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关于”科学技术给我带来的变化“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Changes brought to me by science and technology。以下是关于科学技术给我带来的变化的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Changes brought to me by science and technology

Technology helps us communicate better. We can talk to people who are far away from us through the Internet or TV. We can easily watch news, animal world and movies.

Cameras help us record pictures and actions that we want to remember later. It helps us remember the simple things in life on the Internet, so that we can better understand the world with its help. We can get all the information we need.

It makes the world smaller. Computers help us work more effectively. We use it to calculate, write articles, beautify pictures and so on.

Vehicles such as cars, ships, trains and airplanes help us get to other places faster One place, saving money, also allows us to go to another country, so that we can experience different cultures. The invention of light allows us to work and relax at night. It makes our life more colorful and meaningful.

Electronic dictionaries enable us to find words we don't know faster and more accurately. At the same time, we don't have to carry a heavy dictionary with us. A small and light Pharmacopoeia can help us explore the world that we can't see with the naked eye, and let us know more about nature: the spaceship sent us to the boundless space, stimulating our interest in understanding the unknown world.





In recent days, I am very sad, because we are going to travel to Guangzhou. Because of the outbreak of this new coronavirus in Wuhan, we can't play any more last night. My mother told me the atlas of the new coronavirus.

I learned that the virus originally grew on wild animals, but because some people ate wild animals and killed wild animals, the new coronavirus ran to us Although the virus is very dangerous, there are still ways to deal with it, especially those doctors who are trying to treat infected patients. Some of them have recovered and left the hospital where I stay at home. My grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and brother dare not go out.

If anyone wants to go out to buy food, I will remind him: "don't forget to put on the mask" and bring the virus to human beings There's a huge disaster, and I want to say to you, "come on, we have a way to deal with this virus, and we'll win.".




A friend, a friend who is often called a bad influence, often sneer at you in front of your beloved. Thanks to you, you often pull your legs behind your back. But he never really hurt your friends.

When you call it a lot of red fruits, you make complaints about your anger, which makes people laugh around you. But he never really has. Someone who makes you can't forgive him or some kind of friend, called sincere friend, doesn't often accompany you to laugh heartily, but he can support you to cry.

Maybe he often ignores him and doesn't often look for him, but he is willing to spend time with you. He may not make people laugh humorously, but he is actually a kind of friend, known as a bad influence friend You laugh at your loved one before you, but thanks to you, you often pull your legs behind your lips. But he never really hurt your friends.

When you call a pistachio Red Bull, you get angry at times, and make complaints about the people around you. But he never did anyone who could not forgive him. A kind of friend, called a sincere friend, doesn't often accompany you to laugh heartily, but he is actually a person who can cry with you.

Maybe he often ignores him and doesn't often look for him, but he is actually a person who is willing to spend time with you. He may not laugh humorously, but he is actually a person who has touched you inexplicably. He may not be good with you, but he is actually a person who listens to you Friend, he is a fool, he can't let you sleep outside the street corner, he will stay there for you to run around, he can't let your own things as your business, he can't let you feel useless, he can't throw away a lonely person, sincere friend, is a fool, in fact, you can't abandon, you love fool.




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