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关于”你最想拥有的超能力“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:The superpower you want most。以下是关于你最想拥有的超能力的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The superpower you want most

Last Sunday, I went shopping in Haimen. When I was walking in the street, I saw many people standing in front of the supermarket. I want to know what happened there.

I went there in a hurry to have a look. I ran quickly. To my surprise, there was a girl sitting on the street with a schoolbag in front of her.

There was a piece of paper in front of her saying that my family didn't have enough money for me to go to school. I was very sad to see that I couldn't help giving that girl some money. The girl was very grateful.

I said thank you. I'm glad I left with a smile.





The excitement of the Sydney Olympic Games lasted for a long time. The gold medals won by Chinese athletes dwarfed many Asian countries and greatly increased the popularity of sports in many countries. To the surprise of the two superpowers, the great success of the United States and the Russian Federation clearly shows that a new sports superpower is in the making.

Our success in the 10th Olympic Games far surpassed that of sports first. This honor greatly enhanced China's international prestige through television. People all over the world know more about new China, especially the great progress made in the past 20 years, which greatly inspired the morale of the Chinese people.

Hundreds of millions of Chinese people have witnessed how the former ugly duckling called China with avalanche like power. The success story, or the Olympic medal winner, has finally ignited the ambition of millions of Chinese youth. The rise of Chinese national self-confidence and nationalism has weakened China's sports power and rapidly risen to become one of China's sports powers.

Why can't it become one of China's powerful sports powers soon China has laid a solid foundation for Beijing to host the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games have come to an end and the Olympic spirit continues. To build a better country, if we continue to work hard, there will be no finish line.

China will certainly become a powerful country with international prestige.





Octopus: metamorphosis, invisibility this deep-sea deformer is equipped with the best defense system. Mother nature uses her magical camouflage ability to provide the eighth magical animal skin for potential predators. It uses pigment cells and specialized muscles to adapt to color, the pattern and texture of its surroundings - if found, it can hardly be seen.

The cunning Octopus squirts a ball of ink, diverting attention, allowing it to escape, and weakening the attacker's senses, making it harder to track. As a last resort, a fast swimming octopus can deform its body, squeeze through a narrow gap, or give up a limb if it is later caught and grows a new baseline - don't mess it up bombardier beetle (also known as bedbug): spray boiling venom who needs a flame thrower or acid spray gun vertigo gun is not this African insect bombardier beetle that packs some serious heat The animal squirts poisonous liquid out of its glands to resist predator manipulation. The poison makes a loud noise, and scientists are puzzled by how the bombardier beetle can withstand the heat - a feat that reinforces its place in nature's superhero gecko: the anti gravity glue that holds on to the foot gecko, nature's spider man, has many special abilities, If a potential catcher catches the lizard, it also has a built-in fecal catapult to repel the attacker.

But the most famous superability of gecko is the suction toe of anti gravity, which can easily climb up vertical It's a complex system, made up of tiny hairy filaments, and each toe has a filament called a seta, which triggers a molecular pull that enables the gecko to (almost) attach to any surface of the lizard. However, it has a kryptonite, which is a kind of kryptonite Do not adhere to Teflon.




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