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关于”有诗意的句子“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Poetic sentences。以下是关于有诗意的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poetic sentences

1、Other psalms also contain similar lines. 其他的赞美诗中也有类似的句子。

2、The poet ranted his humorous verses before a big crowd. 这位诗人在大庭广众之下大声朗诵他的幽默诗句。

3、Refrain makes the poetry beautiful. 叠句让诗歌更优美。

4、Shakespeare's plays, all of them written largely in iambic pentameter verse, are marked by extraordinary poetry, vivid, subtle, and complex characterizations, and a highly inventive use of English. 莎士比亚的戏剧大致以五步抑扬格诗句写成,散发著不寻常的诗意,有生动微妙而复杂的人物刻画,还有高度自创的英文句法。

5、Strands of poetry. 如绳缕般的诗句。

6、She liked the scattering of poems. 她喜欢书中的零零星星的诗句。

7、The poet and the women together become "we" in the poem's last sentence. 在诗的最后一句里“,诗人和女人成了“我们“

8、This is an adaptation with a slight change of lines in Inferno, the second book of Purgatorio by Italian poet Dante. 这里是套用了意大利诗人但丁在他的长诗《神曲》第二部《炼狱》中的诗句。

9、It's such an unpleasant line. 这是令人不悦的一句诗。

10、The "shoes" of poetry was obviously the line condensed by verse. 而诗歌的“鞋子”的外观显然就是诗句凝结而成的诗行。

11、Some of the images are tagged with aphorisms or poems. 有些画面还配上了警句或诗。

12、The most popular verse form, he said, is called "ferskeytla, " four rhymed lines that can be divided into two parts. 他说,最流行的诗歌形式名叫“ferskeytla”,它有四句押韵的诗句,可以分为两部分。

13、An epigrammatic japanese verse form of three short lines. 由三行短诗构成的警句式的日本诗。

14、Refrain is often used in a poem. 叠句常用于诗歌中。

15、Now most rhymed poems in Milton's day were end-stopped lines of verse. 弥尔顿时期的大部分押韵诗都使用孤联诗句。

16、Poetry is the art of language. The birth of a good poem should be the course of polishing words, sentences and meanings. 诗是语言的艺术,一首好诗的诞生,应当经过炼字、炼句、炼意的过程。

17、Modern poetry is difficult and these are difficult lines. 现代诗是很难读的,这些诗句也非常难以理解。

18、He permits enjambment to become the verbal medium. 他用连结体诗句来表意。

19、The four-character sentence is the main form of the Book of Songs. 四言是《诗经》的主要诗体,《诗经》中的绝大部分诗句都采用了四言的形式。

20、Poet and gourmet Su Dongpo had "cookies, such as chewing is crisp and Yi, " the poem. 诗人兼美食家苏东坡就有“小饼如嚼月,中有酥和饴”的诗句。

21、That exquisite and celebrated verse 这句隽永而极著名的诗

22、Epigram: A short, witty, pointed statement often in the form of a poem. 警句诗:一种简短、智慧、蕴含深刻的诗。

23、The opening line of Endymion is one of the best known in English poetry: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". 《恩底弥翁》的开头一句是英文诗中最有名的诗句之一:“美的事物是永恒的快乐。”

24、Ang poem "do not go every day, spring sun carry on when the twilight. " is the description of Chunyang verse. 陈子昂诗“白日每不归,春阳时暮矣。”就是描写春阳的诗句。

25、Offhand I know no lines, in any poem, as beautiful and as powerful. 我一下子想不出哪一首诗的诗句是如此的美丽而有力。


26、Haiku is a kind of Japanese poetry. 俳句是日本的一种诗歌。

27、Leaf the poem book of Haizi, catch a glimpse of such a monostich, he said. 翻起海子的诗卷,瞥见这样一行诗句,他说。

28、Of princes shall outlive this powerful rhyme… 能够和我这些有力的诗句比寿……

29、Or was that just poetic bullshit? 或者这只是唬人的诗句?。

30、1700s: Silver "poesy rings" engraved with flowery sayings are in vogue in Europe. 年:刻着优美语句的银“诗意环”在欧洲盛行。

31、He says this verse. It speaks a lot about the sublimeness and glory of God, just how truly great he is. 他就说的这句诗,这句诗是赞美上帝的,崇高与光荣的,赞扬他有多么伟大。

32、The point of it all says Fish is that the structure of Carroll's stanza provides all the clues they need to design a sentence that makes sense. 这个练习的全部意义就在于,卡罗尔这首诗诗节的结构就是在告诉学生们,要写出一个有意义的句子,他们必须注意其结构。

