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关于”介绍科学技术“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Introduction to science and technology。以下是关于介绍科学技术的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to science and technology

Science and technology are the differences between science and technology here. Science is the method to answer theoretical problems and technology is the method to solve practical problems. Science involves the discovery of facts and relations between observable phenomena in nature, and the establishment of theory.

In order to organize these facts and relations, technology is related to the tools, technologies and procedures to realize scientific discovery. Another difference between science and technology is related to every scientific progress. It does not include the truth that scientists who seek to understand the universe and the human factors in understanding the universe have the highest accuracy and certainty, ignore their own or others' likes and dislikes, and ignore people's general view on the suitability of things.

What scientists discover may shock or infuriate Darwin's theory of evolution, But even an unpleasant fact is likely to be useful. We can choose to refuse to believe it, but technically, we can't refuse to hear the sonic boom produced by supersonic aircraft flying overhead. We don't choose to refuse to breathe polluted air.

Unlike science, technological progress must be our slaves, not contrary to legitimate purposes. Technology serves the people, We are familiar with the abuse of technology, not just some people and future generations, not just those who want to make profits for themselves now. Many people blame technology for widespread pollution.

Resource depletion and even the general decline of society also make the promise of technology vague, that is, the promise of a cleaner and healthier world if science and technology are used wisely To a better world, what else can be achieved.




In business, if you can find a way to produce faster, cheaper and better products than your competitors, you will eventually become a leader, and others will compete with you. A good example is that before Amazon, most books were sold in bookstores. Therefore, the space for storing these books is limited, and the range of potential customers is also limited.

But Amazon decided to store their books in a huge warehouse and sell them through the Internet, because they are no longer limited by space and location. They can now offer more book choices. The simple idea of lower cost and more people has brought Amazon an advantage and made them successful in the competitive market.

They are now him Leaders in our field, like Amazon, have the ability to generate new ideas and come up with new ways to do things, which will be an extremely important factor in determining your success. Members, all you have to do is be better than others, and if you can figure out how to do that, you can succeed in almost any effort you make.




Explanation: in this section, you have 30 minutes to write a composition on a topic that we need to broaden our knowledge. You should write no less than words, and your composition should be based on the following outline (in Chinese): we need to broaden our knowledge knowledge is power, especially scientific and technological knowledge. Science and technology are the driving force of social development.

Without science and technology, human society can not develop from primitive society to modern society. Therefore, to conquer and transform nature, we must master scientific knowledge; however, social knowledge is also essential, without which we can not understand It is impossible for the society to understand the law of social development, which is beyond our control. Therefore, in addition to mastering scientific knowledge, we also need to master social science, philosophy, politics, history, aesthetics, etc., so as to understand society from all aspects and form a correct world outlook.

In order to meet the new challenges in the new century, we college students should seize the opportunity to learn knowledge, Make us qualified successors to the socialist cause.


说明:在这一部分,你有30分钟的时间就我们需要拓宽知识的主题写一篇作文。你应该写不少于字,并且你的作文应该以下面的大纲(中文)为基础: 我们需要拓宽我们的知识 知识就是力量,尤其是科技知识科学技术是社会发展的原动力,没有科学技术,人类社会就不可能从原始社会发展到现代社会,因此,要征服和改造自然,就必须掌握科学知识;然而,社会知识也是必不可少的,没有它,我们就不能了解社会,也不可能了解社会社会发展规律是我们无法驾驭社会的,因此,除了掌握科学知识外,我们还需要掌握社会科学、哲学、政治、历史、美学等,以便从各个方面认识社会,形成正确的世界观;为了迎接新世纪的新挑战,我们大学生应该不失时机地学习知识,使我们成为社会主义事业的合格接班人。


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