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This is an open secret that no one in the government wants to talk about: the precious presidential signature, hidden in a scrapbook or framed up for everyone to see. Perhaps for decades, presidents of both parties have asked an automatic typewriter to do some of the heavy work of scribbling signatures. This machine has recently been used to sign a bill into law, which is obviously the first time overseas and When it was out of reach, legislators passed extensions of certain provisions of the Patriot Act, and President Barack Obama signed the bill using an automated signature machine, and the White House has been silent ever since.

"I've always heard that the automatic pistol is the second highest alert in the White House after the president," said Jack shack, who was allowed to use former President Bill Clinton's automatic pistol as the head of president's letters and information. He had supervised the use of automatic signers for President Bush. He recalled that the plastic signature templates of these machines were yes, more than one Ronald Reagan has different signature templates, including "Ron," "Dutch," and other reusable uses, says Stephen koschal, a signature examiner who published a guide to automatic signatures for the president two years ago.

To enhance the authenticity of his fake signature, it's not just ordinary Americans who receive automatic signature therapy. Koskal said he went to Vice President Dan Quayle's office in the Capitol building and found a picture of the first President Bush signed, which he said was clearly self driving. While traveling in Europe last month, Obama took the president's autopilot out of the cupboard and entered a new field.

Obama instructed his staff in Washington to sign a bill with automatic pistols to extend the power of some anti-terrorism patriot acts into law, which was approved by Congress at the last minute, when the anti-terrorism powers expired Before, there was no time to fly to France for Obama to sign, which is believed to be the first time that a president has used an automatic signer to sign legislation. Automatic signatures are usually reserved for more personalized letters that don't have a real signature, past government officials said.


这是一个公开的秘密,在政府中没有人愿意谈论:那珍贵的总统签名,藏在剪贴簿里或框起来让所有人都能看到,也许几xx年来,两党总统都让一台自动打字机来完成潦草签名时的一些繁重工作这台机器最近被用于签署一项法案成为法律,这显然是第一次在海外和遥不可及的时候,立法者通过了《爱国者法案》的某些条款的延期,总统奥巴马(Barack Obama)利用自动签名机签署了法案,自那以后,白宫一直保持沉默。“我一直听说自动手枪是仅次于总统的白宫第二大戒备之物,”杰克·肖克说,他曾被允许使用前总统比尔·克林顿的自动手枪,担任总统信件和信息的主管,他曾为布什总统监督过自动签名机的使用,他回忆说,这些机器的塑料签名模板是的,不止一个自动签名机会因重复使用而磨损;罗纳德·里根有不同的签名模板,包括“罗恩”、“荷兰语”和其他重复使用,两年前出版了一本总统自动签名指南的签名鉴定师斯蒂芬•科查尔(Stephen Koschal)说,为了增强他假签名的真实感,接受自动签名治疗的不仅仅是普通美国人。科斯卡尔说,他曾经到副总统丹•奎尔(Dan Quayle)位于国会大厦的办公室,发现了一个签名第一任布什总统的照片,他说很明显是自动驾驶的。



Nowadays, with the increasing of trust problems, people no longer trust in the spirit of disclosure as before. Everyone has become a prudent person. They are not only cautious but also cautious in everything they do.

This behavior has affected both husband and wife to a certain extent. Now the secret accounts of husband and wife have become a hot topic, and different people have different opinions about it People who oppose the marriage secret account think that after marriage, husband and wife should be frank with each other and share everything, including the money they earn and no hidden secrets between each other. Therefore, the husband and wife's Secret account is not acceptable.

This is a sign of infidelity, while some people hold the opposite view, that is, the couple should keep a private room for each other Marriage doesn't mean you have to expose everything to your soul mate. Sometimes even a little secret will happen. It's impossible to have a secret account between husband and wife, because everyone has the desire to buy things that their husband or wife don't agree with.

As long as they take these two points into account and make money for the secret account, I prefer the latter. You don't have to give everything to your soul It is acceptable for soul mate to look at the secret account between husband and wife, but it is not a secret account.




In the university campus, between the buildings, there is a large lawn, green, as if forever surrounded by green, I often have the inspiration that this is a green idea under the shade, my green thinking is about how I will face the future, the most important thing in life is to have a great goal and the determination to achieve it. Life without an aim is like sailing without a compass and without a goal It is the reason why most of us fail. When a great goal has been decided, determination and persistence are the most important story.

Mao Zedong's will power of not smoking is a good example of the application of this willpower in the short term. A young man can apply his or her determination to long-term work. In Chongqing negotiations, Mao was addicted to cigarettes.

When the talks ended, Chiang Kai Shek An unusual expression was observed on his face. He said, "he loved cigarettes all his life, but when he learned that I didn't smoke, he didn't even smoke a cigarette during our conversation." we must not despise Mao Zedong's determination. Can you see that nothing is impossible, because a willing will is also a key factor, like Benjamin Franklin As it is said, "a patient man can get whatever he wants.".

This persistence is necessary. Successful people expect periodic failures, know what went wrong, why, and make the necessary adjustments. If you persist, you will almost inevitably try again.

When Ludwig van Beethoven's Michelangelo of music reached its peak, if you study his biography and understand his tribulations, tribulations, and battles, he will The difference between success and failure lies in persistence. Many organizational analysts and career advisors believe that persistence is the ultimate key to success. Whether at the organizational level or personal level, successful people will occasionally fail, but they will not let failure frustrate their spirit, learn from failure, and learn from failure We need to modify the strategy and try again and again until everyone has a pure green in their heart, and the pure desire for success symbolizes vitality, hope and success.




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