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关于”新中国“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:New China。以下是关于新中国的高一英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:New China

On the cusp of the third revolution in China, China is a one party country, and the media is still under strict control, but it can not be mistaken that this has killed the intellectual debate. Mark Leonardo, published by the European Council on Foreign Relations China, edited by leonardon, was published in the European Council on Foreign Relations (available for download at ecfreu, but not sure how much they might pay); (China · (mark leonardon European Council on Foreign Relations) To some extent, these debates are more interesting than the Western equivalent arguments, because the debate in Europe or the United States is mainly about the broad mainstream acceptance of some basic principles of democracy, capitalism and international order. Chinese intellectuals are still debating whether the real root issue is the way forward of liberal democracy or whether China should seek its own political solution Rooted in Confucian values? Has China gone too far in the embrace of liberal capitalism? If it becomes a superpower, should it try to reshape the world system? It accepts the existing system.

China's great virtue - the collection of essays by Chinese intellectuals - is an insight into the vitality and diversity of some of these debates, according to Mark Leonard, editor of "China is Mao Zedong's Communist revolution, China is Deng Xiaoping's market revolution." ——China has not yet emerged, but it may also be revolutionary. Sensitive readers should not be deterred by sensational remarks. Leonard classifies the debates in economics in his introduction.

He believes that in politics, there is a dividing line between the new right wing of social Darwinism and the new left wing of egalitarianism. He believes that the main difference is politics In foreign policy, he pointed out the differences between defensive internationalists and new confident nationalists.


在中国第三次革命的风口浪尖上,中国是一个一党制国家,媒体仍然受到严格控制,但不会错误地认为这已经扼杀了知识分子的辩论,欧洲外交关系委员会(European Council on Foreign Relations)出版的马克·莱昂纳多(Mark Leonardon)编辑的《中国》(China)在欧洲外交关系理事会(European Council on Foreign Relations)上发表(可在ECFReu下载,但不确定他们可能会付出多大代价);(China•(Mark Leonardon European Council on Foreign Relations,从某种程度上说,这些争论比西方的同等论据更有趣,这是因为欧洲或美国的辩论主要是对民主、资本主义和国际秩序的某些基本原则的广泛主流接受,中国知识分子仍在争论真正的根本问题是自由民主的前进道路,还是中国应该寻求自己的政治解决方案,扎根于儒家价值观?中国是否在自由资本主义的怀抱中走得太远了?如果它成为一个超级大国,它是否应该尝试重塑世界体系它接受现有的制度,中国的伟大美德——中国知识分子的短文集——是对其中一些辩论的活力和多样性的洞察,根据《中国是的共产主义革命,中国是邓的市场革命》一书的编辑马克·伦纳德说的——中国还没有出现,但也可能是革命性的,敏感的读者不应被耸人听闻的言论所吓倒,莱昂纳德在介绍中对《经济学》一书中的辩论进行了有益的分类,他认为,在政治上,社会达尔文主义的新右翼和平等主义的新左派之间有一条分界线,他认为主要的分歧是政治自由主义者和新威权主义者之间的分歧,在外交政策上,他指出了防御国际主义者和新自信的民族主义者之间的分歧。


Great changes have taken place since the founding of the people's Republic of China. In the past, we lived in small houses and old houses. Now we have moved into new and spacious houses of more than 100 square meters, and many families have their own new cars.

In, China successfully held the 10th Olympic Games, and the gold medal was the first. Another exciting event was the successful launch of Shenzhou No.7, which shows that our scientific research has made great achievements We are happy and proud of all these achievements. I believe our country will become stronger and richer.

I love our motherland very much. Let's work hard and contribute to our country.




As we all know, globalization is an irresistible trend sweeping the world, especially in developing countries like China. Obviously, China's development is a history of Westernization. The problem is that globalization has brought more advantages than disadvantages to China.

In terms of economy and trade, after China's accession to the WTO, the gains outweigh the losses As the world's well-known stores have transformed into an independent economic system, more and more people have begun to use their wisdom and creativity to produce high-tech products not only made in China, but also invented by China. It is acknowledged that globalization has opened a window for China and made it possible for China to enter the international stage. However, every coin has two sides.

Globalization has a negative impact on China, especially the arrival of traditional Chinese culture such as KFC and McDonald's. fewer and fewer young people know how to make Zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival. They are lost in the luxury paradise, submerged in the vast ocean of fashion magazines, and finally ignore the Chinese classics.

China is cautious about the whole Spheroidization is a wise move.




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