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关于”广告对商业的重要性“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:The importance of advertising to business。以下是关于广告对商业的重要性的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The importance of advertising to business

As a minor, we should be very happy to have such an opportunity to learn legal knowledge. By studying law, we can enhance our legal consciousness and legal concept, know what is legal, what is illegal and what is crime. We should consciously perform the obligations stipulated by the law, restrict our own behavior with the law, forbid to do anything that is not done by law Some of the students who can grow up healthily in the study of law are a dime in gold, because some trivial things and eyeballs even begin to be really because of the small courtesy and superficiality of youth, lack of right and wrong ability, and are easily affected by bad style of work and impulse, especially when self-esteem is damaged or self-interest conflicts with other people's interests Therefore, in order to protect the healthy growth of young people, prevent and reduce crime, we need to carry out positive legal education for minors and guide them correctly.

Third, we should learn the law and protect their legitimate rights and interests. Students should enjoy the protection rights of life, health, law, reputation and personal freedom, the right to receive education and inheritance, and to protect them by law Own rights.




Personality is very important to success, and effective personality plays a key role in success, samvaad Bhatt, director of the school of management, said in a speech on success and personality at the school of management. Lachoo Memorial Institute of Technology (autonomous jotburg) and Cairn, the world's fastest-growing energy company, said in a speech on success and personality Bhatt, an interface between campus and business held by India, said that a positive attitude is very important for achieving goals. He cited many examples to enhance people's personality.

He also said that one should change himself, or change will change. His constant, consistent and continuous efforts are necessary for success. He further said that thought is energy, which he gave to Lord Krishna He said that success can be money and reputation.

He said that shyness is a big obstacle to success. One should always have confidence in himself. Knowledge and practice are the reasons for anyone's success.

He said one should take the right path, go in the right direction and succeed at the right speed. Bart said that a pleasant personality is self-confident and effective. He suggested that students should not focus on problems, but should pay attention to choices, praise others, do not criticize them, and welcome the criticism of good-natured people, he said at the end of the meeting Professor Ashish Mathur said in the end, success is the gradual realization of one's goals.

Success depends not only on goals, but also on efforts.


人格对成功很重要有效的人格在获得成功中起着关键作用,萨姆瓦德·巴特(Samvaad Bhatt)主任在管理学院发表关于成功和个性的演讲时说,Lachoo科技纪念学院(自治焦特布尔)与世界上发展最快的能源公司Cairn India联合举办的校园与企业界的接口Bhatt说,积极的态度对于实现目标非常重要,他举了许多例子来增强人的个性他还说,一个人应该改变自己,否则改变就会改变他不断的,一致性和持续的努力是成功的必要条件,他进一步说,思想是能量,他给了克里希纳勋爵的榜样,他的人格特征是他说成功可以是金钱,名誉,他说,羞怯是通往成功之路的一大障碍,一个人应该始终对自己有信心。知识和实践是任何人成功的原因。他说,一个人应该走正确的道路,朝着正确的方向,以正确的速度取得成功巴特说,令人愉悦的个性是自信和有效的,他建议学生不要把注意力放在问题上,而要关注选择,赞美他人,不要批评他们,欢迎好心人的批评,他在会议结束时说,拉胡奥科技纪念学院副教授阿希什·马图尔说,最后说,成功是对自己目标的逐步实现,成功不仅取决于目标,而且取决于努力。


We live on the earth. There is water on the surface of the earth. We can't do without water.

We drink water every day, even in food. It is said that there is a lot of water in it. Even if we can't see people who don't drink water, they will die, but water is so important that we need to protect it from pollution.




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