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关于”中国教育的弊端“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Disadvantages of Chinese Education。以下是关于中国教育的弊端的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Disadvantages of Chinese Education

Four branches grow on a tree, which are the symbols of academic ability, practical ability, organizational ability and action ability. A saw and a symbol of education cut down three branches violently, leaving the only picture that symbolizes academic ability. It only emphasizes high scores in academic examination or academic success, This is obviously the main pursuit of most students, parents and teachers in China.

A good educational background is always regarded as a ticket to a profitable career and a successful life. Therefore, if a child is not interested in traditional learning, even if he is very talented in other fields, he will follow the same growth path from a famous kindergarten to a good one If he goes to a key middle school in primary school and then to a famous university, he will be regarded as a lazy man with no lofty ideals and will be severely punished. When college students are highly valued by the employment market, this kind of educational principle is very effective.

However, due to the great changes in the employment market, the demand for talents in the employment market exceeds the academic ability. Today's education level is admirable, and the background will fail due to the lack of other abilities. There are many forms of one's ability.

We'd better strive for balanced development.




China's education needs reform, because students usually study under great pressure. China's education pays so much attention to examinations that teachers always press students very hard, because senior students have to study hard and have no entertainment activities. For example, most students are buried in the mountain of homework.

Many examinations are too difficult. That's why students always have to study hard Although the education department has called on schools to reduce the burden of students, teachers still assign a lot of homework, some of which are meaningless, because students are busy studying and don't have enough time to develop their hobbies. They can't get close to nature.

They don't know much about society. They can't communicate well with others. Therefore, they can't fully develop their homework Some students can't even finish their homework until midnight, which may lead to physical and mental diseases.

This kind of education is unhealthy and even harmful. So I suggest that students should go out of the classroom and learn more from nature and society. Moreover, they should communicate with people and make more friends, so that their life will be beautiful and beautiful meaningful.




Chinese people are very generous in educating their children. They don't care about money. Parents often send their children to the best schools or even to study abroad, because they think that the more expensive education is, the better.

Parents spend unreasonable money on education. Even poor couples will buy a computer for them. However, the best early education is usually very cheap.

Children have different skills Most parents don't realize that what children lack today is self-esteem and self-confidence. The problem is that parents are just teaching their children how to participate in multiple-choice questions and study hard, rather than the most important skills of self-confidence, happiness and intelligence. Parents can achieve this goal by teaching their children cooking, sewing and other household chores.

In future life, although it needs patience And time, but it's a pleasant experience. A good cook always tries to improve his cooking, so he works hard and gradually completes his work. As a result, a big dinner will give him a lot of satisfaction and confidence.

Some old machines, such as your child's broken radio or TV, will make him curious and arouse his interest. They may spend hours looking at these things and trying to fix them. These activities are not only to teach children to read, but also to teach them to think and use their minds, which is more important.





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