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关于”介绍自己和自己的朋友“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Introduce yourself and your friends。以下是关于介绍自己和自己的朋友的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce yourself and your friends

You can say: Hello everyone, today I want to talk about my family and friends, they are the most important role in my life, my family is very happy, they take care of me, they let me know what love is. Although, when I make mistakes, my father will hit me, my mother will "protect" me. When I fail the exam, my father will be very angry and won't let me watch TV or let me Playing computer makes me do my homework all the time.

At that time, my mother will "help" him. I don't think they are good families, but now I can understand them. My friends also give me a lot of happiness to play with him.

I talk to him about my ideas and he has the same goal. We have so many same things, so we always suspect that we have the same views and interests Guess we are brothers, my life is so painful, because I have, my family and my friends, I am so melancholy, that's all, thank you.




There are four people in my family, my parents, my troubles, my family is very good. I'm really glad that my brother is shy and funny. He is good at sports and plays volleyball very well.

But he hates studying and his grades are very poor. He likes to tell jokes. He always makes fun of friends and my family.

My father is a doctor. He works in a hospital in Sanya. He doesn't like watching TV, but he likes watching it Newspapers, reading newspapers every night.

My mother is a waiter. She works in a restaurant. She has a good habit.

She likes to eat vegetables and drink milk every day. But I don't like milk. It's bad.

She likes to watch Beijing Opera in her spare time. She says it's good for her to keep young. It makes her family relax and do the best things for me.

I love everyone in my family One person I love my warm and warm home. My father is the person I respect most. Although he may be a strict person, he never fails to show his care and consideration.

Once I break the window of my neighbor and see no one around me, I immediately run away. When my father comes home, he notices my uneasiness and asks me what happened. He can only tell him the truth, not scold me, he said Praise my honesty and encourage me to apologize to my neighbors.

I learned from this incident that dad not only cares about our health, but also teaches us how to be good citizens. How lucky I am to have such a good father.




My friend and I need a person, a person called "friend". My best friend is a hard-working girl named Wei Ran. When I reach my goal, she becomes the top of the world.

When I fail or get hurt, she is my best friend. In fact, she gets along with her classmates. She is shorter than me.

My hair is longer than her. We all like English, although she also likes it Happy with math, but she always helps me with my math. She may spend five to ten minutes talking to you once, but she is full of enthusiasm and energy.

She likes to share her ideas and ideas with you. She usually finds creative solutions to difficult problems. Wei Ran is my best friend.

I hope our friendship will last forever.




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