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关于”永远不放弃“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Never give up。以下是关于永远不放弃的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Never give up

When I encounter difficulties, I will be very impatient, one day I want to give up. I realized that if I kept running away, I would be a failure and it wouldn't make any difference, so I tried to overcome my fear and become patient. Now I am no longer afraid of difficulties, I will never give up until I realize my dream.




Never give up because I'm a kid, and I've been taught never to give up. My mother told me that teaching me to walk is a tough task. When I first learned to walk, I often fell down, but she or my father never helped me stand up because they wanted me to be optimistic after falling down again and again.

I finally learned to walk. My parents are now I am proud that whenever I encounter problems or troubles, no matter how difficult the situation is, I seldom stop because I believe that as long as you are sure what you are doing, the most beautiful scenery will appear after the peak, so you can stick to it. Nothing in the world is easy, so we will meet challenges in life, but please remember one thing: forever Don't give up, the sun is shining after the wind and rain.




Never give up if I can go higher, I will touch the sky in a moment. This is my favorite song reach when we appreciate Gloria When Estefan was full of passion, it was hard to imagine that she could return to the stage after being knocked down and paralyzed in a traffic accident this year. The doctor said that she might never walk again, but Gloria did not give up.

In the year after the disaster, she stood up again and presented this inspiring song at the Atlanta Olympics. Whenever I think of Gloria, I always think of my memory seven years ago. When I first entered university, I was naturally shy, plain looking and average in academic achievement.

Like an ugly duckling, I seemed to be the worst one in my class. At the beginning, I fell into despair because of successive failures: I was determined to sit in the back seat where others were not willing to yield to fate, and I put more energy into my study There are many other activities, film dubbing, recitation, drama, because I just want to seize every small opportunity to prove that my continuous efforts will be successful. I have won some awards, and most importantly, I have gained the courage and confidence to face any difficulties in the journey of life life is like agriculture.

What you can get or not depends largely on your sowing and dedication. Once you have a dream, don't hesitate. Your next difficulty may be a person who reaches the top, even in the most difficult time, don't give up.


永远不要放弃 如果我能走得更高,就一瞬间触到天空这是我最喜欢的歌曲reach 当我们欣赏Gloria Estefan充满激情的旋律时,我们很难想象她在这xx年因交通事故被撞倒瘫痪后还能重返舞台,医生说她可能再也不会走路了,但是格洛丽亚没有放弃,在灾难发生后的xx年里,她又站起来,在亚特兰大奥运会上献上了这首鼓舞人心的歌。每当我想起格洛丽亚,我都会想起xx年前的记忆,刚进大学的时候,我天生腼腆,相貌平平,学习成绩一般,就像一只丑小鸭,我似乎是班上最差的一个,一开始接连的失败让我陷入绝望:我注定要坐在别人不愿意屈从命运的后座上,我把更多的精力放在了学习上还有很多其他的活动,电影配音,朗诵,戏剧因为我只想抓住每一个小小的机会来证明自己不断的努力一定会取得成功。我获得了一些奖项,最重要的是,我获得了面对人生旅途中任何困难的勇气和信心 生活就像农业,什么你能不能收获很大程度上取决于你的播种和奉献一旦你有了梦想,不要犹豫你下一步的艰难可能是一个登顶的人,即使在最艰难的时候,也不要放弃。


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