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关于”用介绍荷兰“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Introduce the Netherlands with。以下是关于用介绍荷兰的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce the Netherlands with

Holland is a common name for the two western regions of the Netherlands. The name "Holland" is also often used to refer to the whole Netherlands. Although it is a unified political region from the th century to the th century, a county ruled by the count of Holland, the Netherlands has risen to be a strong maritime and economic country, ruling other provinces of the Dutch Republic.

The former Dutch county is composed of northern Holland and South hollandemu It consists of two Dutch provinces. The name of Holland first appeared in the data of the area around Harlem. At this time, the residents of Holland called themselves "Dutch".

Dutch comes from the medieval Dutch noun wooded This spelling variant was used until about the th century, when the name stabilized to become Holland (the alternative spelling at that time was Holland and hollandt were very popular but incorrect, etymology [needs to be cited] believed that Holland came from Holland ("Holland") and was inspired by the low-level geography [editor] USA of Holland. In Dutch and English, the correct name for the area is "Holland." Holland is part of the Netherlands. "Holland" is used informally and very wrongly in English and other languages, sometimes including the Dutch itself, referring to the entire modern Dutch country (pars pro in this case) Toto or synecdoche tends to refer to Britain as "England", and the Dutch people are referred to as "Dutch" in Dutch and English, especially those who are currently from north and South Holland.


荷兰是荷兰西部两个地区的一个常用名称,“荷兰”这个名字也经常用来指整个荷兰,尽管从世纪到世纪这是一个统一的政治区域,一个由荷兰伯爵统治的郡,荷兰已经崛起为一个海洋和经济强国,统治着荷兰共和国的其他省份,前荷兰郡由荷兰北部和南奥朗德莫罗两个荷兰省组成。荷兰这个名字最早出现在哈勒姆周围地区的资料中,到了这个时候,荷兰的居民把自己称为“荷兰人”。荷兰语来自荷兰语的中古名词荷兰语(wooded land)这个拼写变体一直沿用到世纪左右,在那个时候,这个名字稳定下来成为Holland(当时的替代拼写是Hollant和Hollandt很流行,但是不正确,词源学[需要引证]认为Holland来自Holland(“Holland”),灵感来自于荷兰的低水平地理[编辑]usa。

荷兰语和英语中该地区的正确名称是“Holland”“Holland”是荷兰的一部分,“Holland”在英语和其他语言中被非正式地、非常错误地使用,有时包括荷兰语本身,指的是整个现代荷兰国家(这个例子的pars pro toto或synecdoche类似于倾向于把英国称为“英格兰”,荷兰人民在荷兰语和英语中都被称为“荷兰人”,这特别指的是目前来自北荷兰和南荷兰的人荷兰。


Although they are very small, the three countries have different cultures and languages. Traditionally, Belgium has violated the simple definition. In the ancient Great Rift of Europe, between the north of Germanic people and the south of Latin, this division is manifested in the constant regional quarrel between the Dutch and the French, which threatens the national watershed of the whole Netherlands (Netherlands), Along the "three great rivers" - the Maas, the Val and the Rhine - the northerners are strict Calvinists, and (listen to the southerners say that) they only know what to do with a glass of beer, because the enthusiastic Catholic southerners have shown them, then the national problems of this country lie in frisland, Zeeland and Limburg, and they have their own ideas of independence With our own language to support Luxemburg, you might think that a country so small, even on a large map, its name cannot be within its borders.

It's not easy at all. Luxemburg is a complex package, and they are still trying to clean up the mess left by the Germanic tribes when they crossed the Rhine line of the Roman Empire. Tourists from afar may prefer their common features, including a firm grasp of the good life, rather than the differences between them.




The Netherlands is a country partly reclaimed from the waters of the North Sea, about half of which are at or below sea level. Land reclamation has always been the main theme in Dutch history, forming a unique national image - flat and fertile land dotted with windmills and church spires, magnificent gable terraces, peaceful canals and miles after miles of green grass on both sides Amsterdam is more than just a city decorated with crime. The smell of marijuana in the coffee shop is indeed floating.

Prostitutes pose provocatively behind red lit windows. In addition to the incredible surplus of the city, Amsterdam has a lot to enjoy. For a long time, Amsterdam has been a center of wide Openness - a culture of acceptance that tolerates marijuana use and commercial sex trading has also made the city, along with Rotterdam and Maastricht (the second largest and busiest city in the Netherlands), a seaport city in the world Rotterdam, which originated from ashes - filled with museums, parks and creative buildings - is now one of the centers of European cultural activities.

Narrow cobblestone streets, gurgling canals and tulip fields liberate people from Amsterdam's urban frenzy - most visitors come to Harlem for its renaissance look, medieval architecture and incredible museums, but the city has more than just ancient charm, and Harlem is busy with a relaxed energy This benefits its city scale coffee shops, bars and the largest number of restaurants in each land area of the Dutch city, ensuring that you can enjoy the download even after sunset http://wwwehollandcom/.




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