33、Milton's lines, we say, are enjambed: they run in to one another, and a syntactical unit for Milton is continually spilling out. 弥尔顿的诗句是连结的:,它们句句相撞,弥尔顿总不在一句话中将一个意思表达完整。

34、And btw, all the Chinese Pollutionfigures are fudged. 顺便提一句,所有有关中国污染的诗句都是捏造的。

35、A classical Greek poem modeled on the choric ode and usually having a three-part structure consisting of a strophe, an antistrophe, and an epode. 诗歌:以便唱歌曲为模式的古希腊诗歌,具有三部分结构,包括向左舞动时唱的诗句,向右舞动时唱的诗句以及抒情诗等三部分。

36、Sense doesn't simply end at the end of a ten-syllable line. 一句诗有了10个音节意思却不一定表达完。

37、The sentences of her poems are usually long while their lines are of moderate length, and the common sentence pattern occupies a predominant position in her poems. 而她的诗句则具有义句以长句为主、行句以中句为主、平常句型占支配地位的特点。

38、Ancient poetry word middle have the verse "translating" the sum "day lily"? 古诗词中有“译”和“萱”的诗句么?

39、Nie: From some of your poems I realize that you admire irregular arrangement of lines or like to fracture sentences to form stanzas and poems. 聂: 从你的一些诗歌中我了解到:你喜欢对诗行进行不规则排列,或者分解句子以组成诗节或诗章。

40、The point of it all, says Fish, is that the structure of Carroll's stanza provides all the clues they need to design a sentence that makes sense. 这个练习的全部意义就在于,卡罗尔这首诗诗节的结构就是在告诉学生们,要写出一个有意义的句子,他们必须注意其结构。

41、Book of Songs on the straight and Hou Hai, a, Han Poems explained Hou, the United States also. 《诗经》上有“海直且侯”一句,《韩诗》解释说:“侯,美也。”

42、Sestet: the six-line stanza. 3couplets/ a quatrain + a couplet/ 2 triplets. 六行诗节:三个对句或一个四行诗节加一个对句,或两个三联对。

43、Already there is poetry in a painting. Yet to secure a more straightforward voice for their poetic minds, some painters have taken the trouble to inscribe their works with poems of various lengths. 画中已经有诗,有些画家还怕诗意不够明显,在画面上更题上或多或少的诗词字句。

44、The so - called poet ground out some verses. 这个所谓的诗人搜索枯肠做成几句诗。

45、My friend is a poet, and I quote him Dylan Thomas. 我的朋友是个诗人,我给他援引了迪兰-托马斯的诗句

46、This poem serves as a preface. 这篇序句,是以诗代序。

47、In verse the oracles divine were heard. 神的旨谕在诗句中频显现。

48、Remember the poet Rilke had such a poem:" what is the victory at all, hold out mean everything". 记得诗人里尔克有这样一句诗:“有何胜利可言,挺住意味着一切”。

49、Chinese classical poetry; Japanese Haiku; the Imagist Poetry Movement; Chinese New Poetry Movement; Translation; Reformation; Cultural Communication; 中国古典诗歌; 日本俳句; 意象主义诗歌; 白话诗; 翻译; 革新; 文化交流;

50、Riffling through Haizi's poem, I caught a sight of such a line, it read. 翻起海子的诗卷,瞥见这样一行诗句,他说。


51、Write an acrostic love note or poem. 用离合诗体形式写几句充满爱意的话或一首小诗。

52、The sense of ownership of a poem: ask vast earth, who advocate ups and downs? 最有主人翁意识的一句诗:问苍茫大地,谁主沉浮?

53、His verse has the sing-song rhythm of a poetaster . 他的诗句有着蹩脚诗人的单调的节律。

54、The concept of "slight pause" comes from the break made in reading unpunctuated ancient writings. 新诗诗律论中的“顿”概念来源于古代表示顿歇意思的“句读”概念和“顿”概念。

55、Tell me not in mournful numbers; 请别用悲悼的诗句对我讲;

56、Tell me not in mournful numbers. 别用悲切的诗句对我唱。

57、An end-stopped line is one in which the grammatical unit of sense stops precisely at the end of the line. The next line of verse picks up a different thought and the next one after that, and so on. 孤联诗句到了句尾语法和句意,都刚好停止,下一句,又表达一个新的意思,下一句又是,依次类推。

58、However he just wrote nonsense of poems, like English-900 typing. 可自己只会写出《英语九百句》的诗句。

59、Thought of the verse, image of the swan immortal bird becomes after the induction change. 诗句之意念,鸿鹄仙鸟之意象经归纳变化而成。

60、Faulty sentence poetry and Xue pan style are having a contest at present. 目前的诗坛实际上就是病句诗与薛蟠体的较量。


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