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关于”学术研究“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:academic research。以下是关于学术研究的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:academic research

Nowadays, the problem of academic plagiarism is becoming more and more serious. Some teachers plagiarize other people's academic papers in order to graduate smoothly, and some college students plagiarize other people's graduation theses for various reasons. First, the competent departments of colleges and universities put too much emphasis on academic plagiarism.

Second, modern technology makes it easier to obtain information and materials than ever before, and some corrupt plagiarists can't resist it Third, the review and punishment system is far from strict enough to encourage plagiarism to a certain extent. On the one hand, plagiarism violates the rights of the original author and is unfair to teachers and students who do not plagiarize. On the other hand, plagiarism may spread negative ideas and eventually damage the reputation of the University.

Therefore, I suggest that the school should not regard the paper as the only standard for evaluating teachers and students And implement a more stringent system of review and punishment.




Emory University, USA University's new study shows that being drawn to a gripping novel triggers real, measurable changes in the brain that last at least five days after reading. Reading a good book may lead to increased brain connectivity, and changes in the nervous system persist in a way similar to muscle memory, which are recorded on the left The lateral temporal cortex, an area of the brain associated with language receptivity, and the primary sensorimotor area of neurons is also involved in inducing the brain to think it's doing something it doesn't do, a phenomenon known as "basic cognition," such as thinking about running, says neuroscientist Professor Gregory burns In the hero's body, neuroscientist Professor Gregory Burns said, "we found that changes in the nervous system related to physiological behavior are related to the physiological sensory and motor systems. You wear another person's shoes.

In a metaphorical sense, you now see some biological things. The students took part in the study, and all the participants were reading the same book, "Pompeii," a Robert Harris thriller that was chosen to turn the page. The protagonist of the story was the protagonist.

Professor burns, outside Pompeii, noticed steam and strange things around the volcano. He said that the book depicts real events in a fictional and dramatic way. For us, the book has a strong narrative.

Students read part of the book in the evening and have a fMRI scan the next morning. When the book is finished, their brains are scanned for five days, and it is found that in the five days after the completion of the book, changes in the nervous system continue for five days, which proves that This effect is not only an immediate response, but also a lasting effect, maintaining this high degree of connectivity even when participants are not actually reading the novel when they are in the scanner, Professor burns added. We call it shadow activity, almost like muscle memory.


美国埃默里大学(Emory University)开展的这项新研究表明,被吸引到一本扣人心弦的小说中,会引发大脑中实际的、可测量的变化,这种变化在阅读后至少会持续五天,发现读一本好书可能会导致大脑的连通性增强,神经系统的变化也会以类似于肌肉记忆的方式持续存在这些变化记录在左侧颞叶皮层,大脑中一个与语言接受能力相关的区域,大脑神经元的初级感觉运动区也与诱使大脑认为它在做它不做的事情有关,这是一种被称为“基础认知”的现象,例如,思考跑步,神经科学家格雷戈里·伯恩斯教授说,我们已经知道,好的故事可以把你带到主人公的身体里,神经科学家格雷戈里·伯恩斯教授说,我们发现,与生理行为有关的神经系统的变化,与生理感觉和运动系统有关你穿着另一个人的鞋子,从一个比喻的意义上说,你现在看到了一些生物学上的事情。学生们参加了这项研究,所有的参与者都在读同一本书《庞贝》,这本书是罗伯特·哈里斯的惊悚小说,它被选作翻页的情节,故事的主人公是主角,伯恩斯教授在庞贝城外,注意到火山周围发生的蒸汽和奇怪的事情。他说,这本书以虚构和戏剧性的方式描绘了真实的事件,对我们来说,这本书有很强的叙述性,学生们晚上读了一部分书,第二天早上做了一次功能磁共振扫描这本书写完了,他们的大脑被扫描了五天,发现在完成后的五天里,神经系统的变化持续了五天,证明了这种影响不仅是一种即时反应,而且具有持久的影响,即使参与者在扫描仪里时并没有真正阅读小说,他们保持了这种高度的连通性,伯恩斯教授补充说,我们称之为影子活动,几乎就像肌肉记忆。


Direction: plagiarism in academic research is becoming a major problem worldwide. This picture should include the following: explain your understanding of symbolism your understanding of the question propose countermeasures you should write word charts neatly on the answers in the illustrations provided, the authors of articles that should have been unique will carefully observe their colleagues, perhaps they are looking for inspiration, but more likely, they steal ideas and will These ideas as their own ideas can be seen from this picture that everyone has committed this crime, without any strategy or complete the cycle of plagiarism academic plagiarism is a problem, not limited to one or two schools in the world, and some form of academic existence exists in this writer seeking information on a certain topic without properly quoting his work, the original work I think this is a very serious problem in today's universities, and the administration should make every effort to stop plagiarism, which can include teaching students how to correctly quote references and increasing the punishment for those found guilty of plagiarism.


方向:学术研究中的剽窃正在成为世界范围内研究的一个主要问题。这幅图应该包括以下几点: 说明您对象征意义的理解 您对问题的理解 提出应对措施 您应该在答案上整洁地写下单词图表 在所提供的插图中,那些本应是独一无二的文章的作者会仔细观察他们的同事,也许他们在寻找灵感,但更有可能的是,他们窃取思想,并将这些思想作为自己的想法从这张图片中可以看出,每个人都犯了这种罪行没有任何战略或完成抄袭的循环 学术剽窃是一个问题,不局限于一个或两个学校在世界上只能想象,某种形式的学术存在于此一个作家在寻找某个主题的信息而没有恰当地引用他的作品,原作者被遗忘了,我认为这个问题在今天的大学里是一个非常严重的问题,行政当局应该尽一切努力制止剽窃,这可以包括教导学生如何正确引用参考文献,并提高对那些被认定剽窃罪的人的惩罚。


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