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关于”我们应该帮助别人为题目“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:We should help others。以下是关于我们应该帮助别人为题目的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:We should help others

What should we do for our parents? David, can you do the laundry for me David: Oh no, I'm going to do mine, but do you have the whole afternoon on Sunday? David: No, Dad, I have to prepare for the math exam. Tomorrow Mom: David Dutin doesn't take you a minute to do laundry. You should live and work with someone else.

David: Oh, no, please We students should help our parents do some housework. First of all, after a whole day's work, our parents must be very tired. If we help them do housework, they will feel very happy.

On the other hand, doing housework not only trains our ability, but also helps us realize our sense of responsibility. Only through housework can we do it Realizing that we are part of our family, and then realizing that we are part of our society, we can devote ourselves to the world. So, I think it's necessary for us to do some housework.




As we all know, when strangers are in trouble, whether we should help them has attracted many people's attention. Moreover, people's opinions vary. First of all, some people think that being willing to help others is a traditional Chinese virtue.

When strangers are in trouble, we should help them. However, there are also some people who think that helping strangers will do us a lot of harm. Therefore, we should not help strangers.

Although this is the fact, I think there is no doubt that we should help strangers at an appropriate time. Each of us needs help once. If we don't help others, how can we expect others to help us, so we are very much Need to help those strangers in the soup ; in short, we should firmly abide by our moral principles, when strangers need help, we should help, only in this way, our world can become more harmonious.


众所周知,当陌生人遇到麻烦时,我们是否应该帮助他们这个话题引起了很多人的注意,而且,人们的意见各不相同,首先,有些人认为乐于助人是中国的传统美德,当陌生人遇到困难时我们应该帮助他们。但是,也有一些人认为帮助陌生人会对我们自己造成很大的伤害,因此,我们不应该帮助陌生人,尽管这是事实,我认为,毫无疑问,我们应该在适当的时候帮助陌生人我们每个人都需要一次帮助,如果我们不帮助别人,怎么可能期望别人帮助我们,所以我们非常需要帮助那些在汤里的陌生人 总之,我们应该坚定地遵守我们的道德准则,当陌生人需要帮助时我们应该给予帮助,只有这样,我们的世界才能变得更加和谐。


In the journey of life, I can't forget to help others, because in the journey of life, I can't help others, because I can't help others to give up my happiness for the sake of others' happiness. I am deeply moved by this spirit. I know it's Cong's father, because one of my students supports them.

I'm very lucky Thank God for letting me know my father Cong, because I was an orphan without a father. My childhood life was with my uncle, and my uncle had two children. My uncle, who was not well-off, brought me a heavier burden in high school because the tuition was too expensive, and my uncle could not afford my tuition.

When I finished school, Cong Fei's father walked in My life, he understood my situation, said to me, you can continue to go to school, do not drop out because of tuition fees. The problem is, you do not give up your studies, solve the problem of tuition fees for you. After listening to my father's words, I can't help but flow out.

I'm really excited and grateful to my father Cong. He let me go to school again and let my dream come true. But I have to be illogical Jidi is as good as Cong's father.

Why did evil take away his precious life? After hearing the news of Cong's father's death, my whole body's pain was torn apart by grief. I can't believe it, and I don't want to believe it's true, because in my heart, only his beautiful and loud voice and his kind and gentle face, my father is flying in a group of impact and influence, I am dark I will learn from Cong Fei's father, and I will learn to help others. Like Cong Fei's father, I will take helping others as my own life.

Because I am my father's daughter, I want the world to know that Cong Fei has a qualified successor and I want Cong Fei's father's selfless dedication God will carry it forward, so that every corner of the world is full of love and warmth.




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