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关于”说的容易做得难“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Easier said than done。以下是关于说的容易做得难的高三英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Easier said than done

When people are in public places, they have the feeling that they should not speak loudly in public places and should not cross the border. These are the rules for them. Although they are not prescribed by law, the moral power of self behavior seems to be easy to achieve.

However, when the great temptation comes, self behavior will change rapidly. According to the report, in Hong Kong, a car carrying a car crash The police car attracted a lot of people to steal money. When the car crashed down from the police car, it was so crazy.

The money should be given to the band. On the way to the bank, people robbed some and left quickly. Two days later, the police found most of the money.

Some people were arrested in prison because they refused to pay back the money. It is not easy to make their own decisions. It is easy for people to abide by the law on small issues When the great temptation comes, these rules can be easily broken, and those who can resist the great temptation can be said to be totally self inflicted.




According to a survey, more than two-thirds of Chinese believe that the public's moral standard is lower than before. Although this figure is hard to accept, if you pay attention to it, it shows the fact that the moral level of the whole country is declining. You can easily point out some inappropriate behaviors around: young people refuse to give up their seats to the elderly Car shoppers crowd into queues instead of waiting for rude passengers to ignore red lights, and so on.

So what happened? As analysts have discovered, this decadent trend is mainly due to decades of erroneous education. Chinese schools simply inculcate students with book knowledge, while moral cultivation is a form of formalism; on the other hand, children We are naturally influenced by the family and other adults in society. Most of them are too sophisticated.

In the face of such a disappointing situation, you may ask: as far as I am concerned, how can things be better? We must first follow these three steps: self shaping, we should manage ourselves well, step two: family shaping, which is to be a role model for children If you are a leader, such as a manager or president of the state, you can use policies and your own actions to strengthen the moral status of your entire organization. Even if you are not a leader, as long as you manage yourself and influence others as much as possible, you will have a positive impact on society.




Learning English takes time, so we should spend as much time as possible on English. We should listen to the teacher in class and take notes carefully. Review the knowledge and complete the homework regularly.

Listen to English radio programs, read English stories and newspapers, watch English movies and TV programs, and keep a diary. If we make mistakes, we should correct them immediately and try not to make the same mistakes. What's more, we should look up the dictionary before class and prepare every class carefully before class.

I believe that if we study hard and have good English learning methods, we will learn English well.





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