

46、Mewyeah focuses on applying computer technology, modern communication technology, automatic control technology and micro-electronic technology to automotive electronics field. 妙益科技致力于将计算机技术、现代通信技术、自动控制技术、微电子技术应用于汽车电子领域。

47、Optical mapping of the membrane potential with voltage-sensitive dyes is an advanced approach that involves in many theories such as molecular photonics, physiology and computer science. 电压敏感染料的膜电位光学标测是一项集分子光子学、生理科学、计算机科学等诸多学科为一体的高科技技术手段。

48、Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology. 电子科学与技术、信息与通信工程、计算机科学与技术。

49、Dept. of Science and Technology' Communication and Policy of USTC; 中国科技大学科技传播与科技政策系;

50、It is recognized as a private technological enterprise by Guangdong Science and Technology Department. 并长期从事塑料高分子的研究与开发,经广东省科技厅认定为民营科技企业。


51、The tech world can be a very small place. 科技界是个很小的圈子。

52、Strong music and electronic technology era with the birth forefront product of DJ Icy Ice ZHAO led domestic technology electronic music pioneer. 强势音乐与电子科技结合诞生时代前沿产物,DJ子杰引领国内科技电子乐先驱。

53、Main Disciplines: Science and Technology of Instrumentations, Electronic Information Technology. 主干学科:仪器科学与技术、电子信息技术。

54、技术是第一生产力science and technology are the primary productive force

55、the reasons are chiefly as follows. 我十分赞同这一论述,即…

56、Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technologies and Neurotechnology are four building blocks of the Innovative Economy. 奈米科技、生物科技、资讯科技和神经科技是创新经济四大基石。

57、Of all clauses in EST, the attributive clause is the most complicated and its translation methods are many and varied. 科技英语中的定语从句是各种从句中最复杂的一种从句,其翻译方法仁者仁见,智者见智。

58、The technique of reversing, or inverting the normal word order of a sentence. 倒装句:一种将句子正常的表达方法倒置的技巧。

59、"Sunrise" has brought into every household the high-end electronic science and technology. 梦唐将高端的电子科技技术引入家居生活。

60、Third, I/T Industry headed by Mitac God-Technology Co. , Dongkai International Co, Comtac Co. , Jinzhan Science & Technology Co. and Fuchang Science & Technology Co. 三是以神基科技、东凯国际、卡姆丹克、晶湛科技、富昌科技为代表的电子信息产业;

61、Following the great achivement of electronics, Photonics, as a novel technology, will play an important role in modern information high-tech field. 光子学技术是继电子学技术之后对信息高科技将产生重大影响的一门新技术。

62、Winner Technology Co. , Ltd. of Shenzhen, leading fashion science and technology, green technology, humanities and science and technology. 深圳胜利科技有限公司,引领时尚科技,绿色科技,人文科技。

63、The high-technology LED neon light environmental protection and energy saving light integrate electronic technology, optical technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology. 本产品其环保节能型LED 霓虹灯是集电子技术、光学技术、微电子技术、计算机技术为一体的高科技产品。

64、Educational Technology is a new applied subject of the education science. 教育技术学是教育科学中一门新兴的应用性子学科;

65、Communication, bio-tech, new material industry photoelectron technology and high efficient energy saving technology. 通讯,生物科技、新材料工业、光电子技术、高效节能技术。

66、If one wants knowledge of science, one must take part in scientific experiments oneself. 要有科学知识,就得亲自参加科学实验。

67、But a new generation of molecular biologists is starting to give that old adage a decidedly high-tech twist. 新一代分子生物学家正着手给这句话作一明白无误的高科技解读。


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