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关于”喜欢纸质“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Like paper。以下是关于喜欢纸质的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Like paper

There are two roads in life. One road is the same as grass. Although you are still alive and growing every year, it is only grass.

You enjoy the rain and sunshine. When you grow up, people can still step on you. When you suffer, they will not feel pain.

When you are trampled, they will not sympathize with you, because people do not see you in their eyes, so everyone We should grow like trees, even if we don't have anything now, as long as you have seeds. If you step into the soil, you can still absorb nutrients and grow. You may not grow up in two or three years, but you will certainly grow into a towering tree in eight, ten and twenty years.

People will see that you are inseparable. You can give people a piece of green, a piece of green shade, you can Help others, when people leave and look back, you still add beautiful scenery on the horizon. When they are alive, they are a beautiful landscape.

When they die, they are still the backbone and beam, which should be the standard of life. Every river has its own curve, but each river has its own curve dream: This is the way to the sea, i Our life, sometimes like sand, you may sink like sand slowly, maybe you don't have to work hard to move forward, once you sink, but you will never see the sun. Therefore, I suggest you, no matter what your life is, you must have the spirit of saving water by yourself, constantly breaking barriers and accumulating knowledge, and one day, when the time comes, you must have the spirit of saving water by yourself You can rush into the sea and make your life.




In a local supermarket, two women push half full shopping carts. The two women are good friends, but there is no greater difference between them. One is a stayatome housewife who likes to create cooking masterpieces from scratch; the other is a training supervisor from a well-known advertising company, who is in charge of housework, especially in the kitchen.

Isn't she? The two women stop in the frozen food area After a while, "I'm so tired," sighed the professional woman, "I don't know what to do with dinner," her friend suggested, "how about microwave dinner?" The tired professional sighs, "no, I don't want to cook tonight." if you think American cooking means opening a package and throwing its contents into the microwave, on the other hand, Americans have cold cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and fast food dinners from busy housewives to professionals. On the other hand, many Americans enjoy it With the convenience of prepackaged meals that can be delivered in minutes or less, many Americans recognize the value of cooking skills. Parents, especially mothers, recognize the importance of training their children, especially in the art of cooking.

Most Americans admit that there is nothing better than a home cooked meal, but cooking and other skills Well, good results don't happen by accident.




Of course, if you agree with the friend, I will do as you say, because he and I are friends, but you want others to treat others as you treat others, just as you treat others, you treat others in this way, but what you pay is not necessarily proportional to you, because everyone's new things are different in my opinion. Do you think it's worth paying What is the relationship between himself and his friends? What does he rely on to keep his friends, or friends in adversity? If you really are friends, you don't need to care about anything. If it's to maintain friends, there's no need to sacrifice your own interests.

What do you mean? Friends have to pay. We must think it's worth doing. It's not the most important thing to care about him because of himself Don't you think.




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