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关于”水果的怎么说“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:What about fruit。以下是关于水果的怎么说的初三英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What about fruit

Friendship is an indispensable part of human life. A person without a friend is an angel without wings. His life will suffer from loneliness and depression for a long time.

Friendship is the mother of our soul. When a child is hurt, she will warm her child. We have a lot of things to share with our friends, confusion, excitement, pain and so on How wonderful is Duan's sincere friendship! It takes a lot of special qualities to make a friend understand.

Only when we get to know each other better can we have a true and meaningful friendship. We can find our common interests and hobbies. This kind of closeness makes us closer and closer.

It also needs a special kind of love. It seems that there is no end. When a friend encounters difficulties, he / she does not hesitate to show his / her sincere care and kindness.

Love is not selfish love, but God gives us We should cherish our lives. God, tolerance is the third important part of friendship. We are totally different people.

This kind of individual difference may cause conflicts between us in all aspects of life. Don't let us immerse ourselves in this kind of pain for too long. Try to tolerate his / her self-examination emotion.

Saints are not perfect, let alone ordinary people like us We should get a good communication and never be ashamed to admit that understanding, love and tolerance are the first three elements of true friendship. Other qualities should also be considered, such as consideration, trust and patience. Remember, friendship is the guardian of your soul.

Cherish it.




What do I do? A new police officer and an experienced partner went out in a cruiser for the first time. A phone call came in and told them to break up some of the idlers. The police drove to the street and saw a small group of people standing in a corner.

The rookie rolled down the window and said, "let's get out of the corner. People" glanced a few times, but no one moved. So he called again, "let's get out of that corner now." frightened, a group of people began to leave, staring in his direction bewildered and proud of their first official action The light cop turned to his partner and asked, "OK, how am I doing?" "good," the old cop chuckled, "especially because it's a bus stop.".




In the winter vacation, the happiest thing is to set off firecrackers several times. Although this small firecracker is general, it gives me infinite pleasure to eat a big meal. I suddenly heard a "bang" and rushed out to see my uncle lighting the firecrackers with a lighter, throwing it on the ground and covering the small iron pen.

Then, Wu Dai Er walked back a few steps, waiting for the firecrackers to explode When I heard a "bang", it was the iron pot that exploded, and the firecrackers rang. I jumped to the full height of three feet and looked at the funny picture of the big father. My mother and her mother laughed in Wu Dai's belly, and Peijia Jingyuan's little sister "Luo Luo Luo" laughed.

I also laughed, and my grandmother also laughed. I kept saying: "big bruise". I still set off firecrackers according to my father's appearance, but I was a little nervous, although not big My father was so calm, but the firecrackers still exploded, and the iron pen also jumped up.

My timidity and funny, and let our yard full of laughter, jumping iron pen "setting off firecrackers is very exciting", said "landmine exploration" grandmother's house next to a pile of sand, but I did not pay attention, brother, buried in the sand lit firecrackers, also ran to call: "this rain, come here" I watched just left Come in, "bang", firecrackers exploded, a piece of paper and a piece of sand flew to the sky, scared me half to death of this small firecrackers, said endless play, let me enjoy happiness.




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