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关于”周末帮父母做家务“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Help parents do housework on weekends。以下是关于周末帮父母做家务的四级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Help parents do housework on weekends

As a child, I'm lucky. I don't have to worry about food. I always have enough delicious food.

I live in a big house. I have beautiful clothes to wear. I'm very happy.

I don't know how to cherish all these things. I'm a special food. I often eat a little dish and then throw it away because I have many choices.

After a few dishes, I'll be full, but one day I saw a news on TV about some African children who are starving. They are very poor. They have not only no food to eat, but also little water to drink a bowl of rice.

Because they have seen their eager eyes, I feel guilty. I regret wasting food. How can I start to waste so many rare food from now on? I will try my best to save food and do something for them Mody.




One day when I was doing housework, I sat on the sofa and didn't do anything. However, when my mother was busy doing housework, she saw her busy figure in the countryside. An idea flashed in my heart.

She started to do housework for my mother. My mother didn't let me do it firmly. She said that she didn't have any homework to write and wanted to help me do housework.

At the same time, I was firm She insisted on working and training together with her mother. You asked me to do it. She was entangled with me and could not help it.

Finally, she replied that the first thing I had to do was wipe the armrest. My mother told me to clean it with a rag. I took a bucket of water and carried it in the house.

Someone took the cloth from the table, threw it in the bucket, wrung it dry, and then studied my mother and rolled up his sleeves Son, hold the rag tightly in hand, and then squat in the ground, trying to clean, all the dust on the armrest has been cleaned in the middle of the time, legs squat on the heels sour, I'd better kneel on the ground, clean me from the corner, and then wipe my armrest clean from the floor to the floor, good back, I've been soaked in sweat, both knees will be red, but look When I got to the spotless armrest, I went in. Sweetheart, I followed. I helped my mother wash the dishes and put in a bowl.

Bonderma said that after cleaning, she would carefully take the greasy didi and wash them clean. Some of them dropped into the pond. I had the bowl in my left hand and the dish in my right hand.

First, I wiped the inside of the bowl and then the outside of the bowl, My mother said that the bowl was clean along it, and I wanted to roll up the sleeve. I felt clean and wanted to put it in. My hands slid and banged.

The bowl fell into the bowl pond. I was very scared and took the bowl. Fortunately, I didn't break it.

So I took care of it. Then I washed it for the second and third time until I finished washing the bowl. I breathed freely.

I thought it looked like ordinary housework was very easy, After washing the dishes, I did a lot of housework for my mother. The world has come, I have been exhausted, and finally realized my mother's worries about doing housework.




Help my parents do some housework. As a one-year-old middle school student, I have been busy with my studies and seldom help my parents with housework. I feel sorry for this.

Last Sunday, when my parents went shopping, I began to think about what to do to help them. I suddenly had an idea: why not clean the room thoroughly? I collected the books, newspapers and other things scattered in the room and put them away. Then I wiped the dust off the furniture.

At this moment, I swept and dragged the floor. When my parents came back, they were surprised to see that all the rooms were clean and the floor was shining. My mother gave me a hug.

I could see the satisfaction in her eyes. Although I was tired, I never felt so happy.




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