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Does anyone want a drink before we start? We're ready and I know I can rely on you. We are here to solve the problem. As a winner, I want this meeting to be productive, and I need more information.

In the long run, let me explain to you why this is the most fundamental question. Let us compromise. It depends on what you want.

The longer we wait, the less likely we are to come up with anything. Do you have room for discussion? There is another plan for us to negotiate the price. We can put it on the agenda.

Thank you for reminding us that our position on this issue is very simple. We can't be sure what you want unless you tell us that we have done a lot of things. We can work out the details next time.

I suggest that we take a break and let us have a rest Next, come back in an hour. We need a break. I suggest that we continue tomorrow.

We can postpone the meeting to tomorrow, which will take up a lot of time.





In the second conversation, Beth is trying to buy a computer chip for use in Taiwan. Bob: Yes, it's nice to see you again, Beth. How are you doing? Terry: good bye, Bob.

The journey was smooth and a little long, but is there really anything we can do to make you more comfortable? No, I'm fine. So, can we take the bus directly, ines BETH: Yes, Bob: I'm sorry to hear that we're looking forward to doing business with you, but this is my best price. If we talked on the phone last time, one of our suppliers increased our next purchase The price of a batch of materials was raised by several other suppliers, so the price increase was almost industrial.

We heard about the price increase before I left Taiwan, but our information shows that the impact should not be that this bud Bob and Beth continue to bargain for more than an hour. Bob will not compromise. In fact, he refuses to budget.

Beth can see the words on the wall, And decided to cancel the negotiation. Bob: Beth, I hope I can reduce the price, even if it's for your personal help, but my hands are tied. My rich people tell me that this is our bottom line.

It's only because you are a good customer that I'm willing to give you this price. Price BETH: Thank you, Bob. I really appreciate that it's beyond my authorized payment scope.

I think the only thing I have to do now is Stop this negotiation and give up, friend Bob: what about you, We have a budget and we have to keep it within the budget, so we have to buy something more realistic, everyone has raised the price, but your price seems to be very high, so we need to make sure that I don't want to see you cross the road. We have a good relationship with these things. I have other guests to visit on this trip, so I have to go.

If you can come, give it to me Call the price.


在第二个对话中,贝丝正试图购买电脑芯片供台湾使用鲍勃:是的很高兴再次见到你,贝丝你怎么样特里白:很好再见,鲍勃,旅途很顺利,有点长,但实际上是有吗我们能帮你做些什么让你更舒服吗不完全是,我是很好,那么,我们可以直接坐公共汽车吗伊内斯贝思:是的, 的教材:我们可以让你以比我们在多少钱是那鲍勃:怎么每单位美元听起来不错很高,这比我认为我们不能做到的还要多海鲍勃:我很抱歉听说我们期待着和你们做生意,但这是我最优惠的价格如果我们上次在电话里谈过,我们的一个供应商提高了我们购买的下一批材料的价格,其他几家供应商也提高了价格,所以价格上涨几乎是行业性的我们听说了关于我离开台湾之前的涨价,但我们的信息显示,影响不应该是这个巴德鲍勃和贝丝继续讨价还价超过一个小时,鲍勃不会妥协事实上,他拒绝预算贝丝可以看到墙上的文字,并决定取消谈判鲍勃:贝丝,我希望我能降价,即使是对你个人的帮助,但我的手被束缚了我的有钱人告诉我这是我们的底线,只是因为你是个好客户,我才愿意给你这个普莱斯贝思:谢谢,鲍勃,我真的很感激这超出了我的授权支付范围我想现在唯一要做的就是停止这场谈判并放弃,朋友鲍勃:怎么办你呢米:嗯, 我们有一个预算,我们必须保持在预算之内,所以我们得去买一些更真实的东西,每个人都提高了价格,但你的价格似乎很高,所以我们要在我确定不想看到你穿过马路我们关系很好这些东西这次旅行我还有别的客人可以拜访,所以我得走了,如果你能来的话给我打个电话价格。


By recording the experience of employees with disabilities negotiating workplace adjustment in accordance with the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act, this paper explores this special "negotiation" process through in-depth interviews. These interviews reveal the nature of legislation and the persistent problems in its implementation in public sector organizations. The negotiation on adjustment is highly personalized, and the result depends almost entirely on knowledge.

The attitude and goodwill of well-trained line managers often lead to manager bullying events, resulting in staff stress and poor health. In the context of a broad debate on power and organizational decision-making, the analysis of manager behavior concludes that even if the results are positive for employees, managers still choose to give up their responsibilities in this regard. This kind of behavior is a non decision-making form, which is political in nature and has a broader impact on the equality agenda.





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