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关于”给校刊写建议“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Write suggestions for the school journal。以下是关于给校刊写建议的高三英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write suggestions for the school journal

Respect principal: Hello, I graduated from primary school soon, the life of primary school is so interesting, unforgettable sentence: I will soon graduate, want to put forward two small suggestions, hope that the school will adopt: give students a lesson on safety issues, strengthen the safety awareness of students, strengthen the safety awareness of high school students and junior high school students, do correct guidance on reading various extracurricular books On the way to school, I saw a bus running in the street. A primary school student in the US Center was rushing across the road from about meters away from the bus in order to cross the street in a hurry. Because the bus was driving faster, I saw a stranger braking in an emergency.

It was very dangerous for primary school students to just practice. If the primary school students walk slowly, the bus driver does not see the primary school students The consequences of students may be the head, more serious may be the safety of lifelong disability, traffic safety, not just fire safety, safety and so on. In recent years, there have been a lot of bloodshed, these lessons are very profound.

As a primary school student, we should be aware of the importance of safety, and as a school, we should educate students to make students' safety awareness in us I often see our classmates taking "around the city", "Legend of handsome guy" and "I'm crazy with a song" instead of female students. Male students have also read some violent martial arts movies and some methods of hitting people. I think these books are mature books.

The history of our age group is not suitable. We should read some at this stage "Why" and "scientist" are all things that students of our age should read. If we all read books that are not healthy or conducive to physical and mental health, we must be alert to those books that lead students astray.

Fielding once said, "bad books, such as bad friends, may think you hurt." indeed, we should read one A good book is called a good friend. It will take you into the book palace. I hope that this kind of students can be educated to read books.

Otherwise, the students will deeply understand my opinions. If you ask two words that feel good, they hope that the school can adopt my wish.




On December 5 last year, our class organized an activity to celebrate the international volunteer day. We decided to do something for the school in the afternoon instead of at the beginning of the first class in the morning. We gathered in the classroom.

The monitor told us that once we divided into four groups, we would start to work separately. I'm in the group. I'm my classmate.

I'm in charge of school safety. We patrolled the campus with the guards to make sure everyone was safe at school. The group of students went to the garden to take care of the plants.

Some were watering the plants. Others were pruning the shrubs. The third group helped the cooks prepare the dishes.

They washed the vegetables and cut them into small pieces. One group worked in the laboratory, where they cleaned the test tubes and put them in order. After finishing the work, we all felt a feeling.

At the end of the last afternoon's class, we gathered in the classroom again and selected the top ten volunteers of the day. I will never forget my valuable experience in high school. It is divided into preparation.

At the beginning of the first class in the morning, we got together and told everyone that when someone was pruning flowers and plants in our classroom, we would let others do something meaningful in the classroom, and let them do something meaningful in our classroom, and a sense of accomplishment.






We have an English article every week. The teacher asked, I suggest that the English teacher give up this course, because our study task is very heavy, such as Chinese and mathematics. We have too many homework so that we don't have enough rest time.

I hope the English teacher can understand.




